The #1 Reason Gemini is the Most Hated Zodiac Sign

Do you hate Gemini’s? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, many people do. Even Gemini’s hate other Gemini’s. Despite the obvious, why do you think Gemini’s are disliked on a mass scale? Could it be that they are fundamentally misunderstood?

Watch the video below to find out what traits Gemini’s possess that are mostly misunderstood.

Do you agree or disagree with the video? Comment below!


Janell Hihi


Las Vegas Mass Shooting: The Astrology of the Shooter Stephen Paddock

First of all, my heart, prayers and most sincere condolences goes out to the victims and families affected by this tragic event.


A few weeks ago I realized Pluto was going direct on September 28, 2017. Pluto is the planet of known for it’s maleficent energy mostly because of how far away it is from the sun. It emanates darkness.

Named after the Roman god of the underworld itself, the mysterious reddish colored planet could have a series of craters, canyons, plains and chasms named after dark gods and demons from Greek mythology and different cultures all around the world.

While Pluto might sound harsh, it ultimately acts as a catalyst to transform a person, a city, a country or an entire generation. After destruction comes reconstruction.

maxresdefault (1)

The American terrorist, murderous shooter known as Stephen Paddock, checked into the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada the same day the sinister planet Pluto went direct on Saturday, September 28, 2017.

With over a hundred assault rifles and 200 or more full magazines in his hotel room positioned directly over a crowd at a country music concert, Stephen prepared a disgusting master plan to slaughter innocent people on the night of Sunday, Oct 1, 2017.

vegas shooting

Stephen Craig Paddock (April 9, 1953 – October 1, 2017) with his Sun in the sign of Aries broke the mass shooting record in the United States with a death toll over 50 and an injury count of over 400 people.

Eerily similar is the Charleston shooter Dylan Roof, born April 3, 1994 (Also an Aries) who shot and killed people at a church with a mostly black congregation. The shooting was classified as a hate crime. The shooting occurred June 17, 2015. Nine people were killed, shot in close range, their bodies riddles with multiple bullets.


The Columbine school shooter was also an Aries. Eric Harris born Born: April 9, 1981 Along with Dylan Klebold shot and killed 13 people and injured 20 at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.


Do you see a pattern? I can’t make this up. 

Aries is in planetary opposition and for the fiery, emotional, cardinal zodiac sign, they react firecly and aggressively. People that are Aries are born in April, and that is the months when Pluto’s change in motion is initiated.

Jupiter is opposing Uranus and Uranus is in the sign of Aries. Uranus is the planet of electricity, creativity, genius, and rebellion, and revolution. Be it for good or bad. Aries are on fire right now, standing in their truth and on the edge of changing the world by unveiling truth.

Jupiter in a tug-of-war with Uranus, which is exactly what an opposition is (a tug-of-war), Uranus has the ability to blow in like a tornado and turn everything upside down.

Aries are the bridge leading to human revolution and equality. They have the edge, stamina, will power and intelligence to surge through and dismantle systems of oppression, therefore Aries is under overt spiritual attack.

Hug an Aries today. Encourage them to vent, sit there and listen. Suggest ways they can cope with the stress. Aries needs protection because they have a message to deliver that can change humanity as we know it. However, their are dark forces trying to infiltrate their divine light.

Aries possess within a key leading to freedom. However, that powerful energy can be used for good or evil.


Back to the Aries Stephen Paddock, there are conflicting stories circulating on the news. Some stories say authorities entered his hotel room and shot him, other’s say he committed suicide by shooting himself.

Paddock was known to local authorities before his death. Paddock lived in a three-year-old, $396,000  two-bedroom home in the small retirement and golf community of Mesquite, Nevada​, 80 miles north east of Las Vegas near the Arizona state border.

Eric Paddock, the suspected shooter’s brother, told ABC News that the family was completely “dumbstruck” by the news, likening the revelation to being “crushed by an asteroid.”

“We have no idea how or why this happened,” Eric Paddock said. “As far as we know, Steve was perfectly fine.” Pluto has a way of resurfacing deep seated depression and psychological issues within individuals influencing them to act on them immediately. It’s as if a state of psychosis (demonic possession) takes over the individual and a tragic event takes place as a result.

Pluto direct urges us to take care of fears, our anxiety and depression before it takes over us. Book your appointment with your religious group, a deacon, a priest or a medical professional in the role of a psychologist or therapist. It’s time to face your fears, ease your anxiety and heal emotional trauma before you begin to change into the darkness within that you try so desperately to hide from others.

I expect a surge of demonic possession, mass shootings, passion crimes, suicides, homicides and sudden cases of schizophrenia under this planetary transit.

Take care of yourself.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@ 2017

Aries: The Most Intriguing Sign of The Zodiac

I’ve never met an Aries that didn’t impress me in one way or another. Amazingly intelligent, assertive, courageous and incredibly insightful and intuitive… I’m always in awe.

Aries has that something! That “it” factor! Being an Aquarius I am a very cerebral person and Aries is the only fire sign that completely captivates me intellectually. Although there isn’t much intimate chemistry between Aries and Aquarius I’d enjoy being a business partner, a friend or in a group or team setting with the innovative genius that is Aries.


I am not blind to their negative traits but I am fixated on their positive. Aries being the most authentic sign in their fire element more real than any Sagittarius or Leo I’ve ever met, trusting Aries comes naturally to me.

I love that Aries has no filter. I love that Aries are so in touch with their feelings, unlike myself. Aries lays it out on there on the line unapologetically with zero fucks given. I envy that.

I know Aries writers who are so unbelievably talented I often feel put to shame reading their work. As an Aquarius, communicating feelings is an obstacle, for Aries it’s second nature, automatic and eloquent.

When Aries boldly shares their gifts with the world, the world is changed forever! It’s truly magical. When they lack confidence, and remain in a shell, the world lacks new innovative ways of thinking, feeling and seeing. The first sign of the zodiac, our designated leader, must bring forth their gifts and evolve the world.

