Facebook Asked Me for a Copy of My Driver’s License.

First of all, Zuckerberg looks like a Reptilian, android drone who wishes to colonize and distribute other people’s data like a thirsty, Chicago pimp. His body language at the congressional meeting was detached and non-emotional.


Like most tech companies. Facebook was created and engineered to be addictive to the users. Facebook is an ethereal drug hooking people and stealing their most valuable asset – TIME.

Like candy, sugar, caffeine, gambling, and Heroine… Anyone creating a product or service to addict people is an imminent threat to humanity.

Zuckerberg has access to 70% of the worlds data at the tip of his fingers. Is Facebook connecting the world? Or is it connecting data to distribute to corporate America and the government?

It’s amazing how these tech companies use algorithisms as a scapegoat for their own deceptive behavior. Algorithisms are created. Therefore the creators of those bias and dangerous algorithisms should be at fault.

I was a victim of the data breach with Cambridge Analytical and Facebook. Below is a screen shot of the generic and impersonal, notification Facebook sent to me.


Every time I log onto Facebook and begin scrolling, I actually feel less connected to people. Facebook’s business model is a con. It connects you to people artificially.

These Silicon Valley data handlers are soul-less hustlers looking to humanize technology. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for face to face human interaction.

I officially deactivated my Facebook account for several reasons. Not only is it a time-sucking, blackhole of endless scrolling down narcissistic news feeds. It thrives off a business model that sells users information to companies.

Facebook sells your data to anyone willing to buy. 

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to this whistle blowers testimony who is a former data scientist from Cambridge Analytical confessing how he helped them misuse stolen data which comprised our democracy.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Taurus who will attain wealth, power and internet monopoly by any means necessary is fully indoctrinated into the elite class of the world. Therefore, any establishment he is affiliated with should raise their brows in suspicion.

Facebook asked me to send a copy of my Drivers License. They suspended my account until I sent a copy of it. How incredibly invasive is that?

If Facebook is purely a “Social Network” Why would I need to send a copy of my drivers license? They are connected to the government. Facebook founder was just held responsible for selling your data to analytical companies that drastically affected the outcome of the elections.

Facebook is a Monster.

The only way to beat Facebook at it’s own game is to create fake profiles. Use a fake email address, a fake name and use it for business purposes only.

Never like, or comment on anything. Do not add any friends or family. Don’t upload any pictures of yourself, family or friends. Just create a business/fan page with a brand name, not your real name and get your prospective customers to like your page. Post only businesses related articles.

It’s better not to have a newsfeed at all. Otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed with meaningless content, selfies, inspirational quotes and cries for attention from people you barely see in real life.

If they ask you to send a copy of your ID. Create another account instead of sending your ID. Easy enough!


All we can do is offset Facebook and litter it with fake profiles and fake data. Facebook can sell that fake data to companies and hopefully lose money in the end because that fake data won’t yield capital for the companies buying the information.

Everyone wins right? 

End your social media addiction and unplug from this soul sucking matrix devouring your time and energy. After all, we are all data slaves being bought and sold as we meaninglessly post, like, share and scroll down a black hole.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2018


Interracial Dating & The Fear of Dating an Undercover Racist

First of all, I want to start this article by stating that I am a product of an interracial marriage.

I refuse to sugarcoat my experience of being mixed race with sunshine and rainbows. Unfortunately, in my experience being mixed and dating outside my race, the bad aspects far outweigh the good.

The constant micro-aggressions experienced while dating interracially, tend to insidiously eat away at your self-esteem feeding an underlying resentment that will fester and eventually explode later in the relationship.

Being a realist, I must point out the pros and cons of being in an interracial relationship but also the number one Fear black people have when dating outside their race. That fear is…

What if the person I am dating is an undercover racist?

I married interracially and dated interracially. For any black man or women who secretly harbors this fear, you are not alone.

In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a Fear. It’s a valid concern.

The reason for this is understanding the difference between being liked and being respected.

Being liked is surface deep, shallow and is dependent on many factors.

For example, you can be liked for the way you look if you’re generally attractive or have a nice body. You can be liked by your employment status, the amount of money you make or a physical attribute that is fetishized… small feet, full lips, big butt or boobs.

However, being respected is a totally different experience altogether. Being respected is the biggest challenge in an interracial relationship.

Everyone in America has negative stereotypical views that are deeply embedded in their Psyche about African Americans whether they admit it or not.

Your interracial mate may think you are different or special but still look down on the rest of the black community as a whole, overall. Doesn’t that make you feel uncomfortable? It should.

It’s unfortunate that this is not discovered right away while dating them. It comes out in moments you least expect when there’s a back handed comment about your hair, a police shooting or black men in general.

The angry black women card will be used in subtle ways to silence you and lower your Defenses. Don’t let it. This is a manipulative trick. Be angry when the situation warrants anger. Don’t numb your emotions to try to evade stereotypes. Fuck that!

Even the most liberal white men has an inner feud with black men. This is to justify in their heads the way black men are treated in general. I dated a white guy I went to high school with and all he dated was black women.

He admitted he had self esteem issues and thought “other” non black women wouldn’t date him. Go figure!

I thought he couldn’t be racist right? He married a black women and has a mixed kid and grew up around black people. I was gravely stupid and naive’

When I took a closer look at his life, all his close friends were white. He had one distant black male friend who he often talked down about.

He even said, “I don’t know what it is. I just don’t have close male black friends!”

That’s when I realized the vendetta is real. Just because some white men are attracted to, date, and marry black women does not mean they are fond of black men.

Donald Sterling and his Biracial girlfriend is the perfect example. Remember he told her despite the fact that she is half black she doesn’t look like it and he wants the world to perceive her as a DELICATE white or Latino women. He said she can hang around with black people in private but not in public! And she cannot bring black people to his games! How dare she embarrass him like that!

