Why I Hate Cancers


I recently wrote a blog inspired by a video I watched on Youtube that was so unbelievably accurate that I have to share this video. Please watch and subscribe to his channel K-Blao HOODX. Great content, truthful, humorous and very accurate!

Website http://hood-x.ning.com/

Mostly what I’ve learned about Cancers comes from this video and of course, my favorit astrologer, Linda Goodman… which explains in great detail the dark side of the zodiac sign Cancer. Be sure to check out his other astrology videos. Well worth the watch! Here’s a link to the Youtube video below!

Why I hate Cancer 

Published on Jan 18, 2015

K-Blao HOODX on Why I hate Cancers.


Below are a few things I learned from this excellent video!

Cancers are crusty crabs in a barrel born in July  (May 21-July 21)… July Leo’s born July 21st through the 31st also share many characteristics with Cancers. I know plenty of July born Leo’s who are always one Xanax away from a complete emotional breakdown or crisis.

Grown ass cancer men and women cry every day like raging toddlers for the most minuscule and juvenile things. Real tears, boogers and all! It’s humbling to watch. 

I had a Cancer/Leo ex who cried at least twice a week about his ex even years after they broke up despite the fact that he knew she was not the right person for him. Cancers fall in love with emotionally unavailable people so they can feel like the victim.

Cancers are named after a disease. I’ll just leave that there…

This asshole from the show Shark Tank is a Cancer!


Cancers love feeling like victims so they create situations that will make them victims.

Cancer men are Beta males. They are not Alpha. If you want a MASCULINE male, keep it moving. Cancer is not the right man for you unless you appreciate the feminine within a man.

A Cancer man or a Leo born at the end of July will be so sensitive and so emotional that you may often find yourself questioning their sexuality. Cancer men don’t appear heterosexual, at all!

Cancers are emotionally animated. They remind me of cartoon characters, specifically the Looney Tunes. Their emotions are exaggerated, out of control, up and down and negative and positive all within a ten-minute time span.

Cancers think everyone is out to get them. The minute you disagree with them they believe you have it out for them.

Cancers make good actors! They are overly emotional and animated so they are natural actors on stage or behind a camera. They are not natural at anything else. Google famous Cancers and everyone from Tom Cruise to Tom Hanks is on that list!

Cancers never stop worrying! I can almost guarantee every person born under this Sun or Moon sign has generalized anxiety disorder.

The best part of this video pointed out that…

The Cancers ruling planet is not even a planet… it’s the moon. The moon goes through various different phases and changes daily and the changes of the moon reflect the Cancers moods swings.

Cancers are Passion Killers, which means they murder from an emotionally unbalanced place. OJ Simspon is a Cancer – great example!


By Janell Hihi @Copyright 2018


6 thoughts on “Why I Hate Cancers

  1. I read your articles about narcissists and what signs are and what signs are most likely codependent. I have been reading a lot about narcissists as I just got disposed of by a cancer narcissistic man after three years of hell. The thing is , narcissists are created as children by various types of neglect and mistreatment. Yes some signs have some narcissistic qualities per say. But a full blown narcissist is a whole nother ballgame. I mean this man would have sex in another room when I fell asleep and let the woman take my cigarettes. Have sex with a woman in my car and think nothing of it. Hide women in the basement, let them drive my car. Now I just realized all this in the last few months. I found about 50 email addresses from craigslist personals in his email account, and then some. He cost me my home, jobs, and almost my mind. He did the typical “love bombing’ narcissists do and then faked me, compulsive lying, put up a front and stabbed me in the back in the most wicked way you could imagine in every circumstance. These people look human, but they lack the ability to think and empathize like most people. They lack human nature. It is a truly mind blowing experience what these people will do, and they are so good at putting on a mask until it is too late. I think this is because they have no conscious or empathy to pick up like is usually the case. Blindsided.

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  2. Sorry but this article was funny. I just broke up with a cancer and im a Scorpio. It was supposed to be a match made in heaven. No. Scorpios get a lot of flake but I enjoy my stability of mood by myself. We are the type who absorb others emotions while not trying. Obsessive yes to a fault but we at least attempt to keep our emotions on lock. In my experience cancer destabilize me. I don’t like it. Also the connection happens because we ignore what we shouldn’t. Anyway I m glad to be away from the guy.

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    1. Agreed I’m also Scorpio and getting away from a cancer man. who made life a living hell, I couldn’t sleep it was a nightmare! Cancer will consume your soul if you let them. Run from them! They’re the equivalent to toddlers when having tantrums everyday for no reason.


  3. As a pisces I’m supposed to get along with cancer. But I finally realized that I can’t stand them. All cancerians let me down thinking back on it. And what topped it all was an old acquaintance resurfaced in my life, and I opened my soul to her thinking she’s a good hearted, uplifting individual. Only to find out she was pricking me with her thorny comments desperate to put me down just so she could feel better. But she
    didn’t. I pulled the plug on her after a few unconstructive meetings. She was keeping quiet for a few months then tried to contact me on my birthday. She thought I could just go back and forth with her childish, moody character, and she should have the upper hand. But was in for a surprise. I never contacted her again. Now she can wonder all she wants why on Earth I’m not speaking to her ever again.


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