Stop Praising Billionaires without Researching Their Agendas


“I might just be the next Bill Gates in the making.” Beyonce’ – Formation lyric.

It sounds cute in a song. Praising Bill Gates because he is a billionaire. Praising his success without knowing the cost of it to society.

Praising success despite how it is obtained appears to be a fad in our overly materialized, capitalistic society.

We are praising narcissism yet trying to defeat it at the same time.

What the hell is going in the world? Narcissistic business practice is the epitome of appearing as a business to help progress society but behind the veil it only seeks to control, manipulate and destroy our freedom and good will.

It’s all about the Benjamins baby, as P. Diddy would say!

But is that really what our lives are all about? The pursuit of happiness or the pursuit of money? It’s been proven time and time again, money can give you peace of mind but it cannot bring you happiness.

They’re millionaires and billionaires across the globe on anti-depressants, suicide watch and many other’s are supervised by highly skilled psychiatrist and controlled by mentally stabilizing pharmaceuticals.

Yet, we still praise individuals based on their ability to make money by any means necessary. Failing to research how the money is made and where it is going creates a fan base for billionaires that is undeserved.

It also creates a false hope that anyone can be like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Donald Trump. These people accumulated wealth with a certain mind frame, family support, connections and inheritance accompanied by the perfect timing that positioned them for success.

Warren Buffet also gets a consisted free pass from media scrutiny. Warren wears a halo that falsely depicts him as a person who started from the bottom and made it big.

In reality, Warren came from a high income family. His father was also a stock broker making well over $200k a year. How is that starting from the bottom?

Warren Buffet also accepts government hand outs, as do most muti-billion dollar corporations but they despise the average citizen who needs public assistance to get by?

Here’s an excerpt from a great Article titled “Saint Warren’s Dark Side.” By Charles Gaspirino.

“Much less has been said about Buffett’s unsaintly investment record. I won’t bore you with every gory detail of his questionable associations, which include no-lose investments in Goldman Sachs and General Electric just before the companies received massive federal aid during the financial crisis.”

But we don’t hear that part of their story when we’re being sold the dream that we too, can reach unparalleled levels of success.

Let’s take Bill Gates for example. He’s often praised and admired but he is affiliated with one of the most disgusting and corrupt organizations in the world, Monsanto.

Wikileaks exposes Bill Gates for the Greedy, sneaky, snide, Scorpion he is. (I had to add his Zodiac sign).

“Gates tried to keep his ties to genetically modified seeds on the down-low, but the issue got major attention last year when Monsanto tried to inject its hybrid seeds into Haiti after a massive earthquake devastated the island. Fortunately, the Haitian farmers were too smart to fall for this devious scheme. Farmer groups criticized the Gates Foundation’s involvement, committed to burning the GM seed, and called for a march to protest Monsanto’s presence in Haiti.”

The Bill Gates Foundation poses as a “Charitable” relief that will benefit Haiti. However, the opposite it true. They exploited Haiti when they were most vulnerable after the devastation of an earthquake! Along with the Clinton’s, but that’s another blog.

In the second quarter of 2010, the Gates Foundation purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock with an estimated worth of $23.1 million.

Bill Gates, the narcissist behind the smiling face who believes he’s some kind of Genius for creating Microsoft. I’m sure there are better inventions out there from people less driven by greed and world domination who just don’t have a father who is a Patent attorney who can help them create their dream and fund it.

Sorry Beyonce’, I don’t want to be the next Bill Gates in the making. I don’t support genetically modified food, deceptive business practices disguised by a charity or greedy monopolizing pricks who wish to control the world’s food supply!

Be careful what lyrics you recite. Avoid praising an individual without thoroughly researching their investments and hidden agendas. Just because someone is a billionaire shouldn’t automatically grant them your admiration.

By Janell Hihi @copyright 2017


Psychopath Free? No Such Thing


I was recently browsing books on narcissism on Amazon and came across a book titled, Psychopath Free. I thought to myself, what a crock of bullshit!

There is no such thing as being psychopath free if your still alive and breathing. Psychopath are lurking around every corner. You may not be married to one, but there’s a few in your office, a few in congress, a handful in your neighborhood, at least one at your church and your child’s school.