As a reminder of his racism towards his black girlfriend he claimed to love… listen to the video below expressing his blatant disregard & jealousy towards black men.

Of course after he made that statement about black men, I vowed not to let him ever meet my black father. You may think there is no harm in that vague statement he made. However, I read between the lines. I can’t help myself, I’m an intuitive empath. Of course, the statement was followed up with negative interactions he’s had with black men as if he never had negative interactions with white men.

I’d also share with him racist interactions I had to deal with at work and he’d give me the infamous blank stare. You know what I’m referring to. Those white friendships we all have where you can talk to them about anything but race. When you do, it’s silence and the blank stare! As if you’re suddenly speaking them to them in a foreign language.

As if racism never existed and doesn’t exist today. As if you were that stupid to ever call this person a friend.

When they don’t believe what you go through as a black person as if you’re delusional and Crazy. These people are narcissist. Let. Them. Go.

Denying another person’s experiences exist is called gas lighting. It’s mental and emotional abuse, plain and simple!

I shared with my ex white boyfriend ongoing issues about being pulled over all the time (driving while black) being arrested for stupid unpaid fines and how much money and aggravation that caused me, he’d respond as if I was a common criminal with little or no empathy towards my plight.

All the while not a day went by that he didn’t tell me he loved me or how beautiful I was.

It was so conflicting and confusing. You must ask yourself if you really want to go through that?

Imagine wanting to vent to your partner about how racism plagues you and your friends daily who responds in disbelief? Or having a partner you have to tip toe around on race issues to be sure you don’t activate their white fragility.

Imagine having to keep what you go through at work and in the world from the Man or women you share a bed with, just to avoid an argument?

Not being able to say what you need to say to your partner without being labeled too sensitive, a victim or worse yet a nagging complaining b%$#!

Is that the life you want? Walking on eggshells pretending black issues don’t matter to you while at the same time being grossly affected by those issues in your daily life? Can you be happy living in that duplicity?

It is vastly difficult to be pro-black (and pro-black does not mean anti-white, it means doing something to improve the black community) and be in an interracial relationship. Especially if you’re a black women dating a white man.

They simply won’t put up with you loving yourself and fighting for the plight of your people while being married to them. They equate pro-black as being anti-white and their is no way to get around that. Perhaps it is in 3% of interracial relationships. The odds are not in your favor!

My politics and this blog is repellent to most white men. Once they hear my views and realize I won’t tap dance around my blackness to make them feel comfortable… they leave before I can say “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.”

The straw that broke the camels back was when my ex white boyfriend jokingly told me a story about how he got caught driving drunk and the officer just told him to go home. Had that been me I would of got arrested, car towed and charged with a DWI. He laughed and said “White Privilege.”

He thought just because he exclusively dated black women it absolved him from all his racist views that have been instilled in him from society since birth. Little did his narcissistic brain know he still had a lot to learn about race and prejudice.

Some white people think they can escape or pretend not to participate in white privelege. It’s laughable.

You can’t tell white people who date black people ANYTHING about their racism. It’s a loss cause. You’ll have better luck talking to a tea party member or a member of the klan who will at least admit they are biased.

Obviously, I was done with my ex. I mentally clocked out of that relationship. I didn’t attend his best friends destination wedding with him, I criticized his every move and I grew resentful of him daily. I especially felt sorry for his mixed kids.

More recently, I had a white guy online ask me if I prefer white men over black men. I asked him why that matters, he said he likes it when black women prefer white men.

He wanted me to go into detail and tell him why I demean black men and prefer white men. I actually did prefer black men over white men. The black men I liked it never developed into anything serious but I wish it did. I wanted it to. I still want it to! I found that interaction with that white man so repulsive. So divisive.

I thought to myself, that’s it. Even though I’m biologically half white, I may have to write off the prospect of ever dating a white man again! He was getting off on the idea of me disrespecting black men. I find that white women do the same with black men and get off on black men demeaning black women. Sickening!

What’s worst of all, is dating a black man who is racist against black women.

I’ve had black guys date me and say I only think you’re cute because you’re mixed and you have nice hair. I’ve had black guys openly say they hate black features. Dating this type of black man is worse then dating a racist white man. I’d much rather date a klan member rather then date a black man who hates himself and is disgusted by natural African American features.

This happens too often but it needs to be discussed much more. Self hating black men and women are real. Recognizing them is easy. They are quite assertive about their disdain for black features and hold adverse stereotypical views about black men and women, treating themselves as an exception. The lighter you are the better you’ll be treated by these individuals. You might be liked, but they won’t respect you because you reflect back who they are and since they hate themselves they’d rather not deal with you.

I promise, the only good thing about dating interracially is developing the understanding that you can be loved by other races but more than likely you will NOT be respected.

Respect trumps love. This is why it hurts so deeply when the one we love disrespects us.

Your love to a nonblack individual cannot not undue centuries of brainwashing and subconsciously implanted racist views your white or non black partner has embedded in their brain. Love can’t undo psychological programming. It will take centuries of unlearning for white people to get rid of these underlying, implicit racist views.

It’s either you deal with it or you don’t. That’s a personal choice. You will feel disrespected on several occasions as a black person in an interracial relationship. Charge it to the game or simply don’t date outside your race.

Typically, when a man of a different race approaches an African American women, he wants sex.

Don’t be flattered by sexual flirtations. These men look at you as easy access to sex that they can’t get from women in their own culture without proposing marriage or spending some serious cash!

If a man of another race marries a black women he was the reject from his own community, race and culture.

Hispanic, Indian, Asian and Arabs are the biggest non black, non white culprits. You think they’re your allies because they’re minorities too but their not!

They are just as anti black as white people. In fact, in most cases even more so! Travel to their home countries and see for yourself how they treat Africans who live there.

I have an Egyptian friend who only dates black or mixed women because he has a horrible criminal record and he is not employable.

