Wholeness is Accomplished When Self-Division is Healed


What divides you against yourself? Is it out-dated beliefs you picked up along your way throughout your journey in life from people who mis-read you?

Is it the naysayers who don’t see you the way you see you?

Is it those echoes of harsh critics who didn’t accept you, or the gifts you came here in this life to share?

Whatever it is that divides you within, and prevents you from being whole needs to be surrendered and released once in for all.

Believing in yourself is the only belief that counts. Believing you are worthy, capable, lovable, and deserving is the lose end that must be tied to create the wholesome oneness that we all wish to accomplish one day.

To begin your journey in wholeness. Get out a sheet of paper and write honestly and openly how you feel about yourself, and your capabilities in each category below.

When you are finished, write which beliefs were influenced by outside people, events or circumstances.

The objective is to identify what beliefs about yourself are formulated from you and those which were influenced by others. What beliefs are worth holding onto and which beliefs should you let go of?

  1. Love, relationships and intimacy:
  2. Money
  3. Career
  4. Self-worth
  5. Family
  6. Physical appearance
  7. Behaviors/attitudes

This exercise has helped myself and many of my clients take inventory of our beliefs and release what no longer serves us.

Nama-Slay – Everyday!

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


Moon in Cancer: How to Harness Intuitive Awareness


It’s time to stop hitting the snooze button and wake up!

Drink your cosmic coffee and sit down… its about to get real! Real emotion because the moon is in sensitive Cancer!

On the eve of this moon in Cancer, I had epiphany. I don’t want to be in a relationship.

People who really want to be in relationships are in relationships. I had to swallow the hard truth that I like the feelings that relationships bring… and I’d like to capitalize off the bliss.

I want the privelege of being loved by someone But don’t want to take the risk of being vulnerable.

vulnerability is like oxygen to relationships. I don’t want it bad enough to give into vulnerability just yet. I’ve had amazing people attempt to get close to me and I curved all of them.

I push people away because my soul and my heart doesn’t want to be in a relationship. What do you need to accept regarding the emotional dark side of yourself?

Aug 18th and 19th the moon will be in Cancer before it goes back into Leo on August 21st the Day of the Total Eclipse!

Admitband accept your emotional dark side. I had an emotional epiphany on the eve of this miraculous moon in Cancer

Allow yourself to feel very deeply on these two divine days while the moon hangs out in Cancer.

Deep within our feelings lies hidden potential untapped that can change our view on spiritually forever.

Sit down, close your eyes and allow yourself to activate your intuition and uncover your own intentions and those of others.

Be minful of psychic ties that energetically cling to you and influence you to think, say, eat and do things that will fog your brain and take you off the trail to your destiny.


So much will be uncovered this weekend. Anger will arise within us if we are not connected on a frequency that allows us to see the picture.

People will reveal their true motives to you energetically before you can logically make sense of it.

Aries and other fire signs… Sagittarius and Leo will get so much insight it from this energy it may make them feel out of touch with reality.

Aries it’s time to step up into your cardinal greatness. The world needs your genius. Use this weekend to remove blocks that hold you back.

Its time we all trust ourselves and our own potential. Stop looking for others to validate your greatness.

Rise up!

This may cause an internal war because this deep pychic knowing will conflict with what you want to be true or real, forcing you to break through illusions.


Some people will choose to stay sleep and ignore their nagging intuition. You can activate your 6th sense and access to the divine.

However, astrology is free will and if your not ready to see things with your third eye astrology is free will and you can keep snoozing and stay unevolved at your own detriment.

Scorpio in Jupiter is approaching and if your not walking in spirit on a frequency that emits your true purpose, that phase will jolt you into awakening whether you like it or not!

Are you ready to release energetic blocks and rise to you divine power? Let me help! Feel in the form below and I will analyze your birth chart and give you 6 insights on energetic blocks your unique vibration emits and how to overcome the obstacles obscuring your divine path,

Fill in the form below and receive your report within 5 days by email.


By Janell Hihi


Fools Gold: The Unrealistic Oblivion of Positive Thinking


Break out your vision boards and meditation mats!

I’d like to take you on a journey of realism. A journey that will give you the courage to see a thing exactly as it is, rather than imagining it to be something else. Or something better!

Positivity is not a solution. Negatively is not productive. However, reality is, above all the best approach when examining any situation. Reality yields successful results.

