How Narcissism is Expressed in Each Zodiac Sign: Aries


Every sign of the zodiac is capable of being a narcissist! Narcissism can be expressed overtly or covertly and each sign has a unique way of expressing narcissistic characteristics.

The most perplexing dynamic of narcissistic abuse is its amorphous and chameleon characteristics. Narcissistic abuse is not one-note, it’s a unique expression of self-hate, anger, unresolved childhood issues, astrological make up and biological genetic indicators.

It’s important to be able to recognize and overcome the narcissist hiding inside of you and others. For example, a Leo narcissist expresses his narcissistic characteristics very differently than a Pisces Narcissist.

It’s also important to consider the victims zodiac sign to determine how narcissistic abuse will be received and dealt with. Some zodiacs signs are more prone to accept narcissistic abuse while others won’t tolerate a mere second of it! Which one are you?

This article will briefly explain narcissistic expression in each Zodiac sign… in July 2019 you’ll be able to purchase the book that will go into a deep analysis of narcissistic expression in each sign and how to combat it!

Let’s start with the first sign of the zodiac…


The first sign of the zodiac. The natural born leader who is fire by element and cardinal by nature. Aries is a trailblazer, never a follower. Aries is bold and assertive in their approach. Energized by their no nonsense, get the job done planet Mars… there’s no wonder why Aries are bursting with boldness, creativity, intelligence and ENERGY!

Aries is the astrological infant. Aries is about self but blooms from the love, validation and affection of others. Their internal need to be loved at all times is what makes them seek validation from others and if uncontrolled that attention they crave from others could turn into their need to receive narcissistic supply. Aries need people, but they don’t need people. Their complex nature is unsettling at times.

Aries have an infant like attraction that makes people gravitate to them with awe and wonder. They smile often, laugh hard, work hard and play hard. They can debate any air sign on any topic, show as much passion and emotion as a water sign yet still be as grounded and logical as an earth signs. I’m an Aquarius and it’s pretty hard to impress me but Aries seems to do it all the time. It’s always some craft, sport or study that they are phenomenally good at. I’m a captivated student gushing at their level of expertise.

However, I’m not a fan of the Aries anger. Again, Aries symbolizes the astrological infant. Infants cry, some have tantrums and despite any attempts to console them they may continue to scream and cry at the top of their lungs. Don’t piss off an Aries. Please!

It’s unfortunate that about 60% of the mass shooters in America were born under the sun sign Aries. Read my article. Their anger is dangerous and can be the downfall of their life. It could land them in prison or the grave. And all those gifts they are born with can go to waste with one angry outburst. Aries can get so angry they have a tendency to black out and forget the crazy behavior they exhibit while they were in a rage!

Childhood Narcissist: Aries are often bully’s as Children

My neighbor growing up was a grade A, Textbook bully born at the end of March. She would often bully my happy go lucky Sagittarius older sister. She tried me once and I put her in her place swiftly (Aquarius and Aries typically don’t get along) Aquarius hate controlling and arrogant people and institutions. Aquarians are rebellious by nature and if a Mars ruled Aries approaches us trying to get us to submit to an unreasonable law, concept or demand we will not conform. The result could be brutal, even deadly. Most world changing activist were born in January and February. A fixed sign and a Cardinal sign will always bump heads.

The child Aries will walk around with their head in the sky, bold and eager to challenge anyone to anything. They find entertainment in scaring people to death and they can smell fear like a lion sniffs out prey. The Aries bully is capable of inflicting abuse on other children for years on in as long as they can get away with it. Their bullying is both mental and physical, covert and overt. They develop a sick sense of humor and their demonic jokes can break the happiest child’s spirit.

Parents of Aries children must keep them in line and put them in sports or creative activities to help harness the influx of energy they receive from their aggressive planet Mars. Aries must create and expend energy, if it’s left pent up they have a tendency to become full fledged narcissist. Aries children not involved in sports or creative outlets often get diagnosed with ADHD.

