Narcissistic Abuse

Everything you ever needed to know about narcissistic abuse. My blog and publications examines narcissistic abuse in terms of psychology, spirituality, religion and sociology, like no other!

I hope the following articles help you on your journey of recognizing narcissistic abuse and healing from it. Salute! My fellow survivors.

How the Narcissist Chips away at your self-esteem.

Narcissist move in subtle way in attempt to get into the victims subconscious mind and plant the seed of self-doubt, shame, guilt, uncertainty and low self-esteem. A Must Read!

Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About The Narcissist

Are you obsessed with thoughts of the narcissist in your life? Manipulative techniques narcissist do to keep their victims obsessed with thoughts of them.

12 of the Most Manipulative Narcissistic Traits

Know they enemy. Awareness is the first step to defeat narcissistic abuse. This article explains the 12 most common manipulative techniques narcissist employ on their victims.

COMING SOON! The only book you’ll ever need to defeat narcissistic abuse.


Sex with A Narcissist: How the Narcissist Uses Sex As a Weapon

Ever wondered why sex with a narcissist is so good? Well, they’ve perfected it to keep their victims addicted! Sex is a weapon to the narcissist. Find out why.

Are you suffering after narcissistic discard? Did you recently leave the narcissist and need help processing your feelings and healing from the pain?

Please contact me for a one on one phone or email consultation. Depending on your financial situation, I have a sliding fee for clients in need ranging from $0 to $50.

Fill out the form below and I will contact you to set up a date and time that works for you to schedule your session.

I am here to listen to you without judgement and provide meaningful feedback that addresses mind, body and soul healing from Narcissistic abuse.



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