Psychopath are everywhere. Face it, you even dated one in the past! They are an unfortunate infestation on earth and absolutely inescapable unless you live in a cave in a remote mountain with no technology, WiFi or access to human civilization.

It’s impossible to be psychopath free, unless your dead. However, it’s not impossible to learn how to deal with them and navigate through their incessant bullshit.

This book is unrealistic but the title is a great marketing scheme. Who wouldn’t want to be psychopath free? Who wouldn’t want a few colorful, flying, pet unicorns?

I had to click on the title to read some of the reviews and also take advantage of Amazon’s “Look inside feature.” This is what I found interesting…

Here’s part of the Book description:

“The psychopath carefully selects the most indifferent and heartbreaking way imaginable to abandon you. They destroy you as a way to reassure themselves. But most importantly, they destroy you because they hate you. They despise your empathy and love, and to destroy you is to temporarily silence the nagging reminder of the emptiness that consumes their soul.”

Maybe they leave you in a callous way because they just don’t give a shit about you? I’ve ghosted a few boyfriends in my day and that’s the worst way to leave someone, by disappearing without an explanation.

Does my cowardly, immature behavior make me a psychopath? I thought it made me immature. Besides, I was in my twenties at the time. I guess the next question that comes to my mind “Is a narcissist and a psychopath the same thing?” I looked to Webster dictionary for help.

  1. a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.
    synonyms: madmanmadwomanmaniaclunaticpsychoticsociopathMore

    • informal
      an unstable and aggressive person.
      “schoolyard psychopaths will gather around a fight to encourage the combatants”

    My next question is when someone decides to leave you and you love them unconditionally, no matter how they leave you, you’re be heart broken and you will  find fault. I don’t care how a so-called psychopath chooses to leave me.

    I just want them to leave.

    Vamos son of a bitch!

    By Janell HIhi @Copyright 2017

The Most Common Relationship Fears Men Have


Top Relationship Fears Men have:

Fear of not being able to provide. Men who are financially unstable can’t make love and marriage a priority. The primary focus is obtaining financial security so he will feel secure in his role as a provider. There is no way around this. It’s not you! It’s his pockets!

Fear of a loss of individual freedom. Men fear losing their identity in relationships. They need to feel secure that the women they are with will let them have a life outside of the relationship without bitching and complaining or accusing him of cheating.

Fear of DRAMA. A tactless women who can’t control her mouth or her urge to get revenge on any perceived threat is the drama queen all men avoid. Sure he’ll sleep with her, but he’ll never wife her.

Why? Because she never turns down. She goes zero to 100 without thinking about how her words and actions can devastate her relationship. She is exhausting! One argument after the next, one complaint after the next, one temper tantrum after the next. She’s literally an inevitable heart attack waiting to happen.

Never date a fearful man.

It’s better to date a man who is eager and naive, not sure how things will turn out in the end, but he is certain he will give it all he has to make it work. The fears listed above are general fears mentally healthy men can overcome when they are with a strong, mentally healthy, trustworthy woman.

However, among all fears men have regarding love, fear of failure is a deal breaker!

Effort trumps knowledge and perceived security when it comes to successful relationships. Millennial love has it’s own unique challenges. My parents have been married for over 55 years and their generation had it’s own set of traditional, economic and societal challenges that they had to get through as a couple to sustain their marriage.

A huge mistake most millennials make is trying to duplicate their parents love. It’s important to recognize our generations unique challenges and re-frame a love that works for us in the present moment instead of trying to resurrect a template of love that is not compatible with today’s operating system.

The number one fear most men and women have today is the fear of unrequited love. We’re afraid to give it all we’ve got because we are obsessed with the outcome. Fear is always associated with outcomes. Courageous people never focused on outcomes, they focused on the big picture and the goal at hand because the outcome was depended on effort.

The outcome of a relationship or marriage is dependent on effort. Any man who speaks of fear of commitment has a deep rooted fear of failure in general.

People who are afraid to fail generally suck at relationships as well as every other endeavor they we’re afraid to take on in their lives because of fear of the outcome.

They’re life is lived off of paranoia and perfection. A fearful man is too safe. He is terrified by risks. He is a control freak and if he can’t guarantee the outcome of any situation he won’t get involved. At least not on a level of deep commitment. He will sleep with you and play house but he won’t marry you.

