How to Hurt A Narcissist


Many victims of narcissistic abuse often wonder how to hurt a narcissist…

The narcissist needs you more than you need them. They live off of your emotional energy and your ability to authentically love. Your love is their narcissistic supply. Now is the time to cut them off.

Abandon the narcissist. It’s their greatest fear!

In one word, I have the answer.


Withhold your attention.

Withhold your praise.

Withhold your time.

Withhold your sympathy.

Withhold your affection.

Withhold your anger.

Withhold your feelings.

Starve the narcissist by giving them nothing except the memory of you.

To hurt a narcissist is simple. Withhold!

Withhold EVERYTHING by becoming a pentacle of indifference.

Regardless of how much they try to act like they don’t care that you don’t care anymore… don’t give in. The narcissist will beg, use trianglization, hoovering and stalking. Don’t give in, withhold! And watch the narcissist wither like a moth to a flame when he loses you!

By J. Hihi @Copyright2019


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