I’m always in awe and forever smitten dear Aries…

By Janell Hihi


Moon in Cancer: How to Harness Intuitive Awareness


It’s time to stop hitting the snooze button and wake up!

Drink your cosmic coffee and sit down… its about to get real! Real emotion because the moon is in sensitive Cancer!

On the eve of this moon in Cancer, I had epiphany. I don’t want to be in a relationship.

People who really want to be in relationships are in relationships. I had to swallow the hard truth that I like the feelings that relationships bring… and I’d like to capitalize off the bliss.

I want the privelege of being loved by someone But don’t want to take the risk of being vulnerable.

vulnerability is like oxygen to relationships. I don’t want it bad enough to give into vulnerability just yet. I’ve had amazing people attempt to get close to me and I curved all of them.

I push people away because my soul and my heart doesn’t want to be in a relationship. What do you need to accept regarding the emotional dark side of yourself?

Aug 18th and 19th the moon will be in Cancer before it goes back into Leo on August 21st the Day of the Total Eclipse!

Admitband accept your emotional dark side. I had an emotional epiphany on the eve of this miraculous moon in Cancer

Allow yourself to feel very deeply on these two divine days while the moon hangs out in Cancer.

Deep within our feelings lies hidden potential untapped that can change our view on spiritually forever.

Sit down, close your eyes and allow yourself to activate your intuition and uncover your own intentions and those of others.

Be minful of psychic ties that energetically cling to you and influence you to think, say, eat and do things that will fog your brain and take you off the trail to your destiny.


So much will be uncovered this weekend. Anger will arise within us if we are not connected on a frequency that allows us to see the picture.

People will reveal their true motives to you energetically before you can logically make sense of it.

Aries and other fire signs… Sagittarius and Leo will get so much insight it from this energy it may make them feel out of touch with reality.

Aries it’s time to step up into your cardinal greatness. The world needs your genius. Use this weekend to remove blocks that hold you back.

Its time we all trust ourselves and our own potential. Stop looking for others to validate your greatness.

Rise up!

This may cause an internal war because this deep pychic knowing will conflict with what you want to be true or real, forcing you to break through illusions.


Some people will choose to stay sleep and ignore their nagging intuition. You can activate your 6th sense and access to the divine.

However, astrology is free will and if your not ready to see things with your third eye astrology is free will and you can keep snoozing and stay unevolved at your own detriment.

Scorpio in Jupiter is approaching and if your not walking in spirit on a frequency that emits your true purpose, that phase will jolt you into awakening whether you like it or not!

Are you ready to release energetic blocks and rise to you divine power? Let me help! Feel in the form below and I will analyze your birth chart and give you 6 insights on energetic blocks your unique vibration emits and how to overcome the obstacles obscuring your divine path,

Fill in the form below and receive your report within 5 days by email.


By Janell Hihi


Is Donald Trump Too Honest? The Birthchart of the 45th President.

Presidential astrology explains why the universe put Donald Trump in office at the perfect time!

Trump’s sun and moon are in opposing signs and he’s a Gemini. This means Trump is a quadruple of 4 personalities which is a bit more complicated than just being a set of single Gemini Twins.


Don’t shoot the mercury ruled messenger. Trump represents the hidden shadow side of America that needs to come out of the closet. Below is a breakdown of his planetary aspects and birthchart.

Born: June 14, 1946, 10:54 AM
In: Jamaica, Queens, New York (NY) (United States)

Sun in 22° Gemini                                           Moon in 21° Sagittarius
Mercury in 8° Cancer
Venus in 25° Cancer
Mars in 26° Leo
Jupiter in 17° Libra (r)
Saturn in 23° Cancer
Uranus in 17° Gemini
Neptune in 5° Libra (r)
Pluto in 10° Leo
North Node in 20° Gemini (r)
Chiron in 14° Libra
Ascendant in 29° Leo
MC in 24° Taurus


Notice how the left quadrant of his birthchart is empty. This represents a metaphorical one-sided nature President Trump is influenced by. This imbalance creates a tactless honesty no one in the world was ready for!

Politics have become a veil over the face of evil, lies, power, destruction and manipulation and what the world needs is an honest man leading us.

An honest man isn’t always a good man. I just wanted to clarify that!

Honesty can come across as brash but it is necessary to hear it for what it is rather than refuse to hear it at all. If it sounds like white supremacy that’s exactly what it is.

Trumps 10th house represents his masculinity and with his Leo rising he can come off as sexist. He may say and do things that would make one believe he feels that he is superior to women.

Would you rather deal with an honest white supremacist or a Fake politician smiling in your face pretending to be your allies but are investing in institutions that oppress you?

Do you prefer the leadership of hypocrites?

A hidden enemy is harder to defeat. Our previous Leo ruled president Barack Obama was the epitome of liberal deception. Thankfully, that bullshit has ended and Trump, the president with a Gemini sun and Sagittarius moon is telling you how it is and what it is. Regardless, if you like it or not.

Moon in Sagittarius

Trump’s moon sign is in the tactless, enterprising and cocky Sagittarius. It’s no wonder Trump has no fears! He goes after what he wants and says what he wants… and with Jupiter ruling his moon sign… he often gets what he wants!

A moon in Sagittarius represents the shady salesman who tries to sell you a lemon for the price of a brand new car. Can you say “Trump University?” Donald Trump has a buffet of shady business deals he initiated in the past which is exactly why I warn people to never do business with a person who has a Sun or moon in Sagittarius.

Unless of course, you have an exceptional attorney to look over the terms. More than likely you’ll get played. Jay Z is another Sagittarius known to be a shitty business partner.

His Sagittarius moon influences him to exaggerate and exacerbate things to make them appear bigger and more successful then they actually are. How many times did Trump do this on his campaign trail? Several times!