He prefers mixed women over full black women because they have lighter skin and thinner hair. They resemble Arab women who he wishes he could marry but his financial situation won’t allow. Obviously, he won’t come out in say this directly but he will make comments eluding to his views.

No father in the Arab community will give his daughter to this man in marriage. So he is forced to date outside his race. He’s ashamed of you and himself. Same with women in that culture who are no longer virgins… they date and marry outside their race because they are looked upon as unclean and unworthy for marriage.

These rejects date interracially and harbor underlying resentment. They rebel against their family and their culture even more by marrying a black person.

These rejects forever remain the outcast of their family and their mixed children are treated differently by their parents then their full breed grandkids. Do you really want your children in that situation? It’s damaging to their self-esteem. My white grandfather disowned us. I have to live with that. Do you want the same thing for your children?

You better think long and hard about the implications of interracial dating. It’s not just about love and feelings… lots of politics and consequences are involved.

These same rejects forced to date outside their race may say things like love has no color and they married for love… Blah Blah Blah

Then as soon as they have mixed kids, they say and do things to those kids unconsciously that brings forth what was lying beneath the surface all along despite how many Black lives matter rallies they attend and their democratic, liberal views… the racism seeps out in a comment or a racist statement in the heat of an argument. Sometimes in casual conversation.

Did you know they can love you and still be racist? It’s true. I’ve lived this.

This brings me back to my original point about the difference between being liked and respected.

How many people are there that we love but don’t respect? How many grown people do you know that love their parents but are very disrespectful towards them?

In the back of your mind you’ll always ask yourself in an interracial relationship if the bond is authentic. This is because more than likely They married you for convenience. They married their only choice. Not their preferred choice.

Black women being culturally and racially open to be with men of other races are at a huge risk of being taken advantage of by these men who were rejected by their own race.

Women who date interracially are expected to adopt the cultural views of her husband. This expectation kills apart of who she is. This, for me was a life of misery. I couldn’t dismiss my lineage. Tis why I am divorced!

What’s sad is most black women, just wanting to feel loved are okay with being the second choice, the convenience, the easy option…

Black women are the most vulnerable women in the world to be used because of systematic barriers that separated our men from us through slavery, Jim Crow and now mass incarceration and feminist propaganda. We have no brothers to protect us, no fathers to advise us. We are marked easy targets to men of other races.

I’m not saying all of this to feel like a victim, I’m saying this to arm black women with the knowledge to protect their hearts!

Some men run away from their race/culture and date outside of it because they don’t want to be providers, they look down on marriage because they don’t want the responsibility of being a father and husband.

Don’t get it twisted you’re not their first choice. They were either rejected from their race or too lazy to take responsibility and be a husband and provider.

So they run to women that will accept their laziness, their cheating and their abuse.

The next time a man of another race approaches you, don’t be overwhelmed with flattery, be on red alert!

Regardless, interracial dating can be a good and bad thing. The best thing to do is investigate their intentions for being with you and weed out their racism earlier rather then later to see if it’s worth developing into something serious or starting a family with them.

If interracial relationships were a cure to racism, there would no longer be racism. There’s much more work to be done then just marrying each other. As a people, for the sake of our humanity… when will we start the real work and addressing the miseducation and propaganda that keeps us from truly loving one another? Having sex with each other hasn’t changed a thing and your a fool if you think that it will!

Marrying a white person is not a political move toward racial equality nor will it help stop injustice!

I wish I could just say love is blind. That love is love regardless of color. But let’s be real, that’s simply not the world we live in!

In all things, protect your heart.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2018

Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech Did Not Impress Me.

Disclaimer:There are white women I love and respect who are on the front lines in black communities giving their time, resources and attention to matters that affect low income black families. This article is not directed towards them. This article is directed towards the pompous, elite, Hollywood trolls.

Oprah Winfrey, a champion for white feminism and the queen of disregarding the assault and rape history specific to African American women spouts a speech to ensure her donors keep contributing to her account.

Oprah Winfrey tying black oppression to white female oppression is a testament to her inherit disrespect to the legacy of African American history.

Sure, all women should be advocated for against sexual assault, rape and domestic violence. But black women have endured the most and our experience is very different then that of white women.

She failed to make that distinction. Unfortunately I will never, ever respect her! Nor will I respect the white privileged women sitting in attendance cheering on Oprah as she stands up for their pity party. It’s unfortunate these women, never ever specifically spoke up for black women and sexual assault from the white community.

“The impact of such public displays are so limited that I would suggest that those in attendance should be challenged not with the #MeToo, rather the internal introspective inducing query of:


when you heard your “paw-paw”, “daddy”, “uncles”, “brothers”, “sons”, “husbands”, “fiancées”, and “boyfriend” laugh and banter about the rape of some nameless, faceless, and defenseless black woman.” James Jones

Would you like to know the history of sexual assault against black women in this country that lasted far beyond slavery and manifested itself well into the 1950’s and 1960’s?

“In the segregated American South, a white man could rape a black woman with little fear of legal or social recourse, and black women lived in a persistent state of apprehension. Rape was used as a weapon of terror in the subjugation of black women, their families and whole communities.”

“In “At the Dark End of the Street,” Danielle L. McGuire writes that white men raped black women and girls “with alarming regularity and stunning uniformity,” with some victims as young as 7. While some readers will rightly be stunned by that assertion, many African American women will recognize a commonly acknowledged danger.”

Read this book! There is no SOLIDARITY with white women in regards to Sexual Assault.

bookAnd watch this show that covers historical accounts of the daunting history of sexual assault against black women in America.

The video below was well timed for me personally because today, when I was picking up my daughter for school, I seen a white man arguing with a black women. Apparently, this black mother had a few words with a white women in the school parking lot for parking too close to her car, to the point where it almost impossible to exit her vehicle.

The white man who had nothing to do with any of the women decided to intervene and he called the black women a bitch. He also gave her very nasty looks. When she got out the car she yelled at him because he called her out of her name.

