It’s Your Responsibility to Heal from What the Narcissist Did to You

I’ve been there! I wanted the narcissist to pay for what he did to me and how horrible he made me feel.

But nothing I did to try to make him pay worked. I was still hurt.

I waited for karma to come in and serve him a cold dish. That never happened!

What goes around doesn’t always come back around.

And we make it an obsession to see if it does.

It may be their fault for manipulating you.

BUT it’s your responsibility to heal from the pain, move on and become a wiser and stronger person because of it.

That won’t happen after you see the narcissist get what they deserve. It will only happen when you turn inward and hyper focus on your own healing.

Taking responsibility is not an admission of guilt. It’s total acceptance that only you have the power to heal yourself.

As long as you keep blaming the narcissist the more ammunition they have to keep you stuck in victim mode, paralyzed spiritually.

It may not feel like it now, but there’s a blessing in the mess the narcissist caused in your life. You are about to awaken to your truth!

Today, forget about whose fault it is… instead take responsibility and work hard to change the way you feel. Check out the video from Will Smith that inspired my blog. “Fault vs Responsibility”


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