Sagittarius have a tendency to call people out on their bullshit. They like to expose other’s hidden motives and agenda’s. Trump did a great job at exposing Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy. Especially in regards to how she pretends to be an ally to African Americans but she supports mass incarceration and profits very heavily from it. This is how Trump magically convinced blacks not to vote for Clinton, by exposing her for who she is.

There’s a blind faith in Lunar Sagittarians that is admirable. They simply believe that everything will work out. Not much for making detailed plans, people with Moon in Sagittarius prefer to wing it. This is exactly what are president is doing. He is a mutable Gemini sun and a mutable Sagittarius moon, and mutable signs are known to go with the flow.

Having no plans is the plan!

Sagittarius are one of the Zodiac signs who are responsible for some of the world’s most notorious serial killers. Checkout the list here!

CNN Political commentator and seasonal anchor Van “cry baby” Jones who is a Virgo, couldn’t accept the truth. Donald Trump who is un-apologetically himself is being forced to apologize to people like Van Jones who can’t accept authenticity in the political arena. Earth signs are proud supporters of fakeness. They’d rather be polite then keep it real. In their dark side, earth signs tend to sweep big issues under the rug because dealing with real issues is not something they prefer to do.

Lets face it. We’d rather have a dishonest, fake, politically correct president than an honest one.

I’m ready to face the reality of this harsh world and I already accepted Trump for what and who he is. He’s awakened me. And we all know awakening isn’t easy. It forces us to face hard truths about the world and go out of our comfort zones to find solutions, re-strategize and grow!

Melania Trump was born on April 26th. She is a Taurus. Not sure how she deals with her multiple personality Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon husband. It may be that he appeals to her materialistic side which can be a huge downfall for Taurus. In addition, Taurus also have a tendency to want to the finer things in life in general.

Although they are more reserved and patient than Gemini’s, they have a sinister narcissistic side that resembles a sheep in wolves clothing. She is a covert narcissist and he is overt. Behind closed doors they share the same values.

Uranus in Gemini

There’s probably no planetary alignment so frightening! Trump’s a loose canon and full of surprises. Uranus is the planet of sudden  change, rebellion, revolution, surprises and stubborn refusal to conform with a lack of respect and disdain for authority! This explains Trumps ongoing feud with the FBI and CIA.

Uranus in his 10th house rules the internet, social media and TV. Donald Trump’s random,  unexpected and explosive tweets is a great example of the unruly, unethical and uncontrollable power of Uranus in his 10th house!

5BB0D7C6-D7A0-47BA-8ED4-FD4FF8A9B55F-508-0000004F6F0E6820.pngDonald Trump, is a proud member of the Air signs tribe. He’s a Gemini through and through. No filter, no bullshit, and no lies! Well sometimes but, flip flopping is part of the Geminis puzzling appeal…

No one really desires honesty. We want what’s safe, sugar coated and mainstream.

Unfortunately ,the mercury ruled Donald Trump has another agenda. Like Kanye West, Prince and Lauren Hill… Gemini’s march to the beat of their own drum.

Leo Rising

Leo rising explains Trumps refusal to accept his hair is a laughing stock and the size of his ego is 10 times the size of his bank account! It also gives him an abundance of unhealthy narcissism that many people detest.

Saturn in Cancer

With Saturn in Cancer the planet lies in the first of the water signs, emotional Cancer. Saturn is considered in detriment (or in difficulty) in the sign of Cancer as it naturally rules the sign of Capricorn which is opposite Cancer.

Donald Trump’s birth chart is riddled with oppositions. There’s no need to wonder why he changes his mind frequently. Again, Trump was meant to be here now to awaken doormat opposition within us all. The world is in opposition and we have a president made up of planetary oppositions.

Astrologically our challenge is to bring opposites together and that is not an easy task to accomplish. It’s painful! It requires we acknowledge opposition exist in the first place and we do the work to build the bridges.

Saturn in cancer indicates deep seated insecurity hidden by false confidence. They often feel that no matter how much they accumulate, it isn’t enough. Their greed is insatiable because they tie money and possessions into their personal worth and self-esteem.

Mercury in Cancer

To say that people with Mercury in Cancer take everything too seriously and have a tendency to be oversensitive and defensive is an understatement!

They can’t separate facts from feelings. They have a great memory but only remember how that memory made them feel, not what actually transpired. This is unbalanced thinking. Again, his chart has a common theme of a one-sided nature with an inability to see things without a narcissistic or overly defensive and emotional bias.

Mercury in Cancer are known to pick up on people’s feelings while communicating. This is how Trump won the election. He picked up on the hidden feelings of America and played on that masterfully.

The brilliant slogan “Make America Great Again,” is what he perceived when he used his Mercury in Cancer intuition to listen to America’s whisper. He played on a deep seated hatred many were afraid to come out into the open and say. And this is how he won the election.

Mercury in Cancer can be very effective speakers and writers, especially if they have Leo or Gemini Suns.

Their ability to “feel out” their audience is extraordinary. Also, they are able to present things concisely, yet powerfully.

I wrote a blog on why I hate Cancers. Please Read!

Neptune in Leo

Trump has Leo written in every inch of his tormented soul. Neptune in Pluto is the lucky generation of baby boomers whose impeccable timing here on earth positioned them to be the most successful people in the world! Every monopoly is owned by this generation of people and the game is sewed up. Just to name a few, Bill Gates, Bezos who is the owner of Amazon, and Warren Buffet… and the list goes on an on.

These people are the fearless, greedy venture capitalist who invented the concept of CEO’s getting paid 5,000 times more than the average employee. This Neptune in Pluto capitalistic generation of wealth hoarders is the reason why the wealth gap in America is growing astronomically by the day!