He got in her face like she was a man in a very physically threatening manner. This was a harsh reminder that the past lives today. These men can still harm us and face little to no criminalization as a result. I stood by her and assured her that I believed her and she should be upset and file a police complaint.

We either stand together or fall together. There is no individualism in the cellular structure of our beings. I encourage you too reader, to stand up when you witness injustice.

Our movement is exclusive because our history and lineage in America is unique, unlike any other group of people who stepped foot in this country. Our voices need to be heard in the light of exclusivity. This is not to deliberately silence others, but to put an emphasis on a specific horror that has devastated black America.

By Janell Hihi @Copyright 2018

#MeToo Does Not Include Black Women

Dear Black women, does #MeToo include you?

I find it ironic that the creator of the original hashtag and movement of #MeToo was founded by a black women named Tara Burke but recently it was adopted by non black women from the dominant society in America.


The movement was hi-jacked by non-black women and now that it is headlined with famous white women it has gone viral and it has taken a life form of it’s own!

Burke launched this “Me Too” movement in order to empower women through empathy. She targeted this grassroots movement in underprivileged communities where survivors of sexual abuse, assault, rape, and exploitation often do not have access to rape crisis centers, counselors or support.

Watch this video of Miss Burke explaining in her own words the original mission of the #MeToo Movement. 

Since young women of color are more likely to experience sexual assault, Burke also created a nonprofit organization called Just Be Inc. in 2006 that “focused on the health, well-being, and wholeness of young women of color.

Interestingly enough, now that the #MeToo movement is the voice for the victimized white female, it is now a valid movement and many men of power are losing their jobs, contracts and endorsements without even being tried in the court of law.

I am not denying that these women were sexually assaulted. I am simply pointing out that a fair trial was not set to prove their allegations. When women less famous and wealthy go through the courts system they face the dire reality that rape convictions are less likely to go in the victims favor.

Out_Of_1000_Rapes 122016.png

The MeToo movement is now the He said, She said movement void of an investigation from the law.

What was supposed to be a movement that highlighted sexual assault against black women in it’s current and historical context has now transformed into a movement that emphasizes the victimization of white famous women.

Sexual assault against black women has a long historical account of criminalizing black women for being victims of assault and that was supposed to be the underlying emphasis of the #metoo movement.

The objective of the movement originally was to emphasize how black women are treated when they are sexually assaulted versus how non-black women are treated when they are sexually assaulted.

Unfortunately, black women who are sexually assaulted continue to be ignored, slut shamed and basically told that their allegations aren’t relevant.

Consequently, young women of color under the age of 18 are being sent to prison for fighting back against abusers by defending themselves.

Is it better to wait 25 years to call out sexual assault than it is to defend yourself against sexual assault immediately?

Is the court of opinions higher than the court of law? Obviously, when it comes to the privileged females of the dominant society, their opinion overrides the judicial system and a rush of judgement instantaneously criminalizes the men who are accused.

Meanwhile, most child prostitutes who are sexually exploited and victimized are sent to prison for the crime of prostitution because if your a black female you are not allowed to be a victim.

When your a black female being sexually assaulted, raped, pimped or trafficked you are a sexual deviant and your parents are blamed, your community is blamed and you are forever stamped as a criminal, never given the human decency to receive empathy or be labeled as a victim.

This is not the first time white feminism stole the movement and civil rights black women and black men worked hard to create only to use it for their own advantage by recreating themselves as a victim and piggy backing off her our struggle to funnel out programs like affirmative action to benefit themselves.

After listening to some of these woman’s sexual assault stories I immediately asked myself, “Can I agree to be a side piece to powerful men to get a few movie roles or music gigs, then decades later renege on my willingness to concede to power by participating in sexual acts by saying it was non-consensual?”

Oh hell no. No one will believe me!

download (1).jpeg

Of course, not too long ago in the 1950’s and sixties, white women who willingly flirted with black men and agreed to sexual acts with black men even though it was against the law, would cry rape when they were caught in the act to protect themselves as being labeled as a “ni**er lover and prosecuted by the courts.


Consequently young black males like Emmet Till were lynched just for looking a white woman’s way, whistling or simply saying “hello.” to them.

Interestingly enough, the women who lied about Emmet Till coming on to her, waited until she was on her death bed to confess that she lied about the entire ordeal.

Her lie cost a young man his life! 


Recently, Rapper Nelly was falsely accused of rape by a white women and proven innocent in the court of law. Nelly is currently fighting back against the false accuser for making false claims in a lawsuit.

Is False Accusation a Crime? If it is intentional, it is a misdemeanor.

Intentional False Accusations

“Nearly every jurisdiction has some criminal statute that makes it a misdemeanor to knowingly provide a false report to law enforcement. In addition to the misdemeanor, which could land a person in jail for up to one year, intentionally making false accusations to the police results in potential civil liability.

Apart from the emotional distress, and life disruption, caused by a false report, because the act is intentional, the accuser could be on the hook for punitive damages, in addition to compensatory damages. Punitive damages are monetary awards that are designed to punish wrongdoers, rather than compensate victims for their losses.” George Khoury Law Blogger. 

I can’t say me too!

I can say “You too?” As in you too are alleging sexual harassment and assault after you’ve benefited from being long associated with these men of power in Hollywood and the music industry while women who work 9 to 5’s who file rape and assault charges are being denied their rights… and real rapist and perverts remain free to harass and violate women everyday!

Every_98_seconds 122016.png

I can’t wear the victim mask if I was born to be criminalized and shamed.

Will I ever be able to say me too standing beside the most privileged women in America?

Will I ever receive the sympathy she gets by just alleging sexual assault not even proven yet in the court of the law?

Black men being labeled guilty of sexual assault by white women losing contracts, and endorsements while stepping down as CEO’s to their own companies sounds a lot like the re-emergence of Jim Crow.

