How Narcissism is Expressed in Each Zodiac Sign: Aries


Every sign of the zodiac is capable of being a narcissist! Narcissism can be expressed overtly or covertly and each sign has a unique way of expressing narcissistic characteristics.

The most perplexing dynamic of narcissistic abuse is its amorphous and chameleon characteristics. Narcissistic abuse is not one-note, it’s a unique expression of self-hate, anger, unresolved childhood issues, astrological make up and biological genetic indicators.

It’s important to be able to recognize and overcome the narcissist hiding inside of you and others. For example, a Leo narcissist expresses his narcissistic characteristics very differently than a Pisces Narcissist.

It’s also important to consider the victims zodiac sign to determine how narcissistic abuse will be received and dealt with. Some zodiacs signs are more prone to accept narcissistic abuse while others won’t tolerate a mere second of it! Which one are you?

This article will briefly explain narcissistic expression in each Zodiac sign… in July 2019 you’ll be able to purchase the book that will go into a deep analysis of narcissistic expression in each sign and how to combat it!

Let’s start with the first sign of the zodiac…


The first sign of the zodiac. The natural born leader who is fire by element and cardinal by nature. Aries is a trailblazer, never a follower. Aries is bold and assertive in their approach. Energized by their no nonsense, get the job done planet Mars… there’s no wonder why Aries are bursting with boldness, creativity, intelligence and ENERGY!

Aries is the astrological infant. Aries is about self but blooms from the love, validation and affection of others. Their internal need to be loved at all times is what makes them seek validation from others and if uncontrolled that attention they crave from others could turn into their need to receive narcissistic supply. Aries need people, but they don’t need people. Their complex nature is unsettling at times.

Aries have an infant like attraction that makes people gravitate to them with awe and wonder. They smile often, laugh hard, work hard and play hard. They can debate any air sign on any topic, show as much passion and emotion as a water sign yet still be as grounded and logical as an earth signs. I’m an Aquarius and it’s pretty hard to impress me but Aries seems to do it all the time. It’s always some craft, sport or study that they are phenomenally good at. I’m a captivated student gushing at their level of expertise.

However, I’m not a fan of the Aries anger. Again, Aries symbolizes the astrological infant. Infants cry, some have tantrums and despite any attempts to console them they may continue to scream and cry at the top of their lungs. Don’t piss off an Aries. Please!

It’s unfortunate that about 60% of the mass shooters in America were born under the sun sign Aries. Read my article. Their anger is dangerous and can be the downfall of their life. It could land them in prison or the grave. And all those gifts they are born with can go to waste with one angry outburst. Aries can get so angry they have a tendency to black out and forget the crazy behavior they exhibit while they were in a rage!

Childhood Narcissist: Aries are often bully’s as Children

My neighbor growing up was a grade A, Textbook bully born at the end of March. She would often bully my happy go lucky Sagittarius older sister. She tried me once and I put her in her place swiftly (Aquarius and Aries typically don’t get along) Aquarius hate controlling and arrogant people and institutions. Aquarians are rebellious by nature and if a Mars ruled Aries approaches us trying to get us to submit to an unreasonable law, concept or demand we will not conform. The result could be brutal, even deadly. Most world changing activist were born in January and February. A fixed sign and a Cardinal sign will always bump heads.

The child Aries will walk around with their head in the sky, bold and eager to challenge anyone to anything. They find entertainment in scaring people to death and they can smell fear like a lion sniffs out prey. The Aries bully is capable of inflicting abuse on other children for years on in as long as they can get away with it. Their bullying is both mental and physical, covert and overt. They develop a sick sense of humor and their demonic jokes can break the happiest child’s spirit.

Parents of Aries children must keep them in line and put them in sports or creative activities to help harness the influx of energy they receive from their aggressive planet Mars. Aries must create and expend energy, if it’s left pent up they have a tendency to become full fledged narcissist. Aries children not involved in sports or creative outlets often get diagnosed with ADHD.

Aries expresses narcissism with passive aggressive behavior.

Aries is unpredictable but a controlled Aries won’t lash out immediately upon threats of ego injury. They may wait and lash out later when it’s a little more appropriate and there’s no witnesses. Other less controlled Aries may resort to physical violence immediately. They may push, yell and get in others faces violating personal physical boundaries.

Aries the Covert Narcissistic is a Ticking Time Bomb!


Aries has a tendency to let aggression build up and then explode. Their narcissism is mostly expressed covertly until they are pushed to the point of overt abuse.

In regards to narcissistic expression they may come off as codependent by allowing bad behavior from others to slide for a long period of time. Finally, when they’ve had enough they’ll explode on the victim with a vicious verbal assault and erratic behavior if not physical violence.

An Aries will punch you in the face! Be warned! Imagine a new born baby crying and throwing out their hands clutching, scratching and pinching anything they can grasp.

If the Aries is evolved and no longer resorts to physical violence he may abruptly and unexpecting DISCARD his partner out of the blue for things their partner did or did not do. It’s just that the Aries perceived them to have done certain things and feels like a victim and as a cardinal sign they feel they are entitled to abruptly ghost people and doesn’t owe ANYONE an explanation whatsoever.