The Neptune in Leo group is the reason our politics are so corrupt, one-sided and not focusing on the REAL issues. But, hey, that’s an entirely new blog. Coming soon! Aquarius in Neptune will oppose Leo in Neptune which is exactly why millennials can’t stand the baby boomer generation. They set us up to fail. In fact, the only way will survive financially is through inheritance from them.

Mars in Leo

I feel sorry for anyone who has this much Leo in their chart. Mars is our action house, it’s what motivates us to act. Leo’s have a strong tendency to be narcissistic. Check out my blog on the Zodiac signs that are likely to be narcissist. Mars in Leo dark side is forced to act on egoic dreams and goals that benefit individual success, not humanity! The presidency to Trump is to benefit his own pockets and his own career.


The air sign tribe (Aquarius, Libra and a Gemini) are non conformist. Don’t expect an air ruled sign to follow the steps of former politicians. We were born to rewrite the old scriptures.

We only seek to cipher through the bullshit and reveal it. Although we come across as heartless, unfiltered and callous in most of our endeavors. I personally think air signs are horrible politicians. Libra would be suitable over Aquarius and Gemini if I were to appoint an air sign into a political office.

I don’t agree with Trump’s politics but I respect his honesty and willingness to be unapologetic regarding his biases… and the zero fucks he gives.


By Janell Hihi @copyright 2017

Mercury Retrograde August 2017: The Unresolved Past of America is Re-emerging.


unresolvedThis article is another aspect of the previous Mercury Retrograde article that I posted a few days ago.

The unresolved shadow of America’s dark past is re-emerging forcing all of us to fix what was never resolved: Racism in America!

There is an imbalance of justice hanging over the surface of earth demanding to be acknowledged and resolved once and for all.

USA, Birmingham - Demonstration von Buergerrechtlern

America never paid her debt to those she enslaved, murdered, raped and tortured. In fact, America has just renamed her cruelty to African American by morphing it into discrimination, mass incarceration, gentrification, economic genocide and police brutality.

The scales remain unbalanced. Things are out of order on the Karmic bank ledger and since Mercury Retrograde is in meticulous Virgo, we are forced to look at our account and make what is negative, positive.


Karma is knocking and ugly racist are emerging to show their true faces. I am grateful that they are bold enough to come out of the closet with their racism because to fix a problem we must acknowledge that it still exist.

Racism still exist. Systematically, socially, economically and in every nook and cranny of America.

What will we do now? Will we continue to try to fix it with old solutions that don’t work. Will we pay the descendants of slaves what they are worth? A huge debt is owed and the Universe will not let it go unpaid any longer. Time to rise up. What side are you on?


There is no black or white side. There is only the right or the wrong side. America is past due and I want my due. Justice is in reparations and the creation of new laws to protect the vulnerable against racist.

The cruelty of the past persist but will you continue to resist that this race issue, and the debt owed to those whose ancestors were enslaved, must be paid?!

By Janell Hihi @copyright2017

2017 Karmic Audit: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is in Full Effect. Caution Advised

In the picture below, Virgo is trying to tame the lion. Not to harm him, but to tranquilize his wild ego. This is what the energy of Mercury retrograde in Virgo will challenge everyone to do!


Mercury Retrograde started dishing out Karmic paychecks August 12, 2017 and will continue to audit our karmic payroll until September 5, 2017.

When Mercury moves backwards, you’re forced to move inward! Expect delays and setbacks and forget about meeting deadlines. It’s not going to happen.

Events and circumstances will transpire that will force you to stay at home, be alone and cultivate that much needed alone time to communicate with your higher self.

Bad things are going to happen. But remember it is how we react to them and how we grow from them that matters most!

On the Eve of Mercury Retrograde, Virginia stepped up to incite violent protest spewing hateful rhetoric. Several people were killed including law enforcement officer, members of the Alt Right and the anti-alt right protesters.

There is so much planetary activity this month. Were approaching our second New Moon in Leo which is very rare, usually there is only one per sign per month.

It’s time to look within to see if our lofty goals are coming from our ego or from our hearts? Are your goals not only going to benefit you but the world too? What’s your soul contribution. Leo energy is being challenged this month to surrender the ego to the soul.

The question to ask yourself this retrograde is: Does my life align with a higher purpose? or am I living just to satisfy the shallow needs of my ego?


leoWere also approaching a total eclipse of the sun on Aug. 21st, 2017 – The eclipse is in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius and the energy is heavy. The spirit of protest is well and alive and people are tired of injustice.

Is protesting in the streets working? Is it changing the world? Maybe it’s time to take a more in depth political stance. What else can be done?

This is a “Fight the Power” and “Don’t turn the other cheek” by any means necessary kind of energy. 

If you plan on attending a protest, be careful. Violence is sure to break out.

Every suppressed is boiling deep within us and exploding to the surface demanding to be dealt with.

Do you owe karmic debt? Or is it owed to you. If you’re anything like me I feel sorry for you! On the first day of Mercury retrograde I lost $120 – it just disappeared out of my pocket. I also felt annoyed, easily irritated and lethargic.

There’s too much going on in the world and each and everyone of us, regardless of our race, religion or Zodiac sign has sat around for too long being passive, inactive and complacent.

We will be forced to act in one way or the other. But you better think before you act. Karma is dishing out heavy consequences to every move we make right now.

As with every Mercury retrograde, set aside extra cash for unexpected tragic events like car accidents, replacing expensive items you lose like cell phones or iPads. Unexpected car trouble and home repairs can pop up out of nowhere.


The ex may call if issues from a past relationship are still unresolved. Talk it out not with the intention to get back with them but to bury the hatchet once and for all. It’s time to lower coffins into graves and top it off with a fancy tombstone and be on your way!

This Mercury retrograde will cause astronomical miscommunication. Trump the jlly Gemini and Blong Yang the Unruly Capricorn, may accidentally take the world into world war 3 by misconstruing each other’s narcissistic back and forth banter.

