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eBook  Available Now! What Are The Seven Principles?


This short eBook is the first chapter of my upcoming book (See below) It’s a quick informative read that will invigorate your soul – Vibrate higher, Practice the Principles.

Principle 1: Self-Compassion. If you do not learn to be compassionate towards yourself, you will not be compassionate in your relationships. If you are constantly nagging, over-critical of yourself and others, and unforgiving when you make mistakes, you lack self-compassion. Self-compassion is the bumper that saves us if we crash.

Principle 2: Self-Forgiveness. Are you a hoarder? Most people who cannot forgive themselves cannot forgive others and they become dragged down by holding onto all the baggage they collect from not forgiving their own mistakes and not forgiving others mistakes. In order to forgive others, you must first learn how to forgive others? Why is forgiveness so hard? Well, because you are not doing it right! Read the book and learn how to forgive effectively.

Principle 3: Self-Care. Would you hire a beautician to do your hair if they had a rats nest on top of their head? Probably not. Self-care is essential. You cannot give others love, care and assistance from an empty vessel. Fill yourself up, take care of your mental and your physical self. Learn how to say “No,” unapologetically and set an example. Other’s will treat you the way you treat yourself.

Principle 4: Self-Knowledge. If you do not know who you are, you will be shooting in the dark in every area of your life. You will have a career you hate because you didn’t take the time to discover and develop your talents. Unfortunately, you will date people who are not truly compatible with you because you don’t know who you are or what you really like. Self-knowledge is critical, get to know you before you try to get to know others. 5.

Principle 5: Self-Trust. Insecure people lack trust in themselves, their abilities and their own strength. When we lack self-trust we find it very difficult to trust other people. They also find it difficult to take a risk. Self-trust is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and understanding that there is always a possibility that you will be hurt but you trust yourself enough to know that you got that “Get through,” and you are strong enough to handle anything in life regardless of the outcome.

Principle 6: Intuition. Do you listen to the great whisper? There is knowledge among accessible only to those who listen to their guts. If you’re not in touch with your instincts, you are missing out information that could save your life. I like to call intuition the voice of angels. This principle is imperative. How many times do you tell yourself you should have seen the signs? Well, intuition was there all along, if only you would have tuned into its frequency. Let me show you how to tune into your intuition and get the answers before questions are asked.

Principle 7: Divine Work. A huge part of your self-esteem is tied to your divine work. Your diving work is the work you were sent to this planet to achieve. I like to refer to it as your soul-work. We all have a mission and the beneficiary is humanity, not your ego. How do you find your divine work and make it a part of your busy life? I will show you how.

Are you ready to incorporate the 7 principles as core values in your life? I hope so, get the book and allow the transformation to take its course. Subscribe to my mailing list and I will email it to you in PDF format free – Or Buy it on Amazon for only .99 Cents.

Available March 15, 2017 – Amazon Kindle & Paperback