He needs distance between the two of you to maintain his illusion of control, perfectionism and safety so that he can stay tightly tucked into his cocoon.

Unfortunately, a man that is fearful and afraid to fail is not going to change if you love him harder. In fact, it will push him away even more. Overcoming fear of failure is as intense as overcoming drug addiction and it is something that a fearful man must do on his own.

Do you love a man who has a fear of failure?

Be his friend. Help him get help. Don’t be intimate with him. Just be there as a friend in the distance encouraging him to take small risks. Maybe he’ll overcome his fear, maybe he won’t, but your life keeps moving forward and you wait for a man who believes committing to you is a risk worth taking!

Because even if it doesn’t work out, you were worth the the memories and the lessons.

Nama’Slay – Every day!

By Janell HIhi Copyright@2017




Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About the Narcissist


Why can’t you get the narcissist out of your mind?

Narcissist operate from the ego. The ego is of the mind. Narcissist spin a web of illusion so intricate they create a matrix, also known as a mental prison that they’re victims can’t escape from.

The narcissist will literally take full possession of the victims mind. Since most narcissist prey on your subconscious mind, thinking of them and why they do what they do becomes a habitual obsession that is extremely hard to break.

In my upcoming book How to Defeat a Narcissist, I explain how narcissist are like hackers who hack into your mind, corrupt your software and implant a virus that takes over your entire operating system.

Getting a narcissist out of your mind takes reprogramming that is explained in great detail in my upcoming book.

For every negative, toxic thought they implant in your mind by their antisocial, psychotic, selfish and hurtful behavior, a positive affirmation must be repeated daily by the victim to refill the mind with empowering and positive thoughts and beliefs. This takes time, but it’s extremely helpful and almost guaranteed to work every time.

Jupiter in Scorpio Opened a Portal: Secrets Exposed!


It’s no coincidence that the Zodiac Sign Scorpio stands for sex. As much as I find Scorpios very difficult to figure out, I respect their energy. Sex is an important part of human life, through it recreation of our species is manifested. Through sex, energies collide and magic can be made between two people, intensifying connections.

The dark side of Scorpio is sexual abuse and exploitation. It’s repressed and unusual sexual energy that manifest as the immense amount of sexual scandals that are being exposed while Jupiter is in Scorpio October 10 to November 8, 2017.


Scorpio is not only the sign of sex, it’s also the sign money, power, emotional depth, secrecy and revenge. Scorpio symbolizes finance, wealth and career as well, Don’t believe me, Google how many BILLIONAIRES are Scorpios. Bill Gates, is a Scorpio I am certain you are familiar with.

As soon as Jupiter entered Scorpio sex scandals in Hollywood came to light out of the woodwork in rapid speed.

When Jupiter enters a sign it illuminates the signs qualities and characteristics. Jupiter illuminated and exposed the dark side of Scorpio giving victims of Sexual harassment and abuse, especially on the job, the courage to come forward and speak out at once!


Sexual harassment and taboo is rampant around the world. I am so thankful for Jupiter, a planet that has blessed me plentiful to bring light to women and children who have suffered at the hands of predators.

Jupiter in Scorpio will bring to light to what you hide. Secrets will be revealed and if you were up to no good, others will suddenly be on to your hidden nature!

It’s best to come clean, confess and offer restitution if you’re hiding bad behavior from others.

If you’re a victim of sexual abuse, let Jupiter free you of what you’ve been holding on to. Speak out! You’re silence will not protect you.

Everyone should examine their hidden nature and contemplate if secrets are worth keeping especially if the could hurt other people if those secrets ever came out.

As far as career is concerned. Whatever gifts you were hiding inside, they will come out during this time either purposely or accidently and you will be praised, and recognized for your gift.


You may find new motivation to start a career using the gifts you’ve hid from others for so long. Secretly, you might be a great painter but lack confidence to put yourself out their as an artist,

You might be a great storyteller, but you’re afraid to write. You might love children and want to teach, but you’re afraid you won’t be able to live off of a teachers salary. What do you love? Stop hiding it!


Jupiter will illuminate everything hidden and don’t be surprised that you will be surprised everyday! Something will come to light about the world, politicians, musicians, scandals and much more!

During Jupiter in Scorpio you may experience life at several WTF’s per hour! And that’s okay. Allow what was once in the dark, to come to light.