Don’t get caught up in false hope and the high of positivity without staying grounded in the truth of reality.

Truth has no electrical charge. It is not positive or negative. It just is.

Do not allow the new age hippie movement, positive thinking peddlers, Oprah or her tribe of “Just think positive,” cronies to dope you up with hope when you’re faced with dire circumstances. Instead, face reality head on, dismantle the structures that haven’t worked and rebuild a “realistic” foundation.

A 30-day guided meditation won’t change your life. It won’t make the world a better place but it may help your blood pressure go down temporarily. Meditation and positive thinking is a passive approach to improving the collective. Passivity is not the recipe to feed a world starving from greed and corruption.

Positive actions is better than positive thinking because all the good things have been said already, now they just need to get done!


The best quote I’ve heard on the fallacy of positive thinking:

“Beware of people who speak more about what individuals should be doing versus what systems that oppress people should be doing.”   – Caller on the Yvette Carnell Show on YouTube.

Individualism is a lie. Just thinking positive yourself does nothing for the collective. We only change when we change with and for the collective. Individualism is isolated success. I find it ironic how many positive thinkers constantly state that everything is connected  but positive thinking alone is isolation not connection.

Connection is rooted in doing for others, which is doing for yourself and thriving as a collective.

Positive and negative thinking is not your downfall or your solution.

Solutions are sprouted from the roots of reality.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


Is Fear of Failure The Root Cause of Procastination?


After years of self-introspection, I realized I procrastinated and put off my goals and dreams because I suffered from an underlying fear of failure.

Fear of failure is a result of a lack of self-confidence and self-trust.

It’s not about how bad you want it. 

It’s about rather you believe in yourself enough to pursue it and complete it.

Consistency is a product of believing in yourself and trusting that you have the skills, knowledge, and tools to accomplish your dreams.

Consistency is believing in yourself every day and every moment. It’s doing what you said you will do regardless of the fearful thoughts that enter your mind.

If you are constantly asking yourself in the back of your mind, “What if this doesn’t work?” This means you don’t believe in yourself enough to fully execute your plan.

When these toxic and negative thoughts creep up, we procrastinate as a result. Sometimes we procrastinate to review our plan repeatedly for possible errors.

Then we procrastinate by making ourselves busy with other things to avoid executing our plan. We use circumstances as an excuse for lack of confidence and fear or failure.

Procrastination is a sign of mental imbalance. 

Either you are pursuing a dream that you are not truly passionate about or you lack confidence and fear that it will fail.

It takes maturity to admit that you tried something and you were driven by superficial, egoic outcomes.

If you pursue a dream that can only earn you money but not divine happiness, procrastination will manifest in pursuit of a false dream.

So the next time you find yourself procrastinating, ask yourself the 5 questions below:

  1. Am I afraid to fail? If so why?
  2. Am I pursuing a goal or a dream that I am truly passionate about?
  3. Do I believe in myself enough to be consistent?
  4. How can I increase my self-confidence? Will Counseling help? A life coach? or Furthering my education?
  5. What do I expect to achieve mentally and emotionally if I accomplish this goal?


By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

Chronic Depression


Chronic depression is visiting the darkness without being able to come out of it. The tight grasp of depression becomes a consistent form of consolement to those who never met the freeing light of optimism, hope, and faith.

The darkness is very much a part of our existence as the lightness. We will vacillate between the two polarities continuously. We must understand that we should not allow ourselves to be captive to either side.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


Sudden Impact: The Audacity of Grief

If I had to describe the feeling of grief… It’s as if I am standing on a train track and I see a train coming in the distance, but my leg is stuck underneath the track and I cannot move. I keep trying to yank my foot out from underneath the track but it won’t give. I hear the train in the distance, it’s engine roar slowly increasing in volume as it approaches me.

It’s getting so loud, I can’t sleep. I once considered myself a go-getter but now something is about to get me.

Tell me how can one ever really brace for impact. I often questioned the validity of the word “Ready” no one is ever ready. 

Ready is a lie, a fallacy, a Cinderella-like fairy tale that promotes false expectations that humans can always prepare for things. But it’s all bullshit. We can’t!

The train is still on course – chugging towards me…

train 1

Closer it cinches near me…  The anxiety of knowing that it’s coming but the powerlessness in also knowing, there is absolutely nothing I can do.

