7 Signs You’re Caught in a Narcissist’s Trap


Do you believe that you fell victim to the narcissist charms and is now trapped in their web of illusions?

You’re not alone! To love a narcissist is to be stuck in a matrix of confusion. Below are five signs you’re a caught in a narcissists trap.

1. You’re confused. The narcissist says one thing then does the total opposite. Then when you confront them they gaslight you into believing they never said it or that you took it the wrong way.

2. You feel deeply misunderstood. The narcissist purposely pretends to deny they understand you. They often say you are irrational or even crazy anytime you try to have a heart to heart talk with them.

3. They came on too strong in the beginning. Romeo swooped in and told you everything you wanted to hear to get what he wanted. You took the bait! Jokes on you now that you see his true colors emerging. Don’t fret! This is a learning experience and happens to the best of us. To get out of the narcissist trap, focus on how the narcissist is treating you in the present moment instead of focusing on how he treated you in the past while love bombing you. If he is treating you badly today, accept it and discard the narcissist. Trust me, it only gets worse if you stick around hoping he’ll change.

4. You’re self-esteem is non-existent. If you finding yourself allowing the narcissist to treat you worse daily and you feel like you love them too much to leave or you make excuses for their behavior, your self-esteem has plummeted. Self-esteem is defined by how you allow people to treat you.

5. You stopped caring about yourself. Suddenly, all you can think about is the narcissist. They have consumed your heart and mind. Your drained, exhausted and depleted of life’s source energy. You shower less, you wear sweats and leggings everyday and you only wear make up or do your hair if he treats you well. You forgot about your friends, stopped going to the gym and completely neglected your Paleo diet. All you care about is the narcissist and how they treat you. You’re obsessed. Everyone see’s it but you.

6. Increased Anxiety. Constant worry and being on edge is the main symptom of narcissistic abuse. Sleepless nights, tossing and turning trying to think your way out of the narcissist trap. Bags under your eyes and your best friend said you look and act like a paranoid crackhead.

7. Depression & Isolation. You went from extrovert to an introverted hermit. Your friends and family never hear from you unless you want to VENT about the narcissist. All you care about is the narcissist and he has you exactly where he wants you to be, focused on him and him alone! The lack of social interaction outside your relationship is causing sadness, loneliness and depression. Reach out and connect with someone besides the narcissist to escape this trap.

Do you need help escaping? Contact me for a consultation.

By J. Hihi @Copyright2020

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