By Janell Hihi @copyright2017


12 Most Manipulative Narcissistic Traits

narc name tag

Narcissist have a special way of making the victim feel crazy for being hurt and appalled by the narcissist’s abuse. They call it gas lighting, I call it soul murdering, mind fuckery.


I was married to a narcissist for 6 years and then dated a narcissist for almost two years after that. It’s embarrassing I stayed that long in a toxic marriage only to leave one narcissist just to move on to the next.

Below is a list of the most manipulative, soul sucking, sadistic traits narcissist play on their unsuspecting victims.

#1. Narcissist will make you apologize a thousand time for being angry for something they did to hurt you, but they won’t apologize once for what they did to hurt you and make you angry in the first place.

#2. Narcissist have a way of just turning off love as if it’s a light switch! They can turn off love just as easily as they turn on love because they only loved you as a tool to use you.

#3. Narcissist attack the things you value most because those are things you will defend the most passionately. They will hit below the belt without hesitation. They need a highly charged emotional reaction from you to feed their drone-like, empty existence.


#4. Narcissist don’t really want friends. What they want is followers, fans and worshippers who never question or criticize them.

#5. Narcissist deny reality. If you call them out on something they did or said they deny it ever happened as if you’re a complete lunatic. The denial game is real with the narcissist.

Acting as if they truly don’t remember what they said or what they did in such a way you feel sorry for them.

The issue is, what they did or said was probably based on a lie or an illusion and lies are hard to remember. Narcissist act so much they forget the scenes they played.


#6. Narcissist are either racist, sexist, homophobic or openly express some kind of bias against certain people but they don’t call it what it is, they justify their bias with alternative facts. Facts that may be valid in an alternate or parallel universe.

#7. Narcissist don’t want your love, they want your complete submission and obedience. You are not an equal partner to them, your a servant only there to serve their needs while abandoning your own.


#8. If your not always thinking positive about them, they will perceive that as a major relationship infraction and justification for leaving you. There shall be no arguments, no confrontations, no complaints and no negativity.

#9. Their relationship conflict management skills consist of breaking up as solution to every issue that arises. This is why their relationship consist of a roller coaster ride of make ups and break ups. They love the adrenaline rush of breaking up and making up. Normal people find it exhausting, narcissist find it exciting!

#10. Just remember his “crazy” ex girlfriend was just as amazing to him as you are now, despite how much he demonizes her. Everyone that does not completely obey the narcissist is labeled as crazy.

#11. There’s a price to pay for the narcissist kindness. Everything he does for you comes with undisclosed strings attached. He loves from his ego and he’s taking inventory. You’ll receive a bill soon that you will pay for with your tears.

#12. Narcissist think lying and hiding things are not the same. They often justify their lies by saying they didn’t feel it was the right time to tell you. Then they say they didn’t trust you enough to tell you the truth. Then suddenly they are asking you to apologize for their lies. Besides, it’s because you’re so untrustworthy they couldn’t trust you with the truth!


There you have it! The games narcissist play that can truly effect your life in a profound way. Please subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when my book drops, How to Defeat a Narcissist: Proven Techniques to Shut Down a Narcissist. 

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


The One’s We Can’t Save


Fictional story synopsis. Meet Fable, the character who is about to unravel the roots of her feelings of not belonging… and an entire world of the others who don’t belong either. Who is fable? Why is she here?

I thought about taking my cape off today and surrender to those who I wasn’t able to save. The children I didn’t see suffer, the signs I missed being too busy, occupied by my own mind.

There is so much we miss from not being present. The future holds our attention captive and the moment transforms into past tense in an instant and what was unseen is lost forever. Gone!

Or perhaps it’s stored somewhere deep in our subconscious. Maybe tonight it will reoccur symbolically in a dream and the chance to see what we missed will present itself as an opportunity again.

But most of us don’t pay attention to our dreams, so what’s the use? We wake up and forget about the knowledge bestowed in our dreams because as soon as the alarm goes off, we awake into zombie mode.

We are plugged back into the matrix, operating on a program that isn’t our own. And what was our own, was our dreams and all those stolen moments when we forgot to be present. Living our lives as drones. As soon as we awake we go back to sleep again.

Sleep walking to rush to get dressed and go to work. Sleep walking running errands, making love, partying, pretending to appear happy to others. Aren’t we all living to appear happy, and not really be happy?