However, this time around they’re not hanging black men from trees. This form of Jim Crow is now labeled “Jane Crow”and the victims will suffer a financial death and defamation of character.

Guilty until proven innocent.

By Janell Hihi @Copyright 2017

Libra Russell Simmons Accused of Sexual Assault


In my article, The Top 4 Most Narcissistic Zodiac Signs there’s no question that Libra emerged on the list as one of the most narcissistic, jealous, petty and irrational Zodiac signs.

Russell Simmons has developed a perverted reputation long before these sexual allegations emerged. Power has a way of corrupting individuals and their fetishes are overt and out in the open. It’s unfortunate, that women who come across narcissistic, materialistic, psychotic Libra men must bare the brunt of their inappropriate sexual language and behavior.

Libra men represent two different sides of the same coin with their annoying, and very contradicting behavior. They are serial capitalist but champions for the poor. They fight for the rights of abused children and at the same time abuse children.

It’s not the same as the innocent contradictive behavior of the Gemini. Libra’s are a lot more cunning, manipulative and dangerous then the flip flopping Gemini who can’t pick a side because they see all sides.

Libra picks a side but in the dark they also perpetrate the very behaviors they claim to be activist against.


Of course, listening to a Libra explain themselves is like listening to a person suffering from multiple personality disorders with a strong case of insecurity and paranoia, argue with themselves to attempt to achieve an inner balance that will never exist.

Essentially, what the Libra tries to accomplish is a Yin and Yang affect as they desperately try to balance scales that will never be balance due to their irrational, self-defeating words that contradict their mischievous and anti-social behavior.

Certainly, the Libra will finesse those naive enough to believe in him with unwavering flattery and charm. However, that seldomly works on people who can see through their Libra’s airy, tyrannical, narcissistic bullshit.

Russell Simmons may be a Hip-Hop mogul who is immersed in the environment of the so-called misogynist rap industry.  However, the whole entire entertainment industry, despite the genre is riddled with perverted, abusive, power hungry, sexist and opportunistic individuals.

When you combine desperate women seeking success and fame with power hungry men holding the pin that can write their checks, you get situation where two individuals are using what they have to get what they want.

Consequently, women usually lose in the end and risk not getting their fair share of the deal they indulged in thinking giving into sexual demands will get them a foot in the door. Instead of getting the gig they were promised, they get the boot, on the corner at 4am where an Uber is waiting to escort them back to their dorm room with bedroom hair, smeared mascara, ruffled up clothing and a smirk on their face.

I know several women who slept with famous men hoping that it may turn into something serious or they may land a gig or money making opportunity. I’ve seen women capitalize, make money and live with a deep seated regret knowing that they sacrificed their body for fame.

On the flip side, I’ve seen women get played and never called again. They also wear regret, shame and resentment.

Why is it that some women fall for the industries sexual sharks and others are completely immune to the bullshit that unfortunately comes with the territory?

Amanda Seales shared a story about Russell Simmons. She said upon first meeting Russell, instead of greeting Amanda with a “Namaste, all things can be great,” Vegan tree hugger greeting, Russell flipped his Libra, Narcissistic switch and instead greeted Amanda with, “Hey, you look familiar have we fucked before?” 

In which Amanda replied surprised, “No!” Then Russell nods in agreement by stating, “You’re right because if we did, I would remember!”

Whatever happened to, “Hello, how are you?”


Can you imagine what his Yoga studio must feel like? Perhaps his guided meditation goes something like this:

“Close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Now imagine my hands sliding across your breast. Now imagine my d**k gliding down your throat.”

Then after that perverted mediation everyone can gather in the cafeteria and eat some super healthy vegan food.

Is a sexually dominant man, who uses his power to flaunt his perversion a violent rapist or a sex addict?

That is the question we need to be asking. There are many men, I mean even Eric Benet, Halle Berry’s ex husband, who are sexually promiscuous, enthusiasts but not necessarily rapist.

Are the men who approach me on daily basis, complimenting my sexiness, some asking me on dates, others asking me to join them in a threesome with their wife…. are they rapist? No!

Are they disgusting perverts that must be told “NO” and should be avoided at all cost moving forward? YES!

A Libra who pretends to be a goody two shoe Vegan champion of the Namaste, Peace on Earth, meditating, recycling, positive thinkers community had to even out that good boy demeanor by being a complete sexual perversive ass clown in the dark to even out their inner demonic scales.

I’ve always warned the astrological community that Libra’s so-called scales of justice that symbolize their zodiac sign is a fucking curse that must be broken at once!


Apparently, the above tweet is bullshit because it’s obvious Mr. Simmons needs sex. A variety of sex, from multitudes of women, particularly models and actresses who represent every ethnicity.

Is he the pervert who desires to be a monk one day? A celibate monk? Hmmmm I just can’t with Libras!

The above tweet from Russell Simmons paints a picture far different from what these ladies are alleging against him. Perhaps, like most narcissist, Russell believes he can hide behind Bhuddism and live a double life one in which he is a saint, the other a complete and utter sinner?

Are all promiscuous sex addicts rapist? Is a sex addict more likely to rape a woman then a power taunting narcissistic? Isn’t rape about power? Doesn’t Russell already have enough power? Or is there a such thing?

Russell Simmons approaching Amanda Seales in such a sexual connotation is merely a test to see if she is willing to reciprocate. That meeting they had would of turned into a sex match on in Russell’s office instead of a casual business meeting.

What was it about Amanda Seales that made Russell Simmons back off and not coerce her to go to his apartment or try to force her head down to his crotch?

Was it perhaps Amanda’s strong demeanor and complete disinterest in Russell Simmons that turned him off? I think so. I think Amanda was very clear! I don’t think the other women who are accusing Russell Simmons of rape and sexual misconduct clearly stated their boundaries.

I truly believe that they felt like they would lose something if they didn’t indulge in his sexual demands. 

