The Story of O.J by Jay Z is Not That Deep. A Quick Fact Check Tells You Another Story.


The Story of O.J or the Story of a Hypocrite?

Jay-Z, the Sagittarius born rapper, and businessman certainly knows how to make the right moves to earn an abundance of revenue. However, just because he knows how to make money doesn’t earn him my devotion or respect.

If you’re praising people based on how much money they make, without fully investigating how they make their money, please check your morals and values at the door!

I have purchased almost all Jay Z’s music in the past, including a recent membership to his music subscription service Tidal just to listen to his newest album 444.

Of course, there was a lot of hype around the album based on its political overtones and unsolicited business advice. But after watching the phenomenal  Yvette Carnell Show on YouTube, my original thought that the album is okay but not great, was confirmed.

I realized that the messages popular artist like Jay-Z put out into the mainstream creeps into the psyche of our youth giving them ideas and beliefs about how the world works. The most popular reaction to Jay Z’s 444 album is, “Jay-Z is giving away million dollar game.” Ummm no! Not really.

Jay-Z tells all the hustlers out there to save the money they make dealing drugs to the people in their community, destroying lives in the process, and then buy the neighborhood and rinse it. When has this ever happened?

So basically the only way to earn capital as a black man is to sell drugs. This is partially true since the average black American has NO access to wealth or capital.

The question is who are these drug dealers selling drugs to? Your cousin, your auntie, and your brother. Destroying the lives of the children and families in their communities in the process.

I guess it’s justifiable because the drug dealer will eventually buy all the property in the community, so the lives destroyed by drugs is a fragment you can charge to the game.

Y’all stay woke. This is buffoonery.


However, the chances of getting caught and thrown into a prison that is warehousing millions of black men is very high. And the drug game is dirty you may not make it out alive.

Instead of encouraging us to work hard to change our politics so that we have access to wealth, Jay-Z recommends illegal activity. How is that enlightening?

“You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a strip club? Credit
You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it” Jay Z

Jews are mostly white. In addition, Jews received billions of dollars in reparations from Germany for the Holocaust. They moved to the United States and used that money to invest. While investing they received the privilege of being white which gave them access to capital and non-predatory lending from banks.

Oh wait, The United States Federal Reserve is owned by the Jewish Rothschild family. Of course, in a well-knit Jewish community, obtaining credit shouldn’t be a problem. Jay-Z is basically saying that African American, descendants of slaves have the same access to credit and capital as Jews.

We don’t even have communities. We are redlined, gentrified and locked out at every angle. Our neighborhoods are filled with liquor stores, Pay Day Loan shops and Fried fish and chicken joints owned by Arabs. 

How can we compete with Jewish people who have thriving communities?

This couldn’t be further from the truth considering the fact that Jews received over $100 billion dollars in reparations from the German Government. How much in reparations did African American slave survivors and their descendants receive from The United States Government? NOTHING.

Nothing for slavery, and nothing for 100 years of the domestic terrorism of Jim Crow. Comparing blacks to Jews is like comparing Organic Apples to a Processed Twinkie. Not even in the same food group.

That’s how the Jews did it. They received reparations and they are mainly white!

Jay Z please do some research before spewing out lyrical bullshit. It’s an insult to my intelligence and the “woke” African American community as a whole.

Before you internalize a lyric from any rap song, fact check it with data. Just because Jay-Z said it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Jay-Z is capitalizing off the trend of consciousness to appear awakened. Meanwhile, Rap Artist like Nas and Tupac were talking about the real issues affecting our communities 20 plus years ago. That being said, Jay-Z had to reach the age of 50 to have even a little common sense? He hasn’t even reached the peak of his maturity. Only monetarily he is succeeding and I’m not shallow enough to believe that his ability to make money somehow makes him the enlightened one.

That being said, Jay-Z had to reach the age of 50 to have even a little common sense? He hasn’t even reached the peak of his maturity. Only monetarily he is succeeding and I’m not shallow enough to believe that his ability to make money somehow makes him the enlightened one.

What’s so profound about suggesting we invest in residential and commercial real estate? Every day, millions of people are solicited to go to a real estate investing seminar to learn how to make money investing in properties.

Just because we hear about great investment ideas, doesn’t mean we have the means to cooperate in those opportunities.

Being that I have a background in mortgage and real estate, Jay-Z stating he should have purchased a building but he didn’t, and now he regrets it because it’s 5 times the amount it was worth 10 years ago, is not a profound lyric to me.