So I sit within the mercilessness of limbo and it claws at my heart.

I see a faint light glimmer in the distance and a ray of smoke from the train’s engine creates a mythic like figure in the stiff air.

It’s coming but in slow motion. It’s coming and I can’t move. It’s coming and so is the humility of surrender.

When it hits, I won’t mutter the lie that I was ready, only the truth of my resistance and how I fought, tooth and nail, grasping hope like it was a tangible life raft I could hold onto as a buffer between me and the oncoming train.

Something about trying, even in the face of fierce odds that surround me like famished wolves, feeds my illusion that I can save her. I find a way until there is not a way, and won’t waste another day grieving until she is actually gone.

But that’s another lie I console myself with because, in random places, memories of her emerge and stun my soul, tears well up and I lose control. Remembering that time she bust out with the Robot dance at a party. Remembering when she helped me buy my first car.

Most of all, remembering the silent oath of sisterhood and how we never, ever give up on each other… So here I am stuck on the train tracks with her, inevitably what hits her also hits me and although she tried to shield us all from her prognosis, we willing sacrifice our peace to stand alongside her to suffer the impact.

train 3

Like a proud soldier, I enroll myself unto battle unapologetically. And the questions still beckon me like ghosts…

What if I lose her?

What if I don’t?

Here I am in the in between, vacillating between both extremes and the toll is soulfully exhausting.

By Janell Hihi


Dear Racist Grandfather

Profile of little African girl writing  in classroom.
Profile of little African girl writing in classroom.

I remember that rainy day. The sky was a heavy gray, clouds were low and depressed as if the sky wanted to collapse and submerge into earth.

Even clouds don’t want to fly sometimes. We think ecstasy is in the sky but we learn that there is freedom in the fall.

When we surrender. Gravity is a fierce teacher.

Like all the bodies do when they get buried from gun violence. Bang bang is all I heard. I smell gun smoke mixed with the smell of ghetto rain, someone down the street was frying chicken too. When aromas merged they stink. The urban life.

I turned to my mother who was desperately rummaging through papers on the kitchen table. Rollers in her hair, her night gown unbuttoned on the top. I could see her pale white breast as she slouched over, eyes piercing blue with a watery gloss over them.

She was about to cry.

“What’s wrong mommy?” I asked with a shaking voice. Afraid of the answer.

Tears raced down her red cheeks. She put her hands over her face as if she was ashamed of crying. But crying was brave in my eyes. Hiding feelings was cowardly. Hiding feelings is what I did often as a child.

Finally she blurted out the words like she suffered from a severe version of terrets and said, “My father just died.” I walked up to her to give her a reluctant hug. She wrapped one arm around me loosely for two seconds then quickly turned away.

Mommy wasn’t very affectionate. And I never knew my grandfather so I couldn’t share in her grief. All I knew was his name was Lawrence. He is German and he once threatened my fathers life with a gun.

My grandfather didn’t want his daughter dating an African American man. He disowned her and all of her kids. I felt unloved from a young age. From racist family members who never even considered meeting me, not even on their death bed, just because of my genetic blessing of melanin.

Thankfully, I’m beyond his disdain for me. I heard he was a proud Christian but white supremacy was his real religion. Racism before God for his kind. Of course if the world truly practiced it’s so called religions, the world would be damn near perfect. Heaven would anchor down to earth…

The comedian George Lopez talked about racism during one of his shows. He said “Mexicans have two rules, don’t marry a black person and don’t Park in front of my house.”

Most immigrants and older generation white Americans have that rule. I don’t take offense to it now but as a biracial child it cut at my heart. Seeing my mother suffer because she loved a man that society taught her to hate. People think racism towards blacks is an American thing. Nah, it’s everywhere and in every country. Ask me how it feels to be hated for my DNA. Ask me how I manage to carry on carrying it. Ask me…

One thing is for sure, mommy went against the grain. I don’t descend from sheep, I was birthed by a soldier of love.

I still blink twice and swallow hard as I stare at Her. Even today, her wrinkles on her face can trace a maze of pain, but mostly triumph and raw, down to the bone, pure love!

The unapologetic bravery and supreme level of not giving a fuck she emits, her aura is not even a color, it’s an element, fire!

Her warmth unprecedented.