I’ve been to a Hip-Hop video shoot, I had a choice to stay and be groped in disrespected all for a chance to land on a music video or maintain my self-respect and leave the set immediately.

I worked for a modeling agency where the boss aggressively pursued me sexually. I had a choice. I sacrificed that paycheck for my self-respect and dignity. I left.

Now every night I sleep soundly, not needing drugs or alcohol to put a bandaid over poor choices I’ve made in the past. Not everyone can say that!

The truth of the matter is. Narcissists must be shut down completely. In order to avoid their abuse you must not be willing to work with them or interact with them at all!

A psychopath will pop up out of the bushes and rape a women during her evening run. A narcissist will test the waters and any sign of weakness or uncertainty in a women will encourage him to continue his demands and get his way.

To a narcissist, the victims desperation for fame, money or validation is his green light to abuse his power.

By Janell Hihi @copyright 2017

Net Neutrality: The Age of Aquarius is Already Under Attack


Picture the symbol for the sign of Aquarius… a male or sometimes female, pouring out water that symbolizes knowledges.

The internet is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Today, the freedom, power and knowledge that is available at our fingertips, just a click away, is under attack.

This is just the beginning of the threat to take away our freedom one inch at a time. Before we know it, we’ll be living under the heavy thumb of a regime that will censor and control content, to maintain societal conditioning.

Currently, we live in the age of Pisces. The Pisces energy that we see manifested in the world is the darker side which highlights illusion, deceit, and trickery. Nothing is as it really appears to be and the internet is threatening to lift the veil of the deception the age of Pisces was built upon.

Pisces energy in it’s positive element represents righteous religion practices, spirituality, divine imagination, psychic and telepathic abilities, emotional freedom and creativity. Musically gifted using sound, lyric, rhythm and beats to heal and reshape consciousness.

However, the gifts of the Piscean age are being corrupted and used for evil and deception. Music is being used to reinforce negativity, gender rivalry, promiscuity and drug use.  On the flip side, there is conscious music circulating but it is not being promoted by mainstream media.

Everything beautiful about Pisces is being exploited in this age and now that the Age of Aquarius is approaching we must as a collective bring out the higher vibration and consciousness that the gifts of the age of Aquarius has to offer.

The age of Aquarius is about freedom and knowledge. Today, a vote will be casted to take away access to knowledge, freedom of choice and expression. The dark side of Aquarius is rebellion. However, being an Aquarius myself I believe there is a time for rebellion. It is needed and it is necessary!

Rebelling against a system that disguises itself as just, fair and a free democracy will be exposed for the tyrannical, dictating, and oppressive systematic injustices that it’s been long trying to hide.

The internet is the alarm clock that is awakening us to the lies and deception. It is the catalyst for change that is inevitable. It is a threat to the powers that be. Will you allow them to dictate what you can read and see?

By Janell Hihi @Copyright 2017


Stop Praising Billionaires without Researching Their Agendas


“I might just be the next Bill Gates in the making.” Beyonce’ – Formation lyric.

It sounds cute in a song. Praising Bill Gates because he is a billionaire. Praising his success without knowing the cost of it to society.

Praising success despite how it is obtained appears to be a fad in our overly materialized, capitalistic society.

We are praising narcissism yet trying to defeat it at the same time.

What the hell is going in the world? Narcissistic business practice is the epitome of appearing as a business to help progress society but behind the veil it only seeks to control, manipulate and destroy our freedom and good will.

It’s all about the Benjamins baby, as P. Diddy would say!

But is that really what our lives are all about? The pursuit of happiness or the pursuit of money? It’s been proven time and time again, money can give you peace of mind but it cannot bring you happiness.

They’re millionaires and billionaires across the globe on anti-depressants, suicide watch and many other’s are supervised by highly skilled psychiatrist and controlled by mentally stabilizing pharmaceuticals.

Yet, we still praise individuals based on their ability to make money by any means necessary. Failing to research how the money is made and where it is going creates a fan base for billionaires that is undeserved.

It also creates a false hope that anyone can be like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Donald Trump. These people accumulated wealth with a certain mind frame, family support, connections and inheritance accompanied by the perfect timing that positioned them for success.

Warren Buffet also gets a consisted free pass from media scrutiny. Warren wears a halo that falsely depicts him as a person who started from the bottom and made it big.

In reality, Warren came from a high income family. His father was also a stock broker making well over $200k a year. How is that starting from the bottom?

Warren Buffet also accepts government hand outs, as do most muti-billion dollar corporations but they despise the average citizen who needs public assistance to get by?

Here’s an excerpt from a great Article titled “Saint Warren’s Dark Side.” By Charles Gaspirino.

“Much less has been said about Buffett’s unsaintly investment record. I won’t bore you with every gory detail of his questionable associations, which include no-lose investments in Goldman Sachs and General Electric just before the companies received massive federal aid during the financial crisis.”

But we don’t hear that part of their story when we’re being sold the dream that we too, can reach unparalleled levels of success.

Let’s take Bill Gates for example. He’s often praised and admired but he is affiliated with one of the most disgusting and corrupt organizations in the world, Monsanto.

Wikileaks exposes Bill Gates for the Greedy, sneaky, snide, Scorpion he is. (I had to add his Zodiac sign).

“Gates tried to keep his ties to genetically modified seeds on the down-low, but the issue got major attention last year when Monsanto tried to inject its hybrid seeds into Haiti after a massive earthquake devastated the island. Fortunately, the Haitian farmers were too smart to fall for this devious scheme. Farmer groups criticized the Gates Foundation’s involvement, committed to burning the GM seed, and called for a march to protest Monsanto’s presence in Haiti.”

The Bill Gates Foundation poses as a “Charitable” relief that will benefit Haiti. However, the opposite it true. They exploited Haiti when they were most vulnerable after the devastation of an earthquake! Along with the Clinton’s, but that’s another blog.