Take caution to not react in extreme emotion or anger during this mercury retrograde because the consequences can be devastating!

Don’t seek revenge instead seek courage to change your life and remove anyone or anything that is not serving your higher purpose.

It’s time to evolve!

The Lunar eclipse in Aquarius will challenge the Leo to listen to his heart instead of his ego… Individual success is not the answer, collective success with an emphasis in the interest of humanity is what we need to see the majestic light of a new dawn!

People are thirsty for real change and the Aquarius, who proudly walks about the cosmos with an endless fountain of water pouring from her hands will happily arrive to quench our thirst!


A mercury retrograde in Virgo can have you meticulous about every detail of your life. Beware that insomnia will be rampant as the Virgo energy forces us to over analyze every single detail of our life and the people in it!

Careful not to over-criticize. Mercury is the planet of communication ruling Virgo and Gemini and during this retrograde phase your words will have the power to destroy relationships to the point of no return.

If you feel like you’re gonna snap, walk away. Take a deep breathe and use your words to heal rather than to tear others down.

Gather information, watch and observe. However don’t make any major decisions or impulsive reactions until Mercury retrograde ends on Sept 6, 2017.

Virgo is the adult of the Zodiac so this retrograde energy will have you making life changes to get rid of childish habits that are stopping you from accomplishing goals.

You will work hard to start organizing your home, dieting, exercise and budgeting because Virgo energy demands that we be more responsible.

Jupiter Pluto Square: It’s time to even the score.

The world is suffering from a devastating imbalance of power. Now more than ever, you’ll e asking yourself what you can do to help foster change. Power struggles will erupt as the powerful fight to hold on to what they have without sharing it or giving opportunities to others. You’ve probably had enough as your day to day life is affected by ill politics. Everyone is fed up more now than ever!

Saturn Retrograde Ends:

Yes! For some reason this Saturn Retrograde had me in somewhat of a slump and it’s ending the end of August. Expect to feel less restricted and more energized to accomplish your goals. Things will look brighter if we can walk together through this dark tunnel that will challenge are fears and force us to grow.

With a total eclipse in the sign of Aquarius during Mercury retrograde and a second new moon in Leo… Be expected to feel everything and cherish it for the mere seconds you have it in your hand. As it leaves your tight grip, you will be overwhelmed with the peaceful wisdom that everything is beautiful and everything is fleeting.

Keep walking. I know it’s hard to see in the dark, but I’m here with you in the shadows.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

Why Your Relationship Will Fail According to Your Zodiac Sign: Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius.

mad couple
Thought bubbles above frustrated couple

There is a dark side and bright side to every Zodiac sign. We all have our yin and your yang. Unfortunately, our dark side is what get’s us into life altering trouble!

It’s important to understand our shortcomings so that we can take the necessary steps to  to overcome them.

Each Zodiac sign has a lesson to learn and a hurdle that stands in the way of achieving the loving and lasting relationship they’re hearts truly desire.

Each analysis is based on each zodiacs signs gender.

Why your relationship is doomed based on your Zodiac sign:

Leo Female:

She’s the queen of the jungle. Okay, maybe not but she still wants you to treat her like royalty! She can be a bit high maintenance but don’t be fooled, she goes hard for the man she really loves!

Leo’s are the teenagers of the zodiac, that is their fixed, astrological age. Therefore, Leo’s tend to appreciate what gives them a challenge, what is hard to conquer and those who don’t treat them very well. She is tons of fun to be around and most men find it easy to give her all the time she desires of them without objection!

It’s odd isn’t it? How the Leo woman wants to be praised but she won’t appreciate at that praise unless it is very hard for her to earn. This is why she typically falls for assholes. Many Leo woman are bored in relationships with complete pushovers who give them everything they want (more than likely she is cheating on the pushover) or she is head over hills in a relationship with an abusive man who uses her in every which way he can.

Her biggest hurdle in achieving lasting love is being overly emotional, too needy, too demanding and unappreciative of the men who come into her life and treat her right. She wants a bad boy badly. She usually turns down good men to her own detriment until very late in life! Leo females need to be number one even if she doesn’t make you number one. Her entire self worth is tied to her man’s time, attention and praise.

If you give her an inch, she’ll take a mile and brutally use and bully you if she can! She can become violently jealous over minuscule perceived threats and things can get physical if her ego is bruised. Watch out, she has a temper and her temper is a huge hurdle in achieving relationship success.

Leo Man:

He calls too much, texts too much, wants to see you too much! He’s just too much. When a Leo really likes a girl he showers her with attention and puts on a show to prove his worth. He is also very argumentative. They will call you while your at work to talk shit and complain, this has happened to me on more than one occasion with Leo exes. I helplessly attract them. God help me! An argument with a Leo doesn’t end until you agree with them. They are a fixed sign.

It’s tiring to watch. He goes out of his way to be perceived as the perfect man for the first three months with objective of getting the girl he desires hooked on him. Then after the honeymoon phase it’s “Mask off.” And the selfish, narcissistic, ego maniac emerges from the fog.

Leo males biggest hurdle in achieving lasting love is his inability to keep it real. He wants to impress you, he doesn’t want an honest, genuine love connection. He’ll buy you things he can’t afford, take you to places that ruins his budget and acts as though he has to be perfect for you to fall in love with him.

But that’s not all, not only does he expect unrealistic perfection from himself, he also expects perfection from a woman. If you fall short of his fantasy of who you should be he will criticize you to no end. He may even start to cheat on you and put on a long and heart wrenching trail of events that will lead to a slow and painful breakup.

Unfortunately, Leo men know all too well that act they put on can’t be played for long. They have to come clean eventually, and when they do be prepared to be devastated.

They run game like no other, telling you everything you want to hear. Then they unveil their false self to you and tell you, “Oh, I am still married but were separated.” or “My ex is 4 months pregnant but I love you baby and I am not going back.” Just be prepared to be shocked and bamboozled. Nothing is what it seems with a Leo and his relationships will suffer if he continues to be dishonest and deceiving.