And fuck you Lawrence Von Raduenz, the grandpa who put his racism before his so-called god and before his family.

Before his humanity

Before his daughter

Before me.

This is how iron is split open. When they hate that you LOVE.

By Janell Hihi


7 Ways Empaths Read & Absorb Other People’s Energy.

#1 Empaths have access to 4th-dimensional information. However, many of them don’t know that they do. The akashic records left a door open for empaths to rummage through records unconsciously.

As a result, we get an overall sense of a person’s energy based on the totality of their energy field. It’s a lot of information to absorb, especially when we sense energy from a person who is not aware of the energy they are emitting.

The number one challenge for most empaths is that that they often question whether or not they should reveal the truth or keep it in hiding to remain in safety.

It is important that all empaths understand that the gift of seeing comes with a responsibility to speak the truth and give light where there is darkness. We must not be afraid anymore! We must stop judging and start healing.


#2 Empaths unknowingly tap into the subconscious minds of others. It’s a scary path to walk along and it is very difficult to explain on a conscious level. When I was not aware I was an empath, I would meet people and after seconds, make an excuse to leave their presence to collect myself.

Their energy communicated to me awful things. Sometimes it was pedophilia other times, just a mean, dark and cold energy. I often saw the lifelessness in their eyes. Someone used to live there but that person died, instead, a monster resides.

As a child, I prevented more than a few possible kidnappings among me and my friends. I just knew, in an instant, when something or someone was not operating on the frequency of love.

#3 Empaths can see the personal demons that affect others. I can see the demons that are hunting most people because they glare at me with glassy eyes, hiss and flicker their tongue out at me like a whip.

Most of the time, I’m alone because I don’t want to deal with it. Other times, I ignore the energy only to regret it later when something is said or done that confirms my intuition.

People always say, “Why do you focus on the bad?” I don’t focus on the bad in people, the bad in people focuses on me by immediately revealing itself in my psyche.

I know that most people are of good nature. I know beneath what their energy communicates to me that there is a god or goddess laying doormat.

I know this because I am still trying to remove the sleet from my eyes. I ‘m still half blind, and other empaths can see that when they are with me.

#4 People often feel the need to open up to empaths about personal matters. This is because, on a subconscious level, the wounded person feels that the empath they are about to confide in, knows them already. On a subconscious level, the empath does. The soul of the person in pain is seeking comfort and the soul knows a resting spot when it see’s it.

The people who open up to empaths about their problems somehow perceive subconsciously that it is safe to confide in an empath. Unfortunately, fearful empaths who do not understand their healing power may be overly critical, judgemental or even dismissive to the person in need.

These people want to lessen the load they carry and give some of it to the empath. Not to drain the empath of life force energy, but to get comfort and guidance from the empath. Make a decision to be the light or further perpetuate darkness.

Empaths that are not aware of their healing energy believe these people are energy vampires. This is not the case. They just need a little of your light. Give it to them!

#5 Empaths can absorb energy through physical touch. Shaking hands with others, and giving warm, heartfelt hugs automatically gives empaths the ability to read energy. Most empaths are afraid to read energy because they are not aware that they are energy alchemist. As a result, they try to avoid touching people.

As an empath, it is important to remember that your gift of seeing energy gives you the responsibility to change it by directing positive and healing thoughts to that person.If you shake a hand and instantly receive bad vibes, send good vibes to that person immediately through positive thoughts. As an empath you can emit healing and positive focused energy through thought and channel it to another’s psyche.

This can be done silently through energy alchemy or through powerful words or writing that burst from you and break through the bullshit. What’s said has to be said, regardless of how it comes off to those who can’t see whats under the veil, or simply choose not to.

Universal balance needs to be achieved and the passion of projection can make the empath come off as aggressive or even one-sided. This is because the empath always responds to the energy behind what is said or projected unto them, not so much the content.

#6 Empaths read emotions through the energy emotions emit. The Empath picks up on someone who has an issue or a problem, through the emotional energy they are expressing, even if they are not saying anything because they are a highly tuned receiver of this type of energy. This is a form of absorption on the Empath’s part and projection on the other person’s part.


#7 Empaths balance out energetic imbalances in the universe by offering solutions to those in need. The Empath begins to identify with this issue as though it was their own, based on their own experiences that closely relate to the other person’s issue or problem, and help to find a resolution to the problem.