Aries employs a cold and heartless Discard without Closure

Aries Men express narcissism different from women obviously. The Aries man will observe behavior of others with an Eagles eye similar to Scorpio and then make a decision without feeling the need to consult his partner that the relationship is now OVER.

The partner of the narcissistic Aries is often left shocked and confused by the sudden break up. The Aries man will not provide closure or an explanation. He’s gone. Maybe he’ll come back, maybe he won’t… he’s a cardinal sign. He does what he wants without shame.

Aries Narcissist Respond Negatively to Confrontation 

If you come for an Aries, you better come correct. It’s very similar to approaching a Scorpio. Make sure you rehearse before you dish out your criticism to them. Mars is the ruler of war and if you approach them even with the slightest gesture of aggression, you better be prepared to battle.

Communicating with an Aries born narcissist is like walking on eggshells. Speak softly and use language that is feminine and non-intimidating in nature.

Example, “Hi honey, I love you so much, do you have time to talk for a minute?” Yesterday, when you told me I looked like a troll because of my short stature and recently died blue hair doesn’t mix, that really hurt my feelings. I feel sad.”

The above approach is non-threatening and the Aries or Scorpio will respond positively. It’s unfortunate, if the victim of Aries narcissistic abuse has no tact (If their an Air sign Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) that soften approach will never happen and a full on fight may ensue. Aries has the right to blow up on other people but no one better not dare lose control in their presence. I know. It’s not fair! Nothing is ever fair dealing with a narcissist!

Aries Narcissistic women

Aries women are mostly codependent by nature but their are a few narcissistic Aries women out lurking, hungry for victims! Narcissistic Aries women often use their codependency as a mask to abuse others. The Aries women will go so hard for her man that she will feel like he is forever obligated to repay her. Of course, he never asked her to empty her savings to buy him studio time for the album he’s working on. Being an Aries she just took the initiative and did it herself.

When the Aries woman discovers her outlandish sacrifices are not being matched by her partner she becomes enraged! She will sulk for her man’s sympathy and pity and try to make him feel bad for “taking advantage” of her kindness in attempt to make him sacrifice for her in return. If that doesn’t work she may start petty arguments, violent fights or become mentally and verbally abusive. She may become very jealous and possessive of her partner when her narcissistic mask is removed and the monster underneath emerges. Her anger is unmatched and she is more likely to end up on an episode of “Snapped” as the suspect, not a victim.

Aries narcissistic women are extremely passive aggressive and do too much too soon when they are romantically interested in someone. They are too emotional and get too attached too fast. They are therefore the queens of love bombing and have unrealistic expectations too early in relationships.

J.Hihi @Copyright2019

Why Your Relationship Will Fail According to Your Zodiac Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini.

Romantic couple. Love the boy and girl against the backdrop of a starry sky.

There is a dark side and bright side to every Zodiac sign. We all have our yin and your yang. Unfortunately, our dark side is what get’s us into life altering trouble!

It’s important to understand our shortcomings so that we can take the necessary steps to  to overcome them.

Each Zodiac sign has a lesson to learn and a hurdle that stands in the way of achieving the loving and lasting relationship they’re hearts truly desire.

Each analysis is based on each zodiacs signs gender.

Why your relationship is doomed based on your Zodiac sign:

Aries Woman: You over do it! You love too hard too fast and sacrifice it all for the man you fall for. Love is not all or nothing. Maintaining a sense of self while embarking on an intimate relationship is your greatest challenge. You are not willing to let a man be a man. You are too aggressive, too eager and too down.

You are that ride or die chick that always get’s played in the end. The fiery Aries woman needs an alpha male who is strong willed and ambitious. Problem is she diminishes his masculinity by trying to be the provider in the relationship. Aries, fall back! As soon as a man let’s you take charge you enjoy running the ship but you slowly start to lose respect for him. Aries woman are natural bullies so she takes authority too far. You like to give your all to everything you do and that is why you are very successful in life in general. However, when it comes to love learn how to ration out the amount you sacrifice. Don’t give it all away all at once. Don’t neglect your friends or your children when you fall in love with a man.

Your biggest issue is you give too much of yourself and become resentful and very angry when it is not reciprocated. No one is willing to sacrifice themselves as much as you do, so to expect your lover to match your eagerness and unnecessary sacrifices is unrealistic. If you want to give your all, be happy doing it without expecting others to do the same. Learn a healthy sense of give and take. Don’t just give, give, and give, then explode in anger like a complete psychopath when all your tedious favors are not returned!

Aries are creative genius, and if you do not have a creative outlet, you will expect your lover to fill that void. That is not his responsibility! Maintain your sense of self by choosing what artistic endeavor moves you and stay true to it forever, regardless if your in a relationship or not. If you do not have your creative outlet, you will have continuous outburst of unhealthy, and violent rage!

Abstract Zodiac background