Romantic couple. Love the boy and girl against the backdrop of a starry sky.

Aquarius Woman:

Aquarius women have their heads so far in the clouds it rebounds and lands up their ass! She’s waiting on her “Dream guy” who is the perfect friend and lover. She confuses friends with lovers. Talking about detached? I am an Aquarius woman and I just don’t get the concept of closeness. I am similar to a Gemini man. Aquarius woman believe relationships are a hindrance yet they always complain about being alone. Hmmm?

Aquarius woman is a walking, talking paradox. She wants to be seen as unique she tries very hard to be different from every other woman. She wants a man to need her but she’d rather jump in a pit full of snakes before she admits that she needs anything from her man.

She thinks vulnerability is illogical and stupid. She is too intellectual for her own good. Aquarius will sabotage her relationships because she doesn’t know how to just feel instead of thinking all the damn time.

Dear Aquarius, some things just need to be felt, not over-analyzed. Her tireless mind can turn into nagging and nagging is a toxin that poisons relationships. Nagging is man repellent but some Aquarius confuse nagging with speaking their mind… Note to self, it’s not the same!

Aquarius woman fall in love with how a man acts, his personality and charisma. She wants a man who is friendly yet over protective, nice, but has a mean streak. She wants all the extremes and everything in between. She thinks a simple relationship is settling. Aquarius must be more realistic, less analytical and stop talking so much to be successful in relationships. If she keeps running away from vulnerability she will never receive the relationship she craves.

Aquarius men:

He’s with you but not with you. Aquarius men make woman who they are committed to feel alone, even when their together, sitting on the couch watching Netflix. He’s in his own little world, which is okay but the problem is he won’t let you in!

Maybe after years and years of work, you’ll be able to get a peak inside his fantastical mind but most woman tap out and leave this lame before that happens. It just takes too long for him to open up and it makes women feel less connected and unloved. Don’t get me wrong he is definitely witty, charming and a ladies man but it only goes surface deep. He won’t let anyone, especially a woman, really get to know him thoroughly.

Aquarius men are too mysterious and too difficult. They don’t understand vulnerability and that is the biggest hurdle they will have to overcome. They are also passive, beta males who they think are too cool to pursue a woman. They confuse pursuing with chasing and too often use the friend approach to attract girls they want to have sex with. Their friendship is a fraud! They just use it because they are not assertive enough to actively pursue a woman.

Aquarius men are passive aggressive. They sulk, resent and rebel all without directly communicating the issue they have with you. They are always on social media venting.  He talks way too much! He doesn’t know what to say and what not to say and doesn’t read in between the lines. He’s nice but a bit conceited.  He thinks he’s way too amazing and he’s stuck on trying to prove just how amazing he is. He is also absurdly picky and overly critical about the woman he dates even though he looks like a troll more often than not!

They can desire a committed relationship, but still show a standoffish attitude towards it at the same time. They want love, yet can live with out. They can stay single longer than ANY other sign in the Zodiac. Facts! They are typically unstable career wise and are always selling shit through multi-level marketing and various companies they alternate between every 3-6 months!

He’s in his own world and let him stay there! Aquarius men need to embrace vulnerability instead of running away from. They need to be less passive and more direct. And they need to let women into their inner world otherwise they will stay single indefinitely. Not that they care, but I’m just saying.

Abstract Zodiac background
Backdrop on the subject of astrology, child birth, fate, destiny, future, prophecy, horoscope and occult beliefs composed of Zodiac symbols, gears, lights and abstract design elements

Sagittarius Woman:

She’s a freak! She’s mighty mighty, letting it all hang out! Yeah Sag females are tons of unapologetic fun! If she likes you, she’s generous with what she has and her time. She has no problem sharing but her sharing comes with a price. She is calculating. Sag ladies use their generosity to lock down yours. She believes in a favor for a favor and if you don’t reciprocate she is bound to replace your ass in 5,4,3,2,1 seconds with a man more willingly to try to please her.

She wants what she gives and like most fire signs she gives too much too soon. Damn Sag gals, I know you and this new handsome guy has been dating for only 4 weeks now, but do you really think it’s necessary to be doing his laundry, giving him a key to your house and taking care of his dog while he is out of town for work?

Fire sign ladies just do too much, in general! The Sagittarius falls in love too fast and when she realizes she chose the wrong man it’s too late, she already sacrificed her bank account and her soul for him. What a waste! The Sag ladies must understand that falling fast and hard is not how to secure a lasting, healthy relationship. Sag woman, your challenge is to take your time and fall in love gradually.

Sag women can become obsessively jealous. She wants a good looking man but she is also threatened by him at the same time! She tries to dictate his schedule, where and when he can hang out with his friends and will even intercept the relationship he has with children from previous relationships. She can be a bit of a control freak. She has to learn how to go with the flow and be patient to succeed in love.

Sagittarius Men:

He’s probably the number 1 ladies man. This man has charm, swag and manipulation unmatched by any other sign! He gathers information to use it to his benefit and believes he deserves everything from life, especially his lady. She better bow down and serve him up everything she has. All her time, sexual energy, money, resources and good looks!

He’s addicting to be around and is the center of good times, parties and he’s effortlessly the life of any party! Behind this walking, talking show biz of a man is a sadistic, cunning and manipulative liar! He will fuck with your head to the point where you believe him when he says your crazy.

Sag men need to learn to stop being so demanding! They need to learn patience just like the Sag woman does. Everything is an open buffet and you can’t always eat until your full. Boring is not a bad thing, sometimes it’s freeing to not have anything to do Sag. Chill the hell out!