And as they share this resolution, even if it is only calming words of comfort, emotional energy transmutation occurs, because the energy that was absorbed by the Empath is being transmuted into something much lighter, loving, and caring, which leaves the other person, if not with a resolution, then feeling like they are not alone and their feelings have been validated.

Be the light instead of being afraid to absorb darkness.

By Janell Hihi



Return Negativity Back to The Sender

It is very important to return negative energy back to the sender. Unfortunately, we can’t predict other’s behavior but we can make a conscious choice how to react to situations that do not serve our highest self so that we leave negative energy where it is, instead of taking it with us.

So many spiritual gurus warn against the dangers of the ego. However, the ego serves us well when we utilize it correctly.

The only effective way to keep negative energy with the negative person conjuring it up in the first place is to let your ego take the wheel and drive.

Might sound scary based on the ego’s bad reputation in the spiritual community, but speaking from experience I pretty much mastered it. Low vibrational people create low vibration situations that they will invite you to attend through manipulation and deception.

They approach you encroached in their ego but then try to tell you that you need to get out of yours. Of course, if you turn the other cheek when faced with a dark energy, low vibrational being, they use that as a queue that it’s okay to continue to disrespect you.

Example, a wife allows her husband to physically abuse her, by not initiating her ego, which would give her the pride to defend herself and get out of the situation she chooses to stay with him which allows the abuse to continue.

Ego is too proud to tolerate such awful behavior without retaliation. If you know how to use your ego correctly you know that smart retaliation is the best retaliation. Keep reading…

The ego is a master at recognizing negativity and it will allow you to see a person or a situation just as it is. No filters!

The ego also allows you to separate yourself from others by giving you the power to differentiate what is good and what is bad for self. The ego is overly concerned with self but there are situations that warrant an over concern for self.

Approach another’s ego with your ego. The only weapon sure to destroy another ego is another ego. Taking the spiritual high road won’t work with snakes.
Look at the state of the world, the egotistical 5% of the population is triumphing over the spiritual community. It’s time to get a little more gangsta and fight back!

For example, having pride can help you set healthy boundaries so that when people disrespect you, it’s really nothing to cut them off and move on with your life while at the same time making them pay restitution.

The ego helps you separate what’s real and what’s fake.We may all be one, but we are not all the same, know your tribe.

I’ve been in situations where my ego made me pop-off, when I had to aggressively assert my worth in my inability to accept nothing but exemplary behavior. Walking away from negativity without addressing it is the very sickness of the world. The only thing you walk away with is the negativity someone else gave you.

Why not give it back, return it to the sender? In other words, don’t accept bullshit. Do not let other’s tell you how to respond to their drama, keep the ego-centered leech off beat by operating with an air of unpredictability. If you haven’t read the 48 Laws of Power, please do so!

People are typically stunned at my audacity and taken aback. It’s so rare to love yourself that when people see you angry about being disrespected they don’t understand.

It’s hard for them to comprehend when they don’t love themselves the same. Anger is essential and appropriate and it has its place. The ego is critical in certain situations, so is the art of war and the power of duality.

The spiritual G-Code

It is better to fully address negativity the moment it starts, and let your ego serve up a cold and sour dish to whomever dares to question your worth. I promise after the wrath of your ego, you won’t ever have to worry about that person testing you again.

The stoic are pretenders who hold back their emotions to appear untethered. Like appearing unbothered is some kind of a strength, it’s laughable. What the fuck is wrong with me showing my disappointment? Absolutely nothing!

The ego has its place.

It is important to accept negativity when it rears its ugly face. There is a time to focus on the good and focus on the bad. Just focusing on the good makes you blind to the other half. Recognizing negativity does NOT make you weak.

Being all positive, and just spreading love and light is not working!

Spiritual people need to recognize a threat and address it instead of living in oblivion and pretending that nothing bad exist in the world.

Buck back and they will stay back.


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by Janell Hihi


How to Set Personal Boundaries without Expectations

How to Set Personal Boundaries without Expectations.


I must share a recent epiphany. Being in the gray means you are open to whatever results follow a given action. It does not mean you will accept it once it manifest.What does that mean in relation to boundaries?

It means that you don’t have expectations that will infringe on fate and the flow of the universe. It doesn’t mean that you lack in boundaries, it means that you are open to let things be what they are and see where they go.