I know I am. The last time Miss Michelle saw real tears streaming down my face, she told me, “Girl, you don’t get to show no emotions round here, you just be grateful you have a roof over your head and smile.”

My tears were warm, like hot drops of water streaming down my cold cheeks. My pain was absurd to her. Her disdain for me deepened my sense of not belonging. Feeling unloved must be an inescapable prison. But recently I’ve found a way out. Now I would never let Miss Michelle know about my escape. I learned if I don’t tell her everything, she can’t take everything.

I had a secret friend. Okay, not so secret to some of my peers. But Michelle was unaware I even had friends at all. I wanted to keep it that way. Janie lived 3 trailers down from me, on the side of the dirt road with all the trees. When Miss Michelle was busy hanging up washed clothes on the laundry line in the backyard our watching her daily programs on TV, I’d sneak out the back door to meet Janie.

Janie’s mom was never home. We were free. Had the whole trailer to ourselves. Janie and I played dolls often. Not with regular store bought dolls. We didn’t have any. We cut out the people in her mom’s JC Penny’s and Sears catalogs. I’d always choose the girl I wanted to be. The girl who smiled and wore cool, fashionable clothes. The girl in the catalog who really looked happy.

I’d choose parents for her that were also smiling. Parents who looked like her. Similar skin colors and hair texture. I wanted everyone to look alike so no one felt like the odd ball.  My family was like the story, “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck.”

I was the grey duck. I made sure my paper dolls didn’t have a grey duck. I imagined them all very happy together as a family. But sometimes Janie would interject and mess up my fairy tale. She would leave her paper doll kids at home and the kid would run to my paper doll families house screaming while they were trying to get a good nights sleep.

“Help me! Help me!,” Her paper doll would scream frantically. It was always the child of the paper doll family crying and scared from being alone. My paper doll mother would welcome her in our home and console her until she went to sleep.

It was through our dolls, we tried to exercise the demons that hunt us in real life. The hidden horrors of life in Saint Wards Trailer Park.

By Janell Hihi copyright@2017

Air Signs Aquarius, Libra & Gemini Are NOT the Most Emotionally Aloof Zodiac Signs: Guess which zodiac sign is?


There is a huge misconception of air signs being circulated in the online astrology community.

Air signs are not the most emotionally aloof zodiac signs. Have you read the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman? Every zodiac sign, and every element they belong to whether fire, water, earth or air, expresses love in different ways.

However, the stereotype placed on air signs, specifically Aquarius being overly detached and aloof when it comes to relationships is complete bullshit. Here’s why!

Aquarius is the astrological symbol of friendship. Aquarius invites everyone from all walks of life to be their friends without judgement. Friendships is also the foundation of lasting love!

aquarius friendship.jpg

Without friendship, love is built on lust, infatuation and temporary sexual passion. My parents are both air signs. Two Gemini’s who are about to celebrate over 54 years of marriage! Their testimony of lasting love is based upon the strength of their friendship. Not their sexual chemistry although they had seven children and that obviously wasn’t an issue.

More importantly, lasting relationships are built on a combination of what every zodiac sign has to offer, but none of which would be possible without the foundation of friendship and that is what the air sign tribe Libra, Aquarius and Gemini bring to the table when it comes to love, intimacy and relationships.

In addition, Libra’s stand for marriage. How is it that they can stand for relationships and marriage and be aloof at the same time? Is it because they can love without possessing, unlike a water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)?


Libra is the sign that rules marriage. This is probably why October is one of the biggest wedding months. Libra marriages are, not surprisingly, very much about balance and give and take from both partners. The relationship is a real priority to you and your man.

Are Libra’s one of the best candidates for relationships because they are gifted without the insight of balance? They know when to step back and give their partner space and when to shower them with love, attention and affection. Unlike fire signs who love too much, too fast without “thinking.”

I’d much prefer balance. I  prefer endurance over short lived high intervals. Air signs aren’t fast and furious like fire signs, nor are we slow and overly cautious like earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn & Taurus) We are all and in-between. We are chameleon, shapeless and formless.

Gemini’s bring a child-like enthusiasm and innocence to love and relationships. Gemini gives freedom for you to keep your individuality and still be in a relationship with them.


