Zodiac Signs That Refuse to Let Go of Their Ex

I’d rather skip the small talk and get straight to the point. Have you ever met a great guy or gal who stimulated you mentally and physically? The chemistry was great… you had similar goals and interests…?

Only to find out after a few dates that they’re still stuck like glue to their ex months or even years after the break up. If so, you probably were dealing with one of the four zodiac signs below who can’t let go of their ex.



Cancers are ruled by the moon. The moon represents emotions, feelings, memories and nostalgia. It pulls back the oceans tides and often pulls back Cancers who try to move on right back into the arms of their exes.

Cancers love what’s familiar. This is why they’re such a great match with Taurus. Both Cancer and Taurus hate change and find comfort in what’s familiar. Cancer is a cardinal sign. They lead their water sign tribe (Pisces & Scorpio). However, when it comes to love Cancer’s only appear to move on with their life after a break up. Under the surface, they are usually still very much in love with their exes.

Cancers are the best actors of the zodiac. Some of the greatest actors in Hollywood were born under this sun sign. They can act like they are over their ex but the truth is they have a very hard time letting go of anything that was warm, cozy and familiar to them. Cancers will bring the unresolved issues and baggage they had with their exes into every new relationship they form leaving a trail of broken relationships because they fail to take the time to be alone and heal after heartbreak. Cancers have a problem letting go.

Anyone dating a Cancer will need to understand that they may still have emotional or even physical ties with their exes. Cancers can start new love affairs effortlessly but they have a very difficult time officially ending relationships. They also go on and on talking about their exes to their new girlfriends, their buddies and close family members. Unfortunately, for many Cancers living in the past is more enjoyable than living in the future. Their memories are treasured more than the present moment making them one of those annoying zodiac signs who fail to appreciate new experiences and new people. They love to reflect on how things used to be. YAWN….

I have a Cancer friend who has been in an on again, off again relationship for 10 years with the father of her child. She’s also had 8 new boyfriends in between the break ups with her ex for the last 10 years. Can you imagine the messy travesty she’s put all her new boyfriends through while still having feelings for her ex?

If you’re like me and you prefer to be with someone who keeps the past in the past… you might want to pass on dating Cancer altogether! However, flings and one night stands are highly recommended.



There’s probably nothing more annoying than a Gemini who can’t get over their ex. Gemini’s love to talk. They are ruled by Mercury so verbal communication comes with finesses and ease. The twins are great communicators. Except when all they talk about is how much they hate their ex. FYI whatever Gemini’s hate, they actually love! They are paradoxical creatures… Nothing about them makes sense. Total mind fucks. However, when their heart is broken it stays broke for a very long time.

It’s hard for these gentle souls to get past the pain. Don’t let their amazing eyes and dashing smiles fool you. Beneath the conversation and after the debates… in silence Gemini’s are hurting and typically over an ex who broke their heart 8 years ago. Gemini’s don’t easily give their hearts but when they find someone and are willing to give up their prized freedom and commit… they really give it their all. When it doesn’t work out it crushes the Gemini. They may be a mutable sign but heartache is not something they easily bounce back from.

Sure they’ll date, sleep around and party like rockstars but best believe their heart is under lock and key… it will take a very long time for them to get over their ex from decades ago, open up their heart and give it to you… If you lack patience avoid the Gemini.

Like Cancer, he’s probably still sexing his ex or involved in some way. If I were you I’d stay away! Gemini’s don’t usually break up with people… they keep tabs one way or another to maintain some level of mental, emotional or physical intimacy. Gemini’s will stay friends with their exes and sleep with them a few times a year for 15 years. Be prepared to deal with their past because it ain’t going nowhere fast!

#3 LEO


Leo is the fixed fire sign who is as stubborn as a wildfire… they just won’t let up. It’s hard for Leo’s to give up on someone they truly love. The Leo is that guy or gal who just doesn’t get it when you tell them it’s over. They will stalk, beg, plead, threaten and even stoop so low as to say their going to commit suicide if you leave them. It’s really nauseating just thinking about how they cling like their lives depend on it.

The Leo loves being in love and letting love slip away is very difficult for them. Like Gemini & Cancer, they will move on if they have to but secretly, deep inside their soul, they know they are still in love with their ex simply because they don’t know how to let go.

Instead of dealing with those feelings and being alone, the Leo would rather jump head first into another relationship. All the baggage is carried into your relationship with them and the ex will have more control and power over your Leo partner than you do.

The Leo will shower their new lover who is just serving as a distraction from their obsessive thoughts of their ex but…. as soon as their ex calls or texts they will ghost you and may or may not ever come back. It depends, if they have an on again off again relationship with their lover, they’ll keep your number stored in their phone to use you until they get back together with ex again. Don’t get on the ride. It’s a vicious cycle. Make sure your Leo has no ties to their ex and the relationship is truly over.



Imagine the scene in the movie Titanic when the words where whispered… “I’ll never let go Jack!” Those are the words of a Pisces after every love affair they encounter. Pisces where their exes like tattoos and only an exorcism performed by a seasoned priest could cast out the demons of their ex lovers.

Pisces is the watery sign of imagination, wonder and fantasy. They love to daydream. Perhaps more than Aquarius. Holding on is more beautiful and fantastical then letting go. This is why Pisces often get left. They are seldomly the one to leave unless of course a more dreamy opportunity present itself. Pisces aren’t the most faithful zodiac sign. However, like Cancer and Gemini the Pisces will hold on to old lovers and create new love affairs when they are in the on again, off again stage of their relationship, which is the case most of the time!

Pisces romanticizes failed love affairs well past their expiration date and they miss out on better love prospects by staying somewhat stuck in the past. Pisces has one foot in the door and the other foot outside the door like a timid traveler who loves Paris but wants to see Rome. Can they leave the paradise of Paris without regret to discover a new scenery in Rome? The beautiful Pisces can do both. The Pisces will take pieces of Paris with them to Rome… They are collectors that hoard souvenirs dear to them because Pisces wants to feel and experience everything simultaneously. The future and of course the cherished past. To love a Pisces is to accept that more than likely they still have strong, unresolved feelings for their ex. Most Pisces have an open door policy.

By J. Hihi @copyright 2019

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