In the second quarter of 2010, the Gates Foundation purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock with an estimated worth of $23.1 million.

Bill Gates, the narcissist behind the smiling face who believes he’s some kind of Genius for creating Microsoft. I’m sure there are better inventions out there from people less driven by greed and world domination who just don’t have a father who is a Patent attorney who can help them create their dream and fund it.

Sorry Beyonce’, I don’t want to be the next Bill Gates in the making. I don’t support genetically modified food, deceptive business practices disguised by a charity or greedy monopolizing pricks who wish to control the world’s food supply!

Be careful what lyrics you recite. Avoid praising an individual without thoroughly researching their investments and hidden agendas. Just because someone is a billionaire shouldn’t automatically grant them your admiration.

By Janell Hihi @copyright 2017

The Emotional Toll of Fighting Racism

According to the APS, American Psychological Association, discrimination is a public health issue. According to the 2015 Stress in America Survey, people who say they have faced discrimination rate their stress levels higher, on average than those who say they have not experienced discrimination.


Chronic stress is the number one symptom when suffering racism and discrimination. Chronic stress can lead to a large variety of physical and mental health problems. Indeed, perceived discrimination has been linked to health issues including:

  • Anxiety
  • depression
  • obesity
  • high blood pressure
  • substance abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Family and relationship interference/issues.
  • Financial and economical stress due to an inability to get promoted due to race.

Reading the stories of struggles among thousands of profound civil rights fighters, never had I once considered the massive emotional toll the fight against racism on the mind, body and soul.

I am currently in a battle and I spend nights up tossing and turning with anxiety. I get frequent headaches from built up frustration of having to wait out the legal process of proving I am being devalued due to the color of my skin. A common story stained in the fabric of America, will it ever end?

One thing I know is I must stay in the fight. I refuse to continue to be a runner. Running from one job to the next due to discrimination, moving from one neighborhood to the next to try to get my daughter into a decent school in a white neighborhood because improving schools in black neighborhoods appears to be out of the question. The only sub par solution is to bus our children to schools outside our neighborhoods because our schools lack, just like we do!


Our communities is our problem as if it’s not a part of America, as it’s a third world country. How is it that we pay taxes to a government hell bent on passing off investing in our communities as if we are not citizens?

Police brutality is an American problem, black poverty is a systemic, American problem, the violence in Chicago is an American problem fueled by poor education, high unemployment among black men being denied opportunities and systematic poverty riddled in every layer of politics and social class in America. Their is no black problems, there are only American problems so when are we going to demand they fix what they originally broken? The time is now.

Living in a state that is ranked #2 for the highest wage gap between blacks and whites is enough stress to keep most people who look like me up all night stressing about the rising cost of living and the plummeting wages. If not that it’s those long conversations over the phone listening to my family and friends vent about how they are underemployed.

According to their analysis of the Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation data, in 2011 the typical white household had $111,146 in wealth, compared to $7,113 for blacks and $8,348 for Latinos.  –Washington Post

Their college degree is not an asset, it’s a bill that creeps up every month they are forced to pay, but the degree does not change the fact that despite our education we are still underpaid. How is it that the average black woman with a college degree gets paid less than the average white person with a high school diploma.

What did I go to school for? To collect debt? I am still seen as inferior, unqualified and not having enough experience. If it’s not that I lack soft skills, which are social skills. How is that? I guess it’s always something when you’re under the thumb of a racist, narcissistic regime.


The insidious, passive aggressive regime. The smile in your face but make sure you don’t move up in this place management. The cult of supremacy is raining down on me and I have no shelter from the storm. Hell, I don’t even want a shelter from the storm. I want to stay in trenches and ride this shit out like the loyal Floridians who stayed in Miami despite Hurricane Irma’s imminent destruction.

I refuse to keep running for the sake of my daughter, it’s time to fight! For the sake of descendant of slaves still unpaid for the services forcefully rendered from our ancestors. This looming wealth gap and what I have to deal with daily at work. The covert orchestrators in the back round at work making sure I don’t get nowhere fast.

Fighting takes it toll. Now I know the fear, anxiety and depression that comes with standing up to racism. The mental fatigue, the physical draining, the emotional distance from my family and friends.

They know I’m fighting a war the majority denies even exist. My people are like isolated soldiers fighting a war guerrilla style were we don’t even have the education or resources to come together and assemble a strategic defense against the economic crisis that we are drowning in.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

When Racism is Disguised as Feminism

In regards to modern day racism, the content never quite matches the label.

Racism lurks behind feminism, the LGBT community and religious organizations using the so-called objectives of their organizations to justify anti black rhetoric.

After writing a racist article, tweeting anti black slander or posting a demeaning stereotypical post about African Americans on Facebook, covert racist use the following statements to justify their racism.

I can’t be racist I’m a Jew.

I’m not racist, I’m a feminist.

I’m gay/lesbian, I know how it feels to be oppressed. How can I be gay and be racist?

I work as a teacher in inner city schools, I’m not racist.

I have half Black kids, I can’t be racist.

I am married to a black person, no way I’m racist.

I’m a liberal democrat, I believe in equality.

I’m a conservative, I’m not racist, I just hate liberals. (Yeah right!)

I donate to black charities, I’m a humanitarian, I can’t be racist.

If you can think of anymore statements, please write them in the comments below.

My social media news feeds are infested with articles written from self-proclaimed white feminist using sexism as an outlet to express overt racist views specifically against black men.

What’s become vividly clear is that Feminism is being used as another veil hiding anti black racism. White supremacy hides behind many ideologies, isms, social movements, sexual orientation and so-called social justice organizations.

Recent articles published by questionable online publishers like The Root, with demeaning articles going viral accusing black men of being the white person of the black race.

It gets worse, another article pointed out that black men art the biggest threat to black women. As if the rift between black women and black men isn’t wide enough already!