Jay-Z has built substantial wealth. He now has the means to buy buildings in impoverished neighborhoods. He can use his capital to restore at least one black community. Why isn’t he? Unless these efforts are underway and I am not aware of it, please enlighten me in the comments below.

Plenty of African Americans have dreams they can’t manifest. Not because they lack the education or work ethic, but because they lack the “access” to capital, social connections and generational wealth, to do so.

In addition, if you’re an optimistic entrepreneur who just happens to be African American and you got hyped up with motivation to finally apply for that SBA business loan, please keep in mind that the SBA only approved 1% of loans submitted by black entrepreneurs in 2016.

Good luck!

Check out an article I wrote a few months ago that explains that black Americans start more businesses than any other race in America but lack the capital to turn them from single sole proprietor firms to larger scale corporations. 

We’ve always had the drive to strive towards entrepreneurship but there are systematic obstacles, Jay-Z fails to acknowledge in this song that hinders our success.

Jay-Z is doing a great job promoting “self-motivation” and entrepreneurship” while he conveniently leaves out the data that totally opposes his so-called profound and enlightening advice.

If you don’t have a million dollars to buy a painting, the lyric about how art appreciates should mean nothing to you in your everyday struggle.

And that poses the next question, what class of people is Jay-Z giving this advice to? Certainly not me, my aunt Lisa who makes only $40,000 a year or my cousin Joe who served his time in prison but can’t find a job with a decent wage to support himself.

It appears Jay-Z is giving advice to other rappers who he criticizes are wasting their money they earned on advances from record labels they will have to pay back. Nothing he says applies to my everyday life. After some investigating, that lyric is contradictory due to the fact that Jay-Z himself gives his own artist advances.


Y’all out here still takin’ advances, huh?
Me and my niggas takin’ real chances, uh
” Jay-Z

Jay-Z gave Kanye West a very large advance for exclusively putting his album on Tidal to help Tidal gain more subscribers. So Jay-Z is giving out advances to artist but in the same breath, he is criticizing artist who take advances from record labels?

An article on TMZ sums it up perfectly:

“The $20 million Jay-Z  fronted Kanye West was NOT a gift — as Jay insinuated on his album 4:44 — it was all part of Live Nation’s deal with ‘Ye.

Sources with direct knowledge of Jay and Kanye’s business relationship tell TMZ, the $20 million was a payout advance which could also cover expenses — including the floating stage — for Kanye’s “Saint Pablo Tour.”  The money is sometimes used to cover various production costs and staff.

It’s actually standard for artists at Kanye’s level to get such an advance.  It’s part of the deal.

Jay certainly made it sound like he and Roc Nation gifted Kanye the dough.  In the song, “Kill Jay Z” Jay raps …

“But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye // You gave him 20 million without blinkin’ // He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f*** was he thinkin’? // ‘F*** wrong with everybody?’ is what you sayin’ // But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane.”

I find it hard to have high interest in music I can’t relate to that is based on hypocritical and fictitious dialogue. 

As Antonio Moore said, “Data matters!” Check out his excellent analysis on YouTube. He is an Attorney, a writer and a real soldier in the struggle.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017




Keepers of The Light


Final Shots for Manipulated Light and Power Series
Final Shots for Manipulated Light and Power Series

The suppression of light denies it’s existential right to shine upon what hides in fear of being highlighted by that blazing, neon fury of getting to the bottom of surfaces masked with theory, conditioning.

Slow absorbing particles of articles that lurk in the darkness, making my cocoa into chocolate, as unpure as the hormone filled milk mixed to make your Milk Way so delicious. Is good really good?

She plays hide in seek behinds systems, cloaked in robes, sending men to warehouses to be tucked away into that oblivion which perverts my black into something sinister.

She lies naked in soiled beds with me, baptizing in my sweat but she won’t draw her weaponry of privilege to gain me even a spectacle of opportunity.

Her supremacy comes before her God, but she goes to church faithfully. I get superficial light from her that feeds my ego and rapes my soul.

I craved solar light infused with fire, youthfully riding the earth to reach the g-spot of my equator. Not the dim light she emitted like a dying bulb in a musty basement bathroom.

Her real light is given through her vote only to her own tribe despite the fact that I make her sing in orgasm and smile from genuine giggles only a belly laugh has the nourishment to invoke.

I hoped my kindness would provoke reciprocation but she dangled my climax like a carrot in my face – and like a silly rabbit, I chase. A race without a finish line. Running in the dark without light.

