Avoid The 50/50 Guy

00e1c259-b0e4-4b5f-b7c2-f453bd54155bBeware of the guy who believes everything should be split 50/50.
A man who rejects his masculinity refusing to be a provider is a man who will take you out your feminine energy. Sooner, rather then later, you’ll start feeling like “The Man” in the relationship.
The feminine man feels that he shouldn’t have to be head of the household. To me, that in of itself is a major beta male turn off. I grew up in a home with a father who was an alpha male provider. I can’t comprehend the level of bullshit excuses that seep from beta-male, 50/50 men’s mouth. It’s very girly like and cringe worthy.
While dating, the 50/50 guy will also show signs that he lacks leadership skills by never knowing where to take his date.
Lazy planning and a lack of taste and culture, I guarantee you that he’ll suggest taking you to Applebee’s on your first date.
He will also play games and show a lack of decisiveness and assertiveness. Pussy footing around asking a women out and showing weakness and hesitation. If you’re over the age 30 ladies trust me you don’t have time for that!
The 50/50 guy will give a well rehearsed speech to naive women professing their dire financial situation but highlighting that they are working on getting out of debt, they don’t have much to offer now but their loyalty and their love.
They hope that their honesty about their finances will earn them pity from the women they are targeting.
Beta males want a women’s pity, alpha men want a women’s respect.
Typically, the women who gives pity to grown men who have made devastating financial and personal mistakes, has low self-esteem. Women with high standards won’t accept love based on pity. 
Loyalty and love is not enough to sustain a relationship or a marriage. Especially if the 50/50, beta male is dating out of his league. If he’s dating a girl that has better credit, makes more money, has more assets and drives a better car then him, it’s not about loyalty or love. It’s about dating a women that will help him level up.
The 50/50 guy doesn’t want the women on his level who also have major personal and financial issues. He wants the women who can potentially provide for him and can pay her own way.
He doesn’t want to build with the girl on his financial level, he wants to be taken care of by the women who is out of his league financially. He’s an opportunist at best.
I was watching the Zo Show on Youtube a few days ago and they touched on the type of women who help build up a man and then get left when he levels up by using them.
They called it “Build a Bae Workshop.” Women who like to be the hero and rescuer in a relationship are frequently in attendance at the workshop.
The 50/50 man also wants women to chase him. He lacks bravado and is afraid to pursue women because his ego is so fragile if he gets rejected he will have a mental breakdown.
If the women takes all the risk of pursuing the 50/50 man feels safe in his unnatural femininity knowing that the women is willing to be the pursuer and the provider.
Unfortunately for no fault of their own, most 50/50 did not have a father figure around growing up.
If they did it was a poor example. Mister 50-50 has no idea what he’s doing because no one gave him the blueprint on how to be a man and a provider. They seen their mother struggle and pay for everything herself without a man’s help and they believe women are supposed to contribute if not 50%, then 100%.
So when the 50/50 man meets a women who demands him to step up, be a provider and take leadership and responsibility- she’s a gold digger, user, bitch, etc
But the same man will slut shame a women who is loose, easy and has kids out of wedlock… the contradiction is real! He wouldn’t seriously date a women who had various kids by different baby daddy’s and he doesn’t want a promiscuous women who will sleep with him on the first date.
The 50/50 Man does not really want women who will accept them as they are. They want the type of women who wants the men who have something going for himself. Those are the women the 50/50 guy stares at with secret desire as your standing next to them in public.
If you’re dating a guy in financial trouble whose about to file bankruptcy, still legally married after 8 years of separation from his wife, and has bad credit, etc., He knows the women that he can approach in his current situation and he knows the type of women who won’t give him the time of day.
He will settle for the women who will accept his 50/50 relationship ideology but he won’t respect her and he won’t feel like a man around her. It’s a bad, low value situation where both parties are settling.
Women lose more dealing with men who constantly take inventory on who pays for what and when. I dated a guy who constantly complained about money.  The truth was, he couldn’t afford to court me.
Instead of focusing on me, he should’ve stayed single and focused on getting his finances together. When the pressure was too much, we broke up. I gave him an automaton, either he commits and we move in together with him paying over 50% of the bills or I was going to leave him. I guarantee you the women he is with now is fitting half or 75% of the bill. He knows I am not the one. So the situation ended because it was supposed to.
These men are petty and they’d rather ignore the responsibility of being alone and working on improving their situation. They’d rather improve their lives using a “Pick me!” chick who is just looking for a relationship.
There’s more to a relationship than love. That’s why the majority of marriages fail for financial reasons. Think about it. Life is not a Disney fairytale.
If a man is not dating you to impress you, he see’s you as low value, roommate material. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see you as wife material. Sorry.
The 50/50 guy hates women who have high standards but also hates women with low standards. He wants the good wholesome, loyal, classy women who is overly nice and won’t demand anything from him except feelings.
Feelings that will fade and eventually get you dumped after he’s done using you. Smart women understand feelings fade but values last forever. Values are centered in vows and commitment. Not promises from boyfriends that may never materialize.
