Stop Using Being an Empath as an Excuse for Accepting Narcissistic Abuse

I noticed a disturbing trend.

Recently, I’ve received a surge of consultations with both women and men using the excuse as being an empath for the reason they attract unhealthy, toxic relationships into their lives.

The definition of an empath has nothing to do with allowing people to walk all over you. Please read the definition of an empath below; If you truly were an empath you’d be able to sniff out a narcissist from a mile away and you’d do everything in your power to avoid them!

  1. (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.


They say things to dodge responsibility for having little to no boundaries when it comes to relationships. A few very common phrases that so-called empaths use is “I love too hard” or “I have a big heart and people take advantage of that.”

These excuses people use who are being abused by narcissist just lead to further abuse because an excuse is self-defeating. Excuses enable us and take away our power to truly take control of our love life.

Accepting narcissistic abuse has nothing to do with having a big heart. However, it has everything to do with having low self-esteem and weak boundaries. 

A lack of a back bone is what led victims of narcissistic abuse into the trap narcissist set out for them. They’re inability to accept the red flags they see glaring in their face and fall head over heels in love without using a grain of logic is the reason they CHOOSE to love narcissists.

Please stop misconstruing the definition of an empath with your inability to stand up for yourself.

Yes, this blog is tough love. If you’re not ready to change and attract healthier relationships into your life… you’ll probably stop reading this article right about now.

Everyone attracts narcissists, not just empaths. However, women who know their worth won’t give a narcissist the time of day because he won’t be able to deliver upon her demands. Narcissist are all talk, no action. Smart, confident women don’t bank on future promises and potential.

In life, you get what you demand from men, not what you deserve!

Imagine a life where everyone got what they deserved just by existing... Maybe that way of life does exist in an alternate reality far off in another galaxy. It certainly doesn’t exist on earth!

The issue with people using being an empath as an excuse for accepting toxic relationships is they never encompassed the power to truly decide what they want for their lives before the narcissist came along. The narcissist took advantage of that kink in their armour.

Do you want to know how to defeat a narcissist? 

Examine what you tolerate. Make the necessary changes. Begin within.

You’ll never be able to save the narcissist, force them to see your worth or reciprocate your love. Narcissist are maladaptive, meaning they CAN’T change.

But there’s good news!

You can change! Self-Responsibility is narcissistic repellant. If you need help regaining your power or assistance leaving a narcissistic relationship – I can help! Book your consultation today! I will come up with a game plan unique to your situation that will help you every step of the way.  Click here to schedule your consultation.

Also, be sure to read my upcoming book… How to Defeat a Narcissist. Available on Amazon Feb. 5, 2019.


By J. Hihi



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