Nothing about what corrupts the dark is fictitious. My black was non-mythical until they wrote the stories, attached the records and gentrified it’s habitats at the peak of it’s thriving.

Blinding light is what has us all in a chokehold, gasping for air and fighting blindly because we can’t see.

Are you among them? The keepers of the light. Who swallow it just so they don’t have to share it with others. Who sells it for shares? Who manipulates it into other knock-off forms, bootlegging life?

Who won’t use it to look beneath the 50 shades of black stacked with generations of pain plagued in each membrane of the DNA passed along like a bucket of chicken at Ray Ray’s family picnic?

What has been passed along to me is suffrage uncorrected by those who inflicted it. Point the light into the depth of my dark and swim in it until you get the nucleus of truth oceans deep, where your ancestors hid it. Truth is the treasure that awaits you to create the bridge to unification. Where you can replenish all that you have taken away from us.

By Janell Hihi @Copyright 2017

When a Narcissist Insults you or Tries to Bait You With An Argument, Do This!


Narcissist are insidious manipulators. They can get under your skin by disguising insults, giving you compliments with sadistic smirks on their face, or suddenly start ignoring for no reason.

The narcissist craves for you to ask them, “Why are you acting strange, what’s wrong?”

Just so they can reply with, “Nothing!” And a shoulder shrug to dismiss themselves before you start asking more questions.

Narcissist want unsolved problems to exist within their relationships because it fuels the toxic environment that will eventually strip away your virtues, your patience, and inner peace.

The narcissist wishes to keep their victim in an anxious state. They never want you to be able to calculate or predict their next attack on you.

If you are in a state of anxiety with a narcissist and can’t seem to find your way out of the fog, I have a solution.

Everything the narcissist says and does is bait to drag you down further into their inner hell.


Fight back with the 6 proven techniques below:

  1. Remain Unreactive: Act as if you didn’t see what they did or hear what they said. Act completely oblivious. They may try harder to bait you for a reaction but keep acting as if you don’t notice and remain unbothered. To release your pain confide in a close friend or family member. Just don’t give the narc the satisfaction of seeing you sad.
  2. Answer every question with a question: This will annoy anyone, especially a narcissist. If a narcissist asks you a demeaning question, never, ever, answer it. Ask them why they asked that question? Then ask them what answer do they expect? Then ask them what motivated them to ask the question? Then ask them why they are asking so many questions. But never, answer the original question. This way, the narcissist is stuck explaining why they asked you a question and you stay unengaged, and you don’t take the bait.
  3. When the narcissist gives you the silent treatment write them letters. Write the letter very sloppy so they don’t understand a single word written. Leave some of the letters on sticky notes and stick them to the fridge or bathroom mirror. Sooner or later they will ask what the hell you wrote in the letter and shazam! The silent treatment is broken. If you don’t live with them, send them a letter in the mail with sloppy handwriting and keep quiet until they ask you about the letter. This works like a charm! If they still ignore you, ignore them back and focus on yourself. Catch up with your friends, hang out and keep posting all your fun pictures on social media. He will realize sooner rather than later the silent treatment isn’t going to work on you.
  4. When they blatantly insult you reply with “Oh stop, you don’t even believe that.” Say it calmly and with a smile. Walk away from the confrontation or quickly change the topic to something more positive. Throw in a goal you just reached or even compliment them with how great they look. Another tactic to use when they verbally abuse you is to compliment them. Instead of insulting them back, give them a compliment for every insult they hurl at you. This will disarm them and throw them off balance. Say the compliments with a sincere loving tone and watch what happens! The narcissist will try harder or storm off to get away from you.
  5. When the narcissist gaslights you and calls you crazy, respond by saying the most annoying questions of all times… “I know you are, but what am I?” If you follow the steps above, it should never get to the point where the narc is able to successfully gaslight you because you’re no longer taking their bait. You can also respond to them calling you crazy by saying, “You know, you’re right. In fact, I just booked an appointment with a psychologist and may get on some meds.” Then ask him what medications he thinks you should try and what mental conditions he thinks you may have… Manic depression? Bipolar? Extreme paranoia? Keep asking him his expert advice on your so-called mental issues as mockery. But act sincerely like you agree that you are crazy and need professional help. Go as far as really booking an appointment with a psychologist on the terms that he has to go to your appointments with you. Watch the reaction. Suddenly, you won’t be so crazy after all.
  6. Never react and never get defensive. Disengage your emotions and respond to the narcissist with tact, strategy, and deflection. Never defend abuse, never explain yourself, always counterattack with clever techniques.

