Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio Have Avoidant Personality Types


Hate is a strong word.

But it’s almost an understatement when trying to describe the level of pity I feel for water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) Especially when they try to manipulate me with their watery schemes disguised as charm and mystery.

I hold my breath dealing with people born in the water element. I’ve learned how to come up for air before I drowned dealing with water signs. Water signs invented love bombing. Unfortunately, they also invented devaluation and discard once they come to terms with reality when their unjustified and exaggerated emotions meet head on with reality.

Yes, I am a water sign survivor!

Scorpio is my favorite water sign because they are fixed. Yes, I know I wrote a blog about how much I hate them. However, they are the lesser of the two evils; Cancer and Pisces.

I tend to get along much better with zodiac signs born after Libra. Typically Scorpio, Sag, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Needless to say, Cancer is my least favorite water signs! They are the astrological adolescnence stuck at the pre-teen age esoterically for life. This is why they are such moody, hormonal, sensitive, egotistical, selfish signs that ever existed.


Jussie Smollett is a Cancer. They do childish things that mock other people’s pain and tragedies without feeling a grain of remorse. Cancers can act out emotions and feelings but have a very difficult time authentically feeling emotions and feelings although modern day astrologers will have you believing Cancers some how mastered emotions… they have not!

Needless to say, there’s no wonder the water sign Cancer is the most booked criminal according to the FBI.

However, they have mastered acting out and mocking the emotions of others. This is why they are some of the world’s greatest actors and actresses. Don’t believe me? Google “Actors who are Cancers” The line up is impressive!

I am not sure what is going on in the universe, but I am single and dating now… and everyone I attract is either a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. There are a few Gemini’s sprinkled in the mix. Not very good options at all. I often consider lately if God is punishing me!

Two Reason Water Signs Embrace Avoidance


#1 Water signs make decisions based on emotion.

Emotionally charged decisions are usually the worst decisions one will make in their lifetime. Feelings and emotions fluctuate. It’s better to act when emotions aren’t clouding logic. Emotional decisions usually lead to passion crimes, heinous jealous acts, bad financial decisions and chaotic relationship habits. I highly recommend that every water sign learn how to meditate, focus on thoughts and emotions while allowing themselves to calm down before making drastic decisions based on temporary and petty feelings!

If you can make a water sign always feel good, you can literally get them to do ANYTHING for you regardless of how deplorable it is!

They act on feelings. The issue is feelings aren’t always grounded in reality. Feelings can come from negative thought patterns and fear. This is why most water signs are highly unpredictable and can change their mind at the drop of a dime. Feelings don’t always make sense but water signs don’t care about making sense… they only care about how things makes them feel.

“If it feels good it can’t be wrong!”

-Said every unfaithful and untrustworthy water sign.

#2 Overactive Imagination. Water signs live in every dimension.

Water signs are limitless. They don’t just see things on the earthly, material plane. This is a curse and a blessing. For the water signs living in their dark side it makes them unable to see the reality of a situation. They make situations what they want them to be and ignore what they actually are.

The overactive imagination paints pictures of sunshine and rainbows or doom and gloom and no amount of logical explaining can take the water sign off of cloud nine.

To communicate with a water sign start your sentences off with the following words: “I feel” Never say, “According to” or cite a logical reference that would insert FACTS into the conversation. They don’t care about facts. There’s something both beautiful and disturbing about that…

This is what makes water signs avoidant. They are so unbelievably imaginative and clever that they can snatch you from reality and bring you into their fictitious dream world that feels real!

Water signs can persuade others to avoid reality and responsibility by overemphasizing the importance of feelings.

In conclusion, water signs can go years avoiding problems hoping that those problems just go away. Water signs can escape those problems by quickly jumping into rebound relationships after break ups or worse… turning to drugs, alcohol or fetishes. ANYTHING to avoid reality! After all, to the dreamy water signs, reality is nothing but a myth that can be disputed, refuted and transmuted!

Unfortunately, most water signs suffer from Toxic Positivity.

Thinking positive is great but negative thinking can prevent disastrous events from occurring. It can serve as a protection mechanism when necessary. I believe Scorpio understands this. However, Pisces & Cancer have a difficult time comprehending why negativity is necessary at all.

If you’re dealing with a water sign understand and accept that they have an avoidant personality type. If their feelings change for you, they will probably ghost and leave you without closure.

Water signs don’t believe in the gift of goodbye. Besides, what if they need you in the future or what if they were wrong about you and want to come back to you in a few months or years?

All water signs have an open door policy. Don’t hate the water sign. Hate the game.

By J.Hihi @Copyright 2019



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