Why Every Women Should Keep a Catfishing Account while in a Relationship


Let’s face it.

Being smart is just as important as being pretty. It’s just as important as staying in shape and taking good care of yourself.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that just isn’t fair.

Of course technology has improved our lives but it has also created conveniences for men to easily step out on their partner by swiping left or right.

The internet presents endless options. Men who are disloyal by nature will not able to resist the temptation of testing the waters to see what else is out there.

If a woman has no cause to wonder if her man would cheat, she should still maintain a catfishing profile. I’d recommend checking it twice a month just to see what’s up.


Never reach out to your boyfriend if you see him online. Create an account with a profile that would attract him but do not make the first move. If done right, he will message you first. The account is made to observe his behavior and to see if he’s still online dating while in a relationship with you!

And don’t assume I’m insecure because I set traps.

I just want the truth, and nothing but the truth so help me GOD! 

Unlike most women, I’m not afraid of the truth. I welcome it. In fact, I crave it. I will find out a man’s intentions before he is able to sink his teeth into me and suck blood.

If he’s a good man, my catfishing profile won’t interest him. He won’t have an online dating account to begin with. If he’s shady, he’ll take the bait and I’ll dodge a bullet. It’s a win-win when women start playing the game instead of acting like the game doesn’t exist.

What having a catfish account has taught me…

  1. Some men will look elsewhere as soon as there is an argument in the relationship. These men are not solution oriented. They are escapist. They represent the worst qualities in a man and make poor relationship material. Several guys I dated messaged my catfish account when things got rough in our relationship. Instead of having an open dialogue with me, they’d rather cheat. These men fall under the avoidant personality type and they are more compatible with women who also have the avoidant personality type. Instead of finding solutions to their problems, they ignore them and let them fester until one person begins to cheat and the other finds out. They prefer the slow fade ending to a relationship.
  2. It proves they really aren’t that into you! It’s a hard pill to swallow ladies but if he claims to be committed to you but has a secret online account offering to take women to expensive restaurants and help them fix their cars… his air of desperation to assist other women is an obvious sign he doesn’t see ANY value you in you. Thanks to your catfish account, you’ll know that he’s just stringing you along until he finds someone better.
  3. You get to see another side of them. The dark side! Oh yes… everyone has a dark side. If you create a catfish account and your so-called boyfriend/husband makes the first move and asks the fake chick out… you are allowed to ask him deep, emotional and sexual questions to reveal his dark side he may not be comfortable sharing with you. I exposed some pretty dark fetishes. Some revolting and highly criminal! You will feel like you really don’t know your partner at all. But… it gives you a gateway to offer to do to him what the catfish girl is offering and it could spice up your relationship big time! I recommend this scenario if he’s not willing to truly pursue the fake women but more so wants to have a virtual, sexual fantasy relationship with her because he’s secretly bored with his sex life with you. This requires thick skin. Proceed if you have the strength to do so.
  4. Some men are only as faithful as their options. Imagine how many women he’s messaging on theses dating sites? Imagine how many other dating accounts he’s subscribed to while in a relationship with you. For men, dating sites are like telemarketing. It’s a numbers game. They will keep casting out their net until they catch a fish willing to give them a chance. Some men can love their wife and kids but still desire other women to fulfill their sexual desires. Some men are not one women men. A truth every women must accept. If he’s a good provider but a cheater perhaps you can deal with that. But if he’s more work than he is beneficial, it may be time to consult a divorce attorney.
  5. Discover what he’s missing from his relationship with you! This will be tough if you can’t admit your own flaws and shortcomings. However, sometimes, you’ve done everything right and he still lurks online, desperately seeking other women. When he messages your catfish account, ask him about his most recent relationship and why it ended, what he hated about his ex. The information you receive will be priceless. It will also give you closure when you leave him. If you decide to stay, it’s a great way to discuss his needs and your needs and if there’s a way you too can be more fulfilling towards each other. It’s a win/win either way. You decide which way you want to go!
  6. Discover how far he’s willing to go for other women. Did he refuse to help you fix your car but offered a woman he barely knows online $300 to fix hers? Have you been begging him to take you to a play but he refuses but as soon as Mrs. Catfish asks him to take her to the same play he immediately offers to buy the tickets? You’ve been dying to try Topgolf but he said he’s not interested and it’s stupid! But Mrs. Catfish asks him on a date at the same Top Golf establishment and he says he’s been dying to try it! If he’s eager to do for other women what he refuses to do for you, he’s fake. He’s using you and it’s time to go. You are being taken for granted. Plain and simple.
  7. He was probably was cheating on you from the start! Once a cheater always a cheater. If he messaged your catfish account, trust me he’s messaged 100 other women.
  8. You have the green light to cheat too! Now you can reply to all those DM’s you’ve been ignoring out of respect for your man. You can call your ex boyfriend back who’s been dying to see you again. You can also create a plethora of online dating accounts to see what else is out there. I strongly advise you seek to replace him immediately. Then break up with him by messaging him from your catfish account. He’ll be humiliated! And most importantly, you will get the last laugh. As soon as you realize he’s on the market looking to replace you you should be relieved!
  9. You will see several of your friends, family members and co-workers husbands online. This is depressing. It also creates a dilemma. Should you tell them their husband is online acting single or let them figure it out on their own? Regardless, you get a glimpse of what people are really going through in their relationships despite how hard they try hard to “appear” to be happy. It’s disheartening. Again, if you are an avoidant personality, catfishing may just be too real for you. It takes thick skin to trust and believe what you see without making excuses for them.

Of course, if you are one of those women who profess, “I don’t want to play games.” Go ahead and confront him, ask him if he’s happy… see if you get the truth or a bunch of excuses.

You think just because you are willing to be an adult and “talk” about what’s going on that he is willing to have an honest, mature conversation with you? He’s not like you. Instead of telling you he’s unhappy, he’d rather search for other women online. Moral of the story, you’ll get nowhere if you think catfishing is immature. This is why you keep me in business, endlessly paying for consultations, but you never learn. I hear the same stories from nice girls, over and over again. How they keep getting played!

But you gonna learn… someday! Maybe when your 50 years old and single. Choosing not to play the game is choosing not to date. Perhaps you should become a nun!

Go ahead, create your catfish account today!

Good day!

J. Hihi

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