#MeToo Does Not Include Black Women

Dear Black women, does #MeToo include you?

I find it ironic that the creator of the original hashtag and movement of #MeToo was founded by a black women named Tara Burke but recently it was adopted by non black women from the dominant society in America.


The movement was hi-jacked by non-black women and now that it is headlined with famous white women it has gone viral and it has taken a life form of it’s own!

Burke launched this “Me Too” movement in order to empower women through empathy. She targeted this grassroots movement in underprivileged communities where survivors of sexual abuse, assault, rape, and exploitation often do not have access to rape crisis centers, counselors or support.

Watch this video of Miss Burke explaining in her own words the original mission of the #MeToo Movement. 

Since young women of color are more likely to experience sexual assault, Burke also created a nonprofit organization called Just Be Inc. in 2006 that “focused on the health, well-being, and wholeness of young women of color.

Interestingly enough, now that the #MeToo movement is the voice for the victimized white female, it is now a valid movement and many men of power are losing their jobs, contracts and endorsements without even being tried in the court of law.

I am not denying that these women were sexually assaulted. I am simply pointing out that a fair trial was not set to prove their allegations. When women less famous and wealthy go through the courts system they face the dire reality that rape convictions are less likely to go in the victims favor.

Out_Of_1000_Rapes 122016.png

The MeToo movement is now the He said, She said movement void of an investigation from the law.

What was supposed to be a movement that highlighted sexual assault against black women in it’s current and historical context has now transformed into a movement that emphasizes the victimization of white famous women.

Sexual assault against black women has a long historical account of criminalizing black women for being victims of assault and that was supposed to be the underlying emphasis of the #metoo movement.

The objective of the movement originally was to emphasize how black women are treated when they are sexually assaulted versus how non-black women are treated when they are sexually assaulted.

Unfortunately, black women who are sexually assaulted continue to be ignored, slut shamed and basically told that their allegations aren’t relevant.

Consequently, young women of color under the age of 18 are being sent to prison for fighting back against abusers by defending themselves.

Is it better to wait 25 years to call out sexual assault than it is to defend yourself against sexual assault immediately?

Is the court of opinions higher than the court of law? Obviously, when it comes to the privileged females of the dominant society, their opinion overrides the judicial system and a rush of judgement instantaneously criminalizes the men who are accused.

Meanwhile, most child prostitutes who are sexually exploited and victimized are sent to prison for the crime of prostitution because if your a black female you are not allowed to be a victim.

When your a black female being sexually assaulted, raped, pimped or trafficked you are a sexual deviant and your parents are blamed, your community is blamed and you are forever stamped as a criminal, never given the human decency to receive empathy or be labeled as a victim.

This is not the first time white feminism stole the movement and civil rights black women and black men worked hard to create only to use it for their own advantage by recreating themselves as a victim and piggy backing off her our struggle to funnel out programs like affirmative action to benefit themselves.

After listening to some of these woman’s sexual assault stories I immediately asked myself, “Can I agree to be a side piece to powerful men to get a few movie roles or music gigs, then decades later renege on my willingness to concede to power by participating in sexual acts by saying it was non-consensual?”

Oh hell no. No one will believe me!

download (1).jpeg

Of course, not too long ago in the 1950’s and sixties, white women who willingly flirted with black men and agreed to sexual acts with black men even though it was against the law, would cry rape when they were caught in the act to protect themselves as being labeled as a “ni**er lover and prosecuted by the courts.


Consequently young black males like Emmet Till were lynched just for looking a white woman’s way, whistling or simply saying “hello.” to them.

Interestingly enough, the women who lied about Emmet Till coming on to her, waited until she was on her death bed to confess that she lied about the entire ordeal.

Her lie cost a young man his life! 


Recently, Rapper Nelly was falsely accused of rape by a white women and proven innocent in the court of law. Nelly is currently fighting back against the false accuser for making false claims in a lawsuit.

Is False Accusation a Crime? If it is intentional, it is a misdemeanor.

Intentional False Accusations

“Nearly every jurisdiction has some criminal statute that makes it a misdemeanor to knowingly provide a false report to law enforcement. In addition to the misdemeanor, which could land a person in jail for up to one year, intentionally making false accusations to the police results in potential civil liability.

Apart from the emotional distress, and life disruption, caused by a false report, because the act is intentional, the accuser could be on the hook for punitive damages, in addition to compensatory damages. Punitive damages are monetary awards that are designed to punish wrongdoers, rather than compensate victims for their losses.” George Khoury Law Blogger. 

I can’t say me too!

I can say “You too?” As in you too are alleging sexual harassment and assault after you’ve benefited from being long associated with these men of power in Hollywood and the music industry while women who work 9 to 5’s who file rape and assault charges are being denied their rights… and real rapist and perverts remain free to harass and violate women everyday!

Every_98_seconds 122016.png

I can’t wear the victim mask if I was born to be criminalized and shamed.

Will I ever be able to say me too standing beside the most privileged women in America?

Will I ever receive the sympathy she gets by just alleging sexual assault not even proven yet in the court of the law?

Black men being labeled guilty of sexual assault by white women losing contracts, and endorsements while stepping down as CEO’s to their own companies sounds a lot like the re-emergence of Jim Crow.

However, this time around they’re not hanging black men from trees. This form of Jim Crow is now labeled “Jane Crow”and the victims will suffer a financial death and defamation of character.

Guilty until proven innocent.

By Janell Hihi @Copyright 2017


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