Boy are they balls of high strung energy that can leave a woman completed depleted of her life force after spending a weekend with him. Sag men will use you us until there is nothing left for you to take care of yourself. They lie often and if you catch them in a lie they go from cool to crazy in a millisecond. He is a charming pyschopath and when you call him out on his bullshit, be prepared to feel the raft. Actually, I’d run if I were you!

Dear Sag men, stop lying all the time. Life is not all about who you can hustle to come up and who you can use to get the hook up. Try really and truly opening yourself up to a woman with the intent to give rather than receive.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

Why Your Relationship Will Fail According to Your Zodiac Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini.

Romantic couple. Love the boy and girl against the backdrop of a starry sky.

There is a dark side and bright side to every Zodiac sign. We all have our yin and your yang. Unfortunately, our dark side is what get’s us into life altering trouble!

It’s important to understand our shortcomings so that we can take the necessary steps to  to overcome them.

Each Zodiac sign has a lesson to learn and a hurdle that stands in the way of achieving the loving and lasting relationship they’re hearts truly desire.

Each analysis is based on each zodiacs signs gender.

Why your relationship is doomed based on your Zodiac sign:

Aries Woman: You over do it! You love too hard too fast and sacrifice it all for the man you fall for. Love is not all or nothing. Maintaining a sense of self while embarking on an intimate relationship is your greatest challenge. You are not willing to let a man be a man. You are too aggressive, too eager and too down.

You are that ride or die chick that always get’s played in the end. The fiery Aries woman needs an alpha male who is strong willed and ambitious. Problem is she diminishes his masculinity by trying to be the provider in the relationship. Aries, fall back! As soon as a man let’s you take charge you enjoy running the ship but you slowly start to lose respect for him. Aries woman are natural bullies so she takes authority too far. You like to give your all to everything you do and that is why you are very successful in life in general. However, when it comes to love learn how to ration out the amount you sacrifice. Don’t give it all away all at once. Don’t neglect your friends or your children when you fall in love with a man.

Your biggest issue is you give too much of yourself and become resentful and very angry when it is not reciprocated. No one is willing to sacrifice themselves as much as you do, so to expect your lover to match your eagerness and unnecessary sacrifices is unrealistic. If you want to give your all, be happy doing it without expecting others to do the same. Learn a healthy sense of give and take. Don’t just give, give, and give, then explode in anger like a complete psychopath when all your tedious favors are not returned!

Aries are creative genius, and if you do not have a creative outlet, you will expect your lover to fill that void. That is not his responsibility! Maintain your sense of self by choosing what artistic endeavor moves you and stay true to it forever, regardless if your in a relationship or not. If you do not have your creative outlet, you will have continuous outburst of unhealthy, and violent rage!

Abstract Zodiac background

Aries Men

Like Aries Woman, this fiery, creative male Ram needs a creative outlet otherwise, he will take all his frustration out on the lady in his life. Aries men cannot compartmentalize. That is his biggest hurdle in the way of achieving lasting love. If things aren’t going well at work, he sulks, has an attitude and becomes cold and distant. He is not as verbally assertive as the female ram. He is more passive aggressive and will give his lady the silent treatment for issues that have nothing to do with the relationship.

The Aries man will shut down! This hinders communication in relationships. His partner will have to play guessing games to try to figure out why he’s mad now! It’s childish but his silence is his way of processing his feelings and he expects his woman to just know that about him and give him his space.

Her feelings about it will have to wait. Aries men are selfish like that. It is mostly about him and how he feels. Aries astrological age is the infant. They are the first born sign of the zodiac and the Aries man exudes infancy. He doesn’t communicate very well until you push the last button and he explodes with mind boggling anger. Like an infant crying uncontrollably, you better watch out! Be there like a concerned mother ready to console him and him close. His anger means he needs love and affection more than ever. He just doesn’t know how to effectively communicate it.

Aries men will ruin their relationships by lack of communication. They are very much in their heads until one of their senses are triggered, hungry, horny, playtime or envy and jealous! He may not speak much, but when he does it is precise, prophetic, eloquent and borderline genius. This man is brilliant! He may be an undercover writer, lyricist, rapper, singer, poet, or strikingly talented painter or artist. Get to know his artistic side and praise him for it, he will love you tenfold in return.

If Aries man doesn’t learn effective verbal communication skills, and a healthy outlet for anger besides being passive aggressive, he won’t find lasting love. Just short lived passionate flings.

Taurus Woman:

She’s a contradiction. At first this is exciting to men, but then it becomes tiresome and annoying down the road. She is a leader, never afraid to be the only female in a male dominated occupation. She is often in management or a teaching field where she has free reign to run the show. This seeps into her relationship and she becomes a total control freak. Dominant, possessive and overprotective!

Taurus woman leave no box unchecked as they eagerly dive in and do the work. They do the work the man is supposed to do and justify it by claiming they are so loyal. Well, slaves are loyal to their masters when they do not know they are in bondage. Taurus, loyalty is not everything when you neglect being loyal to yourself! Taurus woman want a commitment relationship but will settle for a friends with benefits or side chick situation just to remain attached to the man she fancies in some way, shape or form.

Taurus woman will overlook their man’s shortcomings, forgive too much and allow themselves to be somewhat of a punching bag just to prove how strong their capacity is to love and “stick it out” like a big girl.

I love my Taurus female friends but they rant about how their man continuously hurts them without doing anything about it. Ever. When the Taurus woman see’s the red flag, she charges forward like the bull she is with full speed, never stopping to think about what the hell she is doing. She will stay in a dead end relationship well past it’s expiration date. Know when to leave Taurus woman!

Her biggest hurdle is falling first without getting the facts. She is a slave to her senses being that she is the toddler of the zodiac sign. Tasting, feeling, touching, seeing, etc. If a man can figure out she can’t see past the physical senses, he will dominate her and make her his pet Bull. Literally!