They look down on so-called independent women who’ve never been married but they don’t believe in the institution of marriage- interesting huh? Men who are providers have no problem with marriage. They carry the title of “husband” as a badge of honor.
50/50 guys only praise the women that will allow them to extract the most benefit out of them with the least amount of commitment. They’re users. Plain and simple!
Are there exceptions to this rule? Of course, unicorns do exist but the odds are against you due to the rarity.
No man should expect a women to be just like him or have the same responsibilities- we are men and women for a reason. We are created for different things.
Spare me the feminist rhetoric, it’s not femininity, it’s a con game. Women still don’t get paid in America the same wages men get paid in the same industry and career with the same experience. If women don’t get paid the same, why would she pay 50/50?
Ladies, stop allowing yourselves to be used. I had to reiterate because 70% of my emails are from women complaining about money, 50/50 men and the guy who doesn’t want marriage but wants all the benefits of marriage.
Legally, if you’re just a long term girlfriend and not a wife, you have no legal say so on how your man is buried when he dies, his inheritance, the house you lived in with him if he owned it and you were never put on the deed… his next of kin, children or parents will only have access to all of that!
And spare me the big wedding and reception as an excuse. My parents had a house party and my mother married her husband at her sisters house. My niece just married her longterm boyfriend at the courthouse and we all went to Red Lobster afterwards to celebrate.
You don’t need a big wedding to get a marriage license. But you do need to secure your future with a marriage license.
Some men won’t marry you because their already married but separated from their wife and they are too cheap and selfish to get a divorce because they don’t want to split their assets with their ex wife.
You have to extremely low self-esteem to date a man who is separated but not divorced! You’re a filler girl. Make a man come prepared and correct for you! He knows what type of women will accept his dire circumstances and which women won’t. He secretly knows you have low self esteem if you expect less then what you deserve.
I dated a separated guy while I was separated from my ex husband just to occupy myself and have a little fun. I didn’t take him seriously! I knew that was a temporary situation until I was ready to be alone and work on myself, by myself.
Match.com does not accept separated people on their website, they have to submit their divorce papers to be a member. Now you know why! Don’t be like these dusty chicks out here, be like match.com – make sure he is DIVORCED. People who are separated need to be alone to get their lives together.
I knew the type of man I really wanted wouldn’t accept me as a serious prospect because I was recently separated. Not only do I expect a man to come correct, but I will come correct with men I respect who have high standards. I’ll make sure my shit is together before expecting a man of value to take me seriously.
A man who expects a women to pay half of everything and provide financial security should look for another MAN to be in a relationship with. If he’s separated and not divorced he should be looking for booty calls not relationships…
The 50-50 man always says “I want a women who will build with me.” A real man builds by himself and once he’s stable he finds a wife to provide for to start a family and  build a legacy.
50-50 men are allergic to marriage or damaged by it. Because they are feminine men who allow failed past relationships and marriages to dictate their future behavior.
All 50/50 men are overly skeptical. In fact, all they have to offer is excuses! They won’t offer you their name in marriage or anything that will remotely benefit a women.
What’s interesting is 50/50 men always want women to submit to them. But since she’s not a wife and just a women that lives with him that has a vagina, she will never naturally submit. Her submission will be forced.
Would you submit to your boyfriend or your husband? Natural submission happens organically when a man is the head of his household and a provider.
However, 50/50 men have basic jobs and low to medium income in the first Place because they have a fear of failure.
Fear of committing to a goal or a women because they’re scared it won’t work dominates their lives. In fact, their excuse for not doing what they’re supposed to do as men is “What if it doesn’t work?”
Or my favorite, excuse “the divorce rate is too high.” Because they’re not providers they only see the emotional side of marriage. They don’t see how marriages create stability for children, secure finances and combine resources that sustains communities.
Marriage is only 30% about emotions and feelings. 
Never deal with a man who operates out of fear. Fear shrinks the brain. Makes idiots out of men! If he views marriage only as love and feelings, run!
Looks, love and feelings don’t last but 5-7 years. After that, marriage can only survive on family values, friendship and a mutual respect for the union. Feelings are fleeting, I would never bet my marriage on something so trivial and meaningless as emotions.
Avoid the 50-50 man because he is too insecure, too petty and to hell bent on splitting everything in half in constant fear of getting played that he will drain u off all your creative feminine vital energy.
And he wonders why you never feel like having sex and you have an attitude all the time- it’s because u don’t feel like a women, you lack a provider, you have to work like a man and it’s robbing you of your vital, playful and sexual feminine energy. You can’t focus on being a good mother, you’re working two jobs to pay half, or all the bills.
He’s really not happy either. He won’t be happy until he learns how to be a provider – instead he has a girl as a roommate just their existing with him on the daily grind. There’s a 99% chance he’ll cheat with a women who will make him feel like a masculine man again. That women will refuse to go 50/50 and motivate him to step up his game or step off!
Y’all can keep that struggle love, I don’t want it. As soon as a man fixes his mouth to say I believe everything should be 50/50…. I keep it moving! I’m offering more then 50% – It’s all or nothing with me.
 By Janell Hihi @Copyright2018

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