Attack People Who Attack Your Boundaries


Boundary violations are deal breakers. My survivors of Narcissistic Abuse know this all too well.

In many of my advice articles, I emphasize the importance of communicating boundaries to our significant others. The willingness to walk away if there is no compromise regarding a boundary violation is the only way to avoid narcissist and toxic relationships in general.

What you want is important. If it is disregarded, dismissed or ignored by your spouse… that behavior is unacceptable and subject to consequences.

When what you want is reasonable yet still ignored and you feel yourself being subtly subjected to the selfish agenda of others. Withdrawal!

Be willing to walk away IMMEDIATELY at the first sign of blatant disregard of your needs or when you partner displays disrespectful behavior. Walk away!

People will argue with you and assume you don’t have the strength to stay and work through things. Unfortunately, those same people who say stick it out, love is worth it in the end usually are very unhappy and unfulfilled in their relationship. Typically those relationships end in divorce. Asserting your needs without apology is actually what will sustain a relationship. Being quiet and just taking it, never, ever works!

Teach people how to treat you. Take no shit, but do no harm.

I hope this short article can give strength to those in need of standing their ground and asserting the importance of their needs being met with the conviction!

J. Hihi


2 thoughts on “Attack People Who Attack Your Boundaries

  1. 72 yr. old Caucasian obsessed with young 40-50 year old Asian women told me all intimate personal details Only a gynecologist would know I was not dumped until he was into the new relationship for three months. He can only go 7 to 10 days without fighting then he comes back to me everything he has told me has been a lie his friends told me he lies and to get away he degrades humiliates dehumanizes me the intimate details he tells me I have been told are because he is sick, He always has a reason to come back he only wants he me for a back up,


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