Try the 6 steps above and comment below to share your success story. This works! I’ve done it time and time again with narcissist family members and co-workers. If the narcissist becomes violent, seek help immediately. Leave and then contact the authorities.

Fight back against narcissist abuse by ultimately leaving the narcissist for good. Narcissist never change. It’s them, not you! Get out and do it fast!

By Janell Hihi


Is Fear of Failure The Root Cause of Procastination?


After years of self-introspection, I realized I procrastinated and put off my goals and dreams because I suffered from an underlying fear of failure.

Fear of failure is a result of a lack of self-confidence and self-trust.

It’s not about how bad you want it. 

It’s about rather you believe in yourself enough to pursue it and complete it.

Consistency is a product of believing in yourself and trusting that you have the skills, knowledge, and tools to accomplish your dreams.

Consistency is believing in yourself every day and every moment. It’s doing what you said you will do regardless of the fearful thoughts that enter your mind.

If you are constantly asking yourself in the back of your mind, “What if this doesn’t work?” This means you don’t believe in yourself enough to fully execute your plan.

When these toxic and negative thoughts creep up, we procrastinate as a result. Sometimes we procrastinate to review our plan repeatedly for possible errors.

Then we procrastinate by making ourselves busy with other things to avoid executing our plan. We use circumstances as an excuse for lack of confidence and fear or failure.

Procrastination is a sign of mental imbalance. 

Either you are pursuing a dream that you are not truly passionate about or you lack confidence and fear that it will fail.

It takes maturity to admit that you tried something and you were driven by superficial, egoic outcomes.

If you pursue a dream that can only earn you money but not divine happiness, procrastination will manifest in pursuit of a false dream.

So the next time you find yourself procrastinating, ask yourself the 5 questions below:

  1. Am I afraid to fail? If so why?
  2. Am I pursuing a goal or a dream that I am truly passionate about?
  3. Do I believe in myself enough to be consistent?
  4. How can I increase my self-confidence? Will Counseling help? A life coach? or Furthering my education?
  5. What do I expect to achieve mentally and emotionally if I accomplish this goal?


By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

How to Get a Man to Respect You


I keep getting emails from ladies who complain that the guy they are dating can be so disrespectful at times.

Eventually, after they share their stories of disrespect with me, they end the email with the same question. How can I get him to respect me?

Let’s define respect.

Admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
“she was respected by everyone she worked with”

The core principle of getting a man to respect you is to DO what you say you will DO.

Men only interpret actions. Men respect how you act and can care less about what you SAY.

This is why nagging is so ineffective. Stop complaining and use your actions to communicate to him that you will not tolerate his bullshit.

How is that accomplished? By distancing yourself. Stop talking, ignore phone calls, ignore text messages, get busy hanging out with friends and let him sit and wonder why you’re not around.

You’ve already warned him of his actions once and he will figure out why your distant once he doesn’t hear from you in a while.

The key is letting him figure out why you’re acting differently without complaining, nagging or explaining it to him.

The number one way to lose a man’s respect is to say you won’t accept certain behaviors from him, but accept those behaviors anyways.

Once a man knows your word means nothing and you do not mean what you say, he will run all over you. In fact, he will have no respect for you whatsoever.

How to get a man to respect your body:

Early on while dating him, (first 3 months) Never accept late night “WYD” text A.K.A “Booty calls.”

He will try to make sexual advances with you early on. He’ll try to sleep with you on the first date. He’s a man, and they will try. If you give in that’s on you! Just keep in mind he will lose respect for you simply because if your too easy, he won’t trust you.

If sex is all you want, by all means, go for it. Just don’t get it twisted.

Respect and trust go hand and hand.

Men believe, that if you let him sleep with you with so little effort and so early on, you’re the type of girl that will do this with every man. 

Immediately he categorizes you as not girlfriend material.

However, he will continue to use you for sex every opportunity he can until he finds a more respectable girl. So don’t be flattered that he likes having sex with you, it means nothing in the long run. In fact, there will be no “Long-run or Long-term” anything!

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle in earning a man’s respect is being yourself.

Confidence in who you are and knowing who you are makes him proud to have you as a girlfriend. Insecure women get NO RESPECT.

Self- confidence will automatically make him respect you. Be you, do things on your time, be passionate about your goals and the things that matter most to you.

NEVER put him before yourself, your pride or your dignity.

Never recite so-called relationship rules you read from books or my blog to him. Speak to him from your heart and be genuine about what you want in a relationship naturally.