It also means that if they completely go to the left and against your morals and value, you exit the equation instead of being bitter and upset about it. It’s about acceptance. It is not about whether or not an expectation was not met.

It also makes it very easy to forgive because you’re open to the truth and not attached to hopes, fears, and fantasies.

Knowing who you are and what you can tolerate actually has nothing to do with expectations.

Don’t believe the hype when someone gives you their spiel about expectations. You need to be very clear on the definition of what that is before you get played!

On the dating scene, the narcissist or the deceptive will try to switch the definitions to acquire what they want to get from you. This is when you must utilize your emotional intelligence and assert your boundaries.


It means that at any given moment if you do not like the way things are going because of the simple fact it does not fit who you are, you end it! Some would say well then you had an expectation. This is not true. In fact, an expectation has nothing to do with self-respect and allowing people to treat you in ways that are not healthy for you.

Being In the grey, does not mean you tolerate anything, it means that you are not obsessed with a specific outcome.

Being in the gray basically, means you have the maturity to understand you cannot control everything. All that you can control is yourself and not allowing others to cross the boundaries that you set.

It also means you look at both sides of every equation and you are able to see other perspectives. Grey means you recognize there is more than one truth and there is not so much as a villain as there is a victim, either of which you refuse to be.

So the question remains how do you stay in the gray and keep your boundaries intact without creating expectations?

This is a balancing act but it can clearly be accomplished. First of all, even the most casual interactions require CLEAR boundaries. I can’t stress this enough. How you allow friends, family co-workers and love interest to talk to you and treat you.

Minuscule agreements such as booty calls even need boundaries. Significant interactions like committed relationships, borrowing expensive items to friends, what you eat, oh and the list goes on and on. The common denominator is, they ALL require boundaries.

 Remember a boundary is not an expectation. It is an acknowledgment of maturity, it states you know who you are and what will and will NOT work for you!

If there are no boundaries, anything goes! Which means your life will be completely out of control in every aspect.

All you will receive is vagueness, no details. You’re vague so everyone and everything around you will be vague, I call it the mirroring effect.

This is not a sustainable way to be. You will often feel as though you’re just a passenger riding along to everyone else’s agenda. You will be the target of narcissism and abusive people who prey on those who have no backbone. They know you want approval; they know you want to appear as though you’re cool, easy going and not a nag. They know you are afraid to assert yourself and your silence will be used against you.

You must understand you need boundaries to protect yourself and also to not disillusion others.

Usually what happens is you go along for the ride, without any boundaries and then you have the audacity to be offended by behavior that you find unacceptable.

You never clearly informed the other party that this is unacceptable behavior to you so you finally assert your boundaries after the fact!  You made an assumption that their morals of what is right and wrong were the same as yours.

This just creates a lot of drama that is totally preventable. So you realize after the offense you actually do have boundaries. And after further speculation, you start to understand the difference between being in the gray, not having expectations, and clearly asserting your boundaries.

Notice I stated “Assert your Boundaries,” because if you have unstated boundaries it is the same as not having any at all.

Actually believing you don’t have any boundaries just means you are disillusioned. It could also mean you have not spent enough time speculating what you want in life. It is a personal issue regardless that only you can fix. However, even once boundaries are created, asserted and set, abusive people will test you to see how strong you are.

The major obstacle you will face while asserting your boundaries is when you encounter an abusive or narcissistic person who pushes them after you have already clearly stated them.

Typically while dating and in a relationship, committed or casual if you clearly and un-argumentatively state what is unacceptable to you and that person repeatedly engages in that behavior. Your work is done. You asserted your boundaries. There is no need to reiterate them; there is only a need to leave that situation as soon as possible. Boundaries are parameters that are non-negotiable. Once they are broken, it’s open season on your ass!


When you state your boundaries and someone continues to push them, that is abuse. Plain and simple.

My request to you, if you do not have any clear boundaries set regarding what is acceptable and unacceptable to you, sit down and do the work. Grab a pen and paper, be honest with yourself and honor yourself!

Write them down. Keep them handy until they are internalized. Practice saying them in a clear and loving way. Your life will magnificently change into to what you want it to be, with less drama and more clarity.

I will be posting a specific blog on how to create boundaries according to who you are as an individual very soon!

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By Janell Hihi

Copyright@ 2016