Taurus Man:

Unfortunately, I find Taurus men irresistibly attractive. He is the epitome of masculinity yet tinder and warm on the inside once you win his trust and affection. He is emotionally strong, well disciplined, and he works very hard to maintain his toys. Work hard play hard, well even at the expense of his health and his relationship with you. Get accustomed to coming second. It’s always business first baby! If your not a super confident woman, you will find it hard to not allow his other priorities he puts over you to chip away at your self-esteem.

However, when it comes to him, you better make him a priority or you will lose him, fast! He demands your loyalty and your attention without beating around the bush. Taurus men will tell you what it is, without ever stuttering or going back on his word if he is serious about you. If he’s just fucking around with you, he’ll treat you like one of his toys, using you and then throwing you back in the toy box.

Taurus men treat relationships like a business. They just don’t know how to draw the line and turn off their CEO swag when taking a long romantic walk with their lady on the beach. If you are helplessly feminine like myself, you crave his alpha male mentality and strength until he has an angry, jealous tantrum and shocks you to the core.

How could a man so sweet, so giving and so real be so prone to anger. A Taurus man will punch a wall or throw a lamp, similar to a toddler at a grocery store whose mother put the bag of skittles back on the shelf after he was fixated on trying to open the bag and devour them.

He’s sweet and sour. Hot and cold. An addicting contradiction. His biggest hurdle in accomplishing ever lasting love is controlling his tantrums, calming his jealous tendencies and not being so blatantly honest and overly critical of his woman. He has very little tact and doesn’t know when to stop being condescending and verbally disrespectful. He can make his woman feel cherished in one instant and like complete garbage the next. Taurus men, stop switching to extremes! Stabilize your energy.

Gemini Woman:

Gemini ladies, your relationship will fail because you’re naive’ to a fault. Gemini’s are the children of the zodiac. They are easily deceived by candy, toys and false promises. Predators prey on the Gemini female because of her innocent and gullible aura.

Men are very attracted to the docile femininity of the unfiltered, say whatever I wanna say, fun loving Gemini female. She has the ability to bring men back to the playful side of their childhood they’ve long forgotten.

However, it also makes her susceptible to deception. She focuses on the bright side of everything and overlooks glaringly bright, flashing red flags! Gemini never really saw the signs, she is blindsided with happiness and joy most of the time.

When she is hurt she is really shocked and the man who hurts her is devastated because of her innocence. The Gemini woman needs to activate her intuition and look at the reality of a situation instead of just sunshine and rainbows.

Realism is what will save the Gemini female from being so naive and getting hurt repeatedly by lovers. What makes her scared of commitment and unattached to the point where she’d rather fuck around and be promiscuous is the inability to truly forgive and not hold a subconscious grudge against men in general for her own naivety.

Gemini woman are bitter for the wrong reasons and it’s always someone else’s fault when they get hurt. Her inability to take some responsibility in the dysfunctional relationships she has participated in, stunts her growth and she keeps meeting the same type of men, over and over again.  She is likely to cheat or use a man financially if she knows a relationship won’t manifest between the two of them. It’s never something for nothing with a Gemini woman, you are paying for something!

Gemini Men:

Gemini and Aquarius men are most likely to be single their entire lives and be happy living a life commitment free life!

He can’t spell commitment let alone comprehend the meaning. He is too afraid of losing freedom. Gemini men are like flies hoovering around your bed at night while your trying to go to sleep. Just buzzing in your ears and landing on different parts of your face to annoy you. They don’t really want anything serious with you, they just want to buzz around you and feed upon you until they are full and ready to move on to their next target.

Being faithful is not slavery dear Gemini man. You’re biggest downfall is that you don’t know how to stop being unruly. You can’t settle down and stick to one woman. It’s boring to you. Relationships are boring right?

No, you’re boring! You are too passive and you don’t want to put in the work. Being that you are the child of the Zodiac you want to play all damn day and only be concerned with what thrills you!

The grass is always greener on the other side. Most Gemini men have ADD and can’t focus on you or anything else. If they see a girl they deem more attractive than their wife or girlfriend they will cheat if given the opportunity. Their motto is: “You only live once!” Why should

Woman don’t take you seriously because you don’t take them seriously. You are not an alpha male like most air signs and you often confuse friendship with love. You fall for your friends and friend zone romantic interest. It’s a twisted game that is very amusing to you. Gemini men are passive and he will lie incessantly because he doesn’t have the balls to tell the truth!

The hurdle you must overcome is childishness, inconsistency and confusing friendship with love. Why should the Gemini man hold back on his indulgences just to stay faithful to you? 

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

New Moon in Leo July 23, 2017: See Through False Hope & Face Reality Courageously.


New Moon in Leo July 23, 2017

The exterior of a Leo’s personality is charming, youthful, energetic, proud, friendly, and ambitious.

This New Moon will give you a surge of energy coupled with the audacity to follow your hearts desire.

Suddenly, being true to yourself will take precedence over your current circumstances, and you may find yourself mapping out an outline to take solid steps to accomplish these goals.

But don’t move along full steam just yet! Examine the interior of your plan not just the exterior of it.

Leo energy has a charming yet deceiving exterior overlay that can get you overly excited and sweep you off your feet.

Stay grounded. Look deeper within. Do not be fooled by promises, charm or false excitement.

Stay grounded, in the middle, and objective. This is the only way to be free. The only way to maintain safety when this energy can make us prey to deliberate predators.

Be honest and true to yourself. Do not be nice. Do not hold back to maintain the status quo. The partial eclipse in Leo/Aqaurius which are opposite signs, demands that you shake things up.

Leo gives the timid and idealistic Aquarius the courage to charge ahead and implement the first steps to shake up the norm and season it with change.

Your challenge is to stop being afraid.

Aquarius are incredibly intuitive, Leo is ambitious and proud. The two energies together, air and fire, can be used as your catalyst to charge ahead looking in the interior of your life’s circumstances and not being fooled by the exterior.




By Janell Hihi @Copyright@2017