For example, that Steve Harvey (bullshit) 90-day sex rule etc., never let him know you believe in stuff like that. He won’t respect you because he will realize you’re not being yourself.

By all means keep reading my blog and my books but keep it to yourself!

Let him know you love him BUT… NOT more than you love YOURSELF.

ALWAYS keep him on his toes by letting him know with your actions that if he fucks up you will leave!

Let him know you love him but you can live without him, not by saying that, but by showing him through your actions you respect yourself too much to tolerate any disrespect from a man.

When he knows you are a woman of your word he will always be a little afraid he could lose you. And you always want him to be a little afraid he can lose you to keep his respect!

Men take for granted those women who they “know” will always be around despite their behavior.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017




When will The Real War on Poverty Start? The War on Drugs & Gun violence FAILED.

love not war

Poverty breeds violence. This is proven repeatedly through various studies by acclaimed institutions but the issue of poverty as it relates to violence is continuously unaddressed in legislation that proposes so-called solutions to end crime.

First of all the wording is all wrong. A “War” on anything except corruption is uncalled for. War is not a solution. It is action composed of violence, force, and control. It doesn’t meet the empathetic requirements to resolve the underlying issues that cause crime, which is poverty. It’s a one-dimensional solution for a multi-dimensional problem.

Forty-seven percent of 20- to 24-year-old black men in Chicago, and 44 percent in Illinois, were out of school and out of work in 2014.

The disparity is obvious Compared with 20 percent of Hispanic men and 10 percent of white men in the same age group, according to the report from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Great Cities Institute.

The upcoming war on violence in Chicago will quadruple mass incarceration. Filling the pockets of the rich, and emptying African American communities of men and women, shattering families and communities. The problem will still persist after the so-called war on violence is done because generational poverty will still remain.

Mass incarceration is not a solution for poverty. It is a catalyst for poverty.

Poverty and crime combined together leave people with two choices: either take part in criminal activities or try to find legal but quite limited sources of income that will take you from poor and unemployed to the class of the working poor. Either way, you will still be poor!

Studies show African Americans with college degrees make less money than whites with high school diplomas. We are being locked out of wealth from every angle.

But most importantly, what reveals the unmistakable connection between poverty and crime is that they’re both geographically concentrated – in a strikingly consistent way. In other words, where you find poverty is also where you find crime and this combination is what creates ghettos.

Immigrants move to the United States hoping for a better life and statistically, they are more likely to achieve that compared to African American Descendants of slaves because the systematic racism and predatory corruption against blacks is a wealth building machine for the elite, giving immigrants ten times more opportunity than black Americans.

We are now in the age of “Running away from our problems.” A.K.A the Age of the Coward. Instead of staying in your own country and making the sacrifices and committing to the FIGHT it will take to change it, most immigrants run away from it taking the easy way out by moving to America, the land of “Opportunity.”

Immigrants will fight for their rights in America but not in their home country. We are not doing the work as a people, globally. The only way out is to stand up and fight back.

Running away from a problem gives the greedy elite absolute power to continue with their deadly regime. Absolute power breeds corruption. And we wonder why NOTHING is changing!

However, if immigrants are not able to achieve success, they will be preyed upon by the criminal justice system. The economic slavery they tried to escape in their own country will be cast upon them in the United States by deceptive and covert means.

Chicago has the highest crime rates and the highest poverty rates among African American males. The connection was established years ago, but there is no legislation tackling the catalyst of crime which is poverty.

How successful was the war on drugs? It depends on who you ask.

If you’re asking a wealthy capitalist who invests in private prisons, it was a huge success because it created mass incarceration, filling the beds in private, for-profit prisons.

If you ask black and Latino men and the communities and families they had to leave behind for decades due to over-inflated sentences, the war on drugs was a huge failure!

It’s been four decades after Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs in 1971 and $1 trillion spent since then. What do we have to show for it? Short answer: Mass incarceration.
“The facts are overwhelming. If the global drug trade were a country, it would have one of the top 20 economies in the world. In the United States, if illegal drugs were taxed at rates comparable to those on alcohol and tobacco, they would yield $46.7 billion in tax revenue. – CNN – Richard Branson
The GLOBAL war on drugs in every country has FAILED in EVERY country! It’s a global failure. It’s not a solution to end crime or drug addiction, it’s a vehicle to use drug addicts and drug dealers to profit off of them by criminalizing them instead of helping them.

Mexico’s war on drugs failed massively!

