How to Spot a Narcissist by Physical Appearance


Malignant narcissist are fixated on their appearance. A mentally healthy individual cares about their health and appearance. However, a narcissist is overly invested in their physical appearance which reveals their alarming level of insecurities.

Often times, when we encounter people overly identified with material and physical aspects of themselves we have pity for them. Unfortunately, that pity comes with a price. Feeling sorry for people with low self-esteem is dangerous especially when we allow them into our lives. Their insecurities will be the source of their inevitable betrayal of our trust if we dismiss their fixation on looks as low self-esteem.

We fail to realize, people with low self-esteem are a danger to themselves and others.

Below is a list of signs an individual may be a narcissist based on their physical appearance:

1.) They always arrive to family or outdoor events dressed inappropriately 

An example is a narcissistic women invited to a hiking event who wears extremely tight booty shorts with half her buttocks hanging out and a very low cut tank top to expose her cleavage. This is an attempt to divert attention to her body rather than allowing hikers in the group to enjoy the experience/activity. Narcissist may also go to family events wearing very revealing attire or they may spend an unjustifiable amount of time getting ready just for a trip to the local grocery store.

2.) Unnecessary Plastic Surgery

If an individual has undergone more than 1 plastic surgery procedure to “improve” their looks when they didn’t need to.

The appearance of a narcissist reflects the inner appearance of their soul; artificial, unoriginal and fake. The narcissist could be an 8 on a scale of 1-10 but will still manage to find things wrong with themselves and will invest thousands to change it. Breast implants and buttock implants are glaring red flags you’re dealing with a female narcissist. She will never feel like her physical appearance is good enough and will become addicted to plastic surgery if she can afford it. If she can’t afford it, she’ll find a sugar daddy to fund her or buy undergarments that make her buttocks and breast appear bigger. Of course this does not apply to people born with deformities.

3.) They are overly critical of the physical appearance of others.

People who over-value physical appearance show it in their fixation with other peoples looks and sense of style. They are often very critical of how others body’s are shaped, how they apply their make-up, how they dress and their facial bone-structure.

4.) They praise others based on physical beauty and style rather than personality and character.

Narcissist need to praise and be around people who are very physically attractive to prove that if they can associate with such beauty that relatively they are also highly attractive. Narcissist will strategically become friends with people based solely on how they look just to enhance how they look. Narcissist will praise supermodels and despise those less physically desirable. Narcissist choose their partners based on looks, height and facial features alone and wonder why they can’t find a partner who respects them and treats them right…

5.) Everything they wear has huge logo branding

Narcissist want others to know they only wear the best designer brands to prove their worth. They like logo branded shirts that clearly display brands to validate their sense of importance.

6.) They always seek validation from others by asking insecure questions such as “How do I look?”or “Do you like my new shoes?”

Hanging out with narcissist is exhausting. Immediately upon meeting them they have a strong desire to show off and draw attention to their physical appearance by asking what may seem like innocent questions… in reality they are constantly seeking validation of their worth, their looks and clothing.

7.) They appear sad, angry or depressed when they are not dressed to the nine’s or if they’re having a bad hair day.

Whenever an individual feels terrible because they couldn’t find their favorite shirt or they are out of their favorite mascara and concealer and that appears to ruin their day, run! A few minutes of feeling down and 5 minutes of venting is fine, but if it prevents them from going to work, attending an event or hanging out, they are indeed a narcissist. Never confuse

8.) They appear uneasy and anxious around other attractive people of the same gender.

If a narcissist is competing for the attention of the opposite sex and they are surrounded by very attractive competition, the narcissist may begin to sweat, speak nervously or become to extroverted or introverted. They feel “threatened” by attractive people of the same gender. Internally, the narcissist constantly compares themselves to others and if others appear to be receiving more attention the narcissist may leave the event or retreat to sarcasm or outright insults directed towards the individual(s) igniting their insecurity.

9.) They choose partners based only on physical features.

I recently spoke to an old acquaintance who is single and often complains that she can’t find a good man. I asked her what she’s looking for in a mate so I could possibly hook her up with a friend. She immediately reverted to physical features ONLY. She said he has to be 6 foot 3, light skin or caramel complexion (no dark skin) and a nice face! This women is over 40 years old! A clear indication she was a complete narcissist, I slowly distanced myself from her… I refuse to be in association with such infantile thinking from a mid-aged woman. Narcissistic men also only choose women who are highly attractive then wonder why the relationship feels empty and void of a deeper connection. This is because the people we choose to be with is a reflection of our values.

By J. HIhi @Copyright2020


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