About Me


Writing has served as my vehicle of escape from a toxic and tumultuous childhood. My imagination was a doorway in which I could escape the arguments, fightings, gun shots and tire burns that riddled my North Minneapolis neighborhood. I witnessed the relationship dynamics between my mother and father for the last 35 years.

I have seven older sisters and through their tears, struggles and heartfelt revelations, I discovered a pattern within relationships that can be altered to serve our higher selves. Keep reading…

From the pimps that roamed urban areas searching for the vulnerable damsel in distress with low self-esteem to sell a dream, to the start athlete looking for a trophy wife, I’ve seen it all.

Through my fiction novels and my non-fiction philosophy, I present to you mind-boggling facts, theories and ideas that represent the new frontier of dating, love, relationships and life in general. I present these ideas through poems, blogs, books, quotes, and memes. I’m ecstatic you are interested in discovering with me!

Despite the negativity surrounding me as a child, I thrived in school. I graduated from high school with 2 years of college completed from Post Secondary education at The University of Minnesota. After graduating high school I completed my Bachelor’s Degree at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Although I was a biochemistry major, I always kept a journal to write. It was not until I had my first child that I actually started to take my writing seriously. In 2016, I started this blog. In June of 2016, I started writing my first book which will be published March 2017.

Take a second out of your busy day, and be present with me. Jump into my writing heart first. Un-taint love and give it new meaning. Feel what I have wrestled to get out of me, so that I can spark in you the beginning of questioning everything.


Janell Hihi