Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech Did Not Impress Me.

Disclaimer:There are white women I love and respect who are on the front lines in black communities giving their time, resources and attention to matters that affect low income black families. This article is not directed towards them. This article is directed towards the pompous, elite, Hollywood trolls.

Oprah Winfrey, a champion for white feminism and the queen of disregarding the assault and rape history specific to African American women spouts a speech to ensure her donors keep contributing to her account.

Oprah Winfrey tying black oppression to white female oppression is a testament to her inherit disrespect to the legacy of African American history.

Sure, all women should be advocated for against sexual assault, rape and domestic violence. But black women have endured the most and our experience is very different then that of white women.

She failed to make that distinction. Unfortunately I will never, ever respect her! Nor will I respect the white privileged women sitting in attendance cheering on Oprah as she stands up for their pity party. It’s unfortunate these women, never ever specifically spoke up for black women and sexual assault from the white community.

“The impact of such public displays are so limited that I would suggest that those in attendance should be challenged not with the #MeToo, rather the internal introspective inducing query of:


when you heard your “paw-paw”, “daddy”, “uncles”, “brothers”, “sons”, “husbands”, “fiancées”, and “boyfriend” laugh and banter about the rape of some nameless, faceless, and defenseless black woman.” James Jones

Would you like to know the history of sexual assault against black women in this country that lasted far beyond slavery and manifested itself well into the 1950’s and 1960’s?

“In the segregated American South, a white man could rape a black woman with little fear of legal or social recourse, and black women lived in a persistent state of apprehension. Rape was used as a weapon of terror in the subjugation of black women, their families and whole communities.”

“In “At the Dark End of the Street,” Danielle L. McGuire writes that white men raped black women and girls “with alarming regularity and stunning uniformity,” with some victims as young as 7. While some readers will rightly be stunned by that assertion, many African American women will recognize a commonly acknowledged danger.”

Read this book! There is no SOLIDARITY with white women in regards to Sexual Assault.

bookAnd watch this show that covers historical accounts of the daunting history of sexual assault against black women in America.

The video below was well timed for me personally because today, when I was picking up my daughter for school, I seen a white man arguing with a black women. Apparently, this black mother had a few words with a white women in the school parking lot for parking too close to her car, to the point where it almost impossible to exit her vehicle.

The white man who had nothing to do with any of the women decided to intervene and he called the black women a bitch. He also gave her very nasty looks. When she got out the car she yelled at him because he called her out of her name.

He got in her face like she was a man in a very physically threatening manner. This was a harsh reminder that the past lives today. These men can still harm us and face little to no criminalization as a result. I stood by her and assured her that I believed her and she should be upset and file a police complaint.

We either stand together or fall together. There is no individualism in the cellular structure of our beings. I encourage you too reader, to stand up when you witness injustice.

Our movement is exclusive because our history and lineage in America is unique, unlike any other group of people who stepped foot in this country. Our voices need to be heard in the light of exclusivity. This is not to deliberately silence others, but to put an emphasis on a specific horror that has devastated black America.

By Janell Hihi @Copyright 2018


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