Aries expresses narcissism with passive aggressive behavior.

Aries is unpredictable but a controlled Aries won’t lash out immediately upon threats of ego injury. They may wait and lash out later when it’s a little more appropriate and there’s no witnesses. Other less controlled Aries may resort to physical violence immediately. They may push, yell and get in others faces violating personal physical boundaries.

Aries the Covert Narcissistic is a Ticking Time Bomb!


Aries has a tendency to let aggression build up and then explode. Their narcissism is mostly expressed covertly until they are pushed to the point of overt abuse.

In regards to narcissistic expression they may come off as codependent by allowing bad behavior from others to slide for a long period of time. Finally, when they’ve had enough they’ll explode on the victim with a vicious verbal assault and erratic behavior if not physical violence.

An Aries will punch you in the face! Be warned! Imagine a new born baby crying and throwing out their hands clutching, scratching and pinching anything they can grasp.

If the Aries is evolved and no longer resorts to physical violence he may abruptly and unexpecting DISCARD his partner out of the blue for things their partner did or did not do. It’s just that the Aries perceived them to have done certain things and feels like a victim and as a cardinal sign they feel they are entitled to abruptly ghost people and doesn’t owe ANYONE an explanation whatsoever.

Aries employs a cold and heartless Discard without Closure

Aries Men express narcissism different from women obviously. The Aries man will observe behavior of others with an Eagles eye similar to Scorpio and then make a decision without feeling the need to consult his partner that the relationship is now OVER.

The partner of the narcissistic Aries is often left shocked and confused by the sudden break up. The Aries man will not provide closure or an explanation. He’s gone. Maybe he’ll come back, maybe he won’t… he’s a cardinal sign. He does what he wants without shame.

Aries Narcissist Respond Negatively to Confrontation 

If you come for an Aries, you better come correct. It’s very similar to approaching a Scorpio. Make sure you rehearse before you dish out your criticism to them. Mars is the ruler of war and if you approach them even with the slightest gesture of aggression, you better be prepared to battle.

Communicating with an Aries born narcissist is like walking on eggshells. Speak softly and use language that is feminine and non-intimidating in nature.

Example, “Hi honey, I love you so much, do you have time to talk for a minute?” Yesterday, when you told me I looked like a troll because of my short stature and recently died blue hair doesn’t mix, that really hurt my feelings. I feel sad.”

The above approach is non-threatening and the Aries or Scorpio will respond positively. It’s unfortunate, if the victim of Aries narcissistic abuse has no tact (If their an Air sign Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) that soften approach will never happen and a full on fight may ensue. Aries has the right to blow up on other people but no one better not dare lose control in their presence. I know. It’s not fair! Nothing is ever fair dealing with a narcissist!

Aries Narcissistic women

Aries women are mostly codependent by nature but their are a few narcissistic Aries women out lurking, hungry for victims! Narcissistic Aries women often use their codependency as a mask to abuse others. The Aries women will go so hard for her man that she will feel like he is forever obligated to repay her. Of course, he never asked her to empty her savings to buy him studio time for the album he’s working on. Being an Aries she just took the initiative and did it herself.

When the Aries woman discovers her outlandish sacrifices are not being matched by her partner she becomes enraged! She will sulk for her man’s sympathy and pity and try to make him feel bad for “taking advantage” of her kindness in attempt to make him sacrifice for her in return. If that doesn’t work she may start petty arguments, violent fights or become mentally and verbally abusive. She may become very jealous and possessive of her partner when her narcissistic mask is removed and the monster underneath emerges. Her anger is unmatched and she is more likely to end up on an episode of “Snapped” as the suspect, not a victim.

Aries narcissistic women are extremely passive aggressive and do too much too soon when they are romantically interested in someone. They are too emotional and get too attached too fast. They are therefore the queens of love bombing and have unrealistic expectations too early in relationships.

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