Masters of Deflection

It amazes me how the same people who write these socially damaging articles that divide back women against black men are the exact same hypocrites who blame the broken black family for black on black crime.

They create systems that keep the  black family impoverished and unhinged then they deflect their wrongdoings by singleing out black men as the culprit.

Someone has to be appointed as the villain, and as an American tradition, it continues to be the black man.

Donald Trump won the white female vote by a landslide after he arrogantly spouted sexist slurs such as “Grab em’ by the pussy!”

Yet Cam, an NFL player, not a man whose running the head office of the country gets dragged through the dirt by stating he was shocked a female knew about routes!

What the fuck is a route anyways? Yes, I’m a female asking that question.

Being knowledgeable about football doesn’t subjugate me as a female. Knowing what a route is won’t ensure I’ll get equal pay to my male colleagues. How is Rodrigue’s claim of sexism against Cam going to put the first female president in office?

Her entire premise is elementary, futile and more in alignment with what a spoiled, privelege brat would say to demonized an NFL player because of her hatred towards them for taking a knee.

Rodrigue isn’t about women’s rights. She is out to get black men. This isn’t the agenda of a feminist, it’s the top priority of a racist. To destroy black men.

Ridrugue, the girl crying sexism from Cam’s comment is a confirmed suspected racist based on her history of racist rants on Twitter, prior to talking to Cam.

This is a perfect example of feminism being disguised as racism. Their deflections, justifications and blatant “cover-ups” are becoming more obvious.

When we lift all their veils and they have nothing else to hide their racism behind, will the monster they’ve been trying to tame unleash itself? Will Jim Crow re-emerge?

What’s going to happen when they are totally unmasked?

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


Las Vegas Mass Shooting: The Astrology of the Shooter Stephen Paddock

First of all, my heart, prayers and most sincere condolences goes out to the victims and families affected by this tragic event.


A few weeks ago I realized Pluto was going direct on September 28, 2017. Pluto is the planet of known for it’s maleficent energy mostly because of how far away it is from the sun. It emanates darkness.

Named after the Roman god of the underworld itself, the mysterious reddish colored planet could have a series of craters, canyons, plains and chasms named after dark gods and demons from Greek mythology and different cultures all around the world.

While Pluto might sound harsh, it ultimately acts as a catalyst to transform a person, a city, a country or an entire generation. After destruction comes reconstruction.

maxresdefault (1)

The American terrorist, murderous shooter known as Stephen Paddock, checked into the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada the same day the sinister planet Pluto went direct on Saturday, September 28, 2017.

With over a hundred assault rifles and 200 or more full magazines in his hotel room positioned directly over a crowd at a country music concert, Stephen prepared a disgusting master plan to slaughter innocent people on the night of Sunday, Oct 1, 2017.

vegas shooting

Stephen Craig Paddock (April 9, 1953 – October 1, 2017) with his Sun in the sign of Aries broke the mass shooting record in the United States with a death toll over 50 and an injury count of over 400 people.

Eerily similar is the Charleston shooter Dylan Roof, born April 3, 1994 (Also an Aries) who shot and killed people at a church with a mostly black congregation. The shooting was classified as a hate crime. The shooting occurred June 17, 2015. Nine people were killed, shot in close range, their bodies riddles with multiple bullets.


The Columbine school shooter was also an Aries. Eric Harris born Born: April 9, 1981 Along with Dylan Klebold shot and killed 13 people and injured 20 at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.


Do you see a pattern? I can’t make this up. 

Aries is in planetary opposition and for the fiery, emotional, cardinal zodiac sign, they react firecly and aggressively. People that are Aries are born in April, and that is the months when Pluto’s change in motion is initiated.

Jupiter is opposing Uranus and Uranus is in the sign of Aries. Uranus is the planet of electricity, creativity, genius, and rebellion, and revolution. Be it for good or bad. Aries are on fire right now, standing in their truth and on the edge of changing the world by unveiling truth.

Jupiter in a tug-of-war with Uranus, which is exactly what an opposition is (a tug-of-war), Uranus has the ability to blow in like a tornado and turn everything upside down.

Aries are the bridge leading to human revolution and equality. They have the edge, stamina, will power and intelligence to surge through and dismantle systems of oppression, therefore Aries is under overt spiritual attack.

Hug an Aries today. Encourage them to vent, sit there and listen. Suggest ways they can cope with the stress. Aries needs protection because they have a message to deliver that can change humanity as we know it. However, their are dark forces trying to infiltrate their divine light.

Aries possess within a key leading to freedom. However, that powerful energy can be used for good or evil.


Back to the Aries Stephen Paddock, there are conflicting stories circulating on the news. Some stories say authorities entered his hotel room and shot him, other’s say he committed suicide by shooting himself.

Paddock was known to local authorities before his death. Paddock lived in a three-year-old, $396,000  two-bedroom home in the small retirement and golf community of Mesquite, Nevada​, 80 miles north east of Las Vegas near the Arizona state border.

Eric Paddock, the suspected shooter’s brother, told ABC News that the family was completely “dumbstruck” by the news, likening the revelation to being “crushed by an asteroid.”

“We have no idea how or why this happened,” Eric Paddock said. “As far as we know, Steve was perfectly fine.” Pluto has a way of resurfacing deep seated depression and psychological issues within individuals influencing them to act on them immediately. It’s as if a state of psychosis (demonic possession) takes over the individual and a tragic event takes place as a result.

Pluto direct urges us to take care of fears, our anxiety and depression before it takes over us. Book your appointment with your religious group, a deacon, a priest or a medical professional in the role of a psychologist or therapist. It’s time to face your fears, ease your anxiety and heal emotional trauma before you begin to change into the darkness within that you try so desperately to hide from others.

I expect a surge of demonic possession, mass shootings, passion crimes, suicides, homicides and sudden cases of schizophrenia under this planetary transit.

Take care of yourself.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@ 2017