Gemini energy gives variety, countless point of views and opinions to relationships to ensure it’s not one-sided and remains multi-faceted. Gemini brings fun to boring routine’s in relationships. Gemini energy forces love to see the Yin and the Yang, making us more open to love in totality. Accepting both good and bad parts of ourselves and our partners.

If a water sign says they love you, it may be manipulative and insincere. If a fire sign say they love you, it may be just out of momentary lust and passion or to get sex from you! If a Gemini says they love you. Congratulations, it’s REAL love!

Stop telling us we don’t know how to be vulnerable or affectionate!

If you’re an air sign reading this, don’t accept the limited interpretation mainstream astrology makes you out to be. Yes, you can be both cerebral and emotional. You can be intelligent, logical, rational and be emotional, empathetic, affectionate and selfless at the same damn time!

We are not one dimensional beings. We are fragments of everything and everyone. Our birth charts can give us an idea of what elements we are lacking. My new astrology channel on YouTube Zodiac Wars main goal is to harness the energy of the elements you lack in your birth chart so that you can become more whole.

I personally lack fire in my chart. I attract fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) because I need to learn from them. I need to show my love a little more, I need to be fearless in the face of obstacles blocking my path to accomplishing my goals.

I need fire signs to teach me to be more vulnerable. And I need to teach fire signs how to be lead by true love, not lust, temporary passion, infatuation or sex. I am being taught by fire signs everyday. I am harnessing their energy and becoming a better person. Learn from the energies of other signs to achieve self mastery. That’s what astrological alchemy is all about!

Scorpio is more emotionally detached than Aquarius.


Yes! I said it. Scorpio’s, the masters of illusion. A Scorpio friend of mines is a champion in world Poker tournaments. Why? He can literally shut off his emotions at the drop of a dime.

He has the power to hide everything he feels in an inner vault no one will ever have access to. He is not naturally vulnerable. He is naturally paranoid. Always sizing up everyone and labeling them as having bad intentions towards him.

He is tit for tat, eye for an eye and will seldomly tell you who he really is or what he really wants. He has few close friends, and is generally cautious about making new friends, unlike the friendly, non-judgmental Aquarius.

Scorpios keep a part of themselves shut off. Who gets access? Not many. Maybe not any! How is it they are labeled an emotional sign when all they do is hide? I find it taxing trying to get close to a Scorpio. It’s a battle some may have the patience and grit to fight for, but not me!

So there you have it. Scorpio is the most emotionally detached, aloof and paranoid zodiac sign! What do you think? Tell me your experience with both air signs and Scorpios… do you agree? Comment below!

Listen to the video on this subject on YouTube Click Here.

By Janell Hihi copyright@2017

The Reason I Haven’t Written in a while

Hey everyone!

Just checking in! To say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement! I’m trying to finish my book, How to Defeat  Narcissist: Proven Techniques to Shut Down Narcissistic Abuse.

I’m almost done! It’s going to be epic. I’ve done extensive research on narcissism and I’ve developed a few theories of my own. The book is full of knowledge, much needed humor, and most importantly techniques on how to shut Down narcissistic abuse.

Here’s What’s New!


For all my astrology fans, checkout my new YouTube channel Zodiac Wars. Fun astrology facts, studies, shit talking, forecast, horoscopes, compatibility videos and much more!!

I was thinking about changing the name of the channel to Zero Fucks Astrology. Comment below and tell me what you think. Zodiac Wars or Zero Fucks Astrology? Help me! Your feedback is priceless and means everything to me!

Checkout a few of my entertaining and informative Astrology videos below!

Why I hate Taurus & You Should Too! Part 1

Why I hate Taurus & You Should Too! Part 2 – Part 3 Coming soon video cut short.

Besides that, I’m just juggling being a mom and a million other things while not totally losing my shit. I appreciate you stopping by reading, commenting, following and sharing!

By Janell Hihi


The #1 Reason Gemini is the Most Hated Zodiac Sign

Do you hate Gemini’s? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, many people do. Even Gemini’s hate other Gemini’s. Despite the obvious, why do you think Gemini’s are disliked on a mass scale? Could it be that they are fundamentally misunderstood?

Watch the video below to find out what traits Gemini’s possess that are mostly misunderstood.

Do you agree or disagree with the video? Comment below!


Janell Hihi