A Cato study says legalizing drugs would save the U.S. about $41 billion a year in enforcing the drug laws.
Treating drugs as a health issue could save billions, improve public health and help us better control violence and crime in our communities.
The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world, with about 2.3 million behind bars. More than half a million of those people are incarcerated for a drug law violation.

We don’t need any more studies or research on the issue. We need the government TO DO SOMETHING WITH THE RESEARCH already established to end poverty, once in for all. Why isn’t the war on poverty waged yet?

Are we failing as citizens to demand change that our ancestors died for us to have the freedom to do? Are we politically lazy? Or are we too distracted living paycheck to paycheck and watching reality TV that we are NOT fighting anymore for what is right and just?

5 Reasons we are failing as Citizens: 

  1. We aren’t involved politically. Get involved in politics TODAY! We are not making our concerns known as citizens, we are not exercising our democracy.  As Yvette Carnell once said on her Youtube show airing Mondays & Weds 8 pm CST “We cannot afford to go to work and go home and watch TV.” We must really get involved. This means voting locally on all levels, attending town hall meetings, writing politicians, and attending school board, park board and neighborhood association meetings. Protesting and waving signs with cute quotes doesn’t change legislation! We must make politicians address the issue of poverty and crime for African Americans and implement strategic measures to end POVERTY which will end crime.
  2. The for-profit prison system MUST END. If you are not doing everything in your power to shut down for-profit prisons, systematic poverty and crime will continue to create billions for the few at the top who benefit from it.
  3. Demand Reparations for Descendents of Slaves: If you are not for reparations for Descendants of slaves, you are NOT an ally of the African American community. The United States paid The Japenese for putting them in camps, but they never apologized or paid those who fell victim to Jim Crow, mass lynchings, and slavery. The only way to even the score is to pay reparations because the income gap between blacks and white is so wide, no legislation or “donations” to nonprofits will work in evening the score. Please watch Yvette Carnell Show on Youtube and donate if you can, she is pro-reparations and her argument is undeniable!  
  4. We must identify puppet politicians, celebrities, and coons who want our support but do NOT support the African American community, the right to receive reparations and equal justice in the U.S Judicial system. We must stop watching them on TV, buying their products, music, clothing, etc.,
  5. We must boycott and withdraw money from people, politicians, and corporations who do not support reparations for African Americans.

Get off your ass and get involved. We need YOU. We are only strong as a collective. There is no such things as INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS. Isn’t it time we do the work and change the political landscape before it’s too late?

Please “Like,” share and comment below.

Please watch the Breaking Brown Yvette Carnell show on Youtube and donate if you can!


By Janell Hihi @copyright2017

When Shit Don’t add up, Subtract Yourself.

subtract yourself

Relationship math is simple. If you are in an exclusive, monogamous relationship, you are number 1 in the equation that solidifies your relationship with your man.

He’s your number 1 and you are his number 1. Beyonce’ sang it in a song. 1+1=2.

However, when things get tough in relationships, which they inevitably will, simple math turns into mind- bending algebra.

When the number one turns into an “X” and you’re up all night, losing sleep trying to figure out what “X” is equal to, knowing how to simplify an equation is essential in regards to relationship survival.

A healthy relationship is simple, 1+1=2. It gets complicated when another 1(the side chick) is added to the equation turning short division into long division.

Side chick equation: 1+1+1= 3 

Relationships are living, breathing, unfolding phenomenon’s that aren’t fixed equations. They can vacillate between simple math to calculus depending on the obstacles you and your significant other faces. Solving equations in a timely manner determines the longevity and success of your relationship.

If the equation turns into advanced calculus for an extended period of time, it is imperative that you know when to throw in the towel and leave!

Maybe your relationship isn’t adding up because it is littered with so much bullshit it can’t add up. If the math doesn’t make sense, don’t stick around trying to make it make sense.

When his actions don’t match his words, give him one chance to correct himself. If he fails, subtract yourself. It’s easy if you make it easy.

If he is adding other one’s to your equation, bringing other women into the mix, making short addition, long addition. Subtract yourself and go find another 1.

relationship math

You don’t want to divide him into two, sharing him with other women. You will get a percentage of him and not the number. You deserve the whole number, not a minuscule portion. Division is equal to getting played. Don’t be a victim.


When men start spreading themselves out into pie charts, is it really worth staying until the end of the presentation?

Instead, subtract yourself from the equation. Sometimes, simplification is easy subtraction. Without the other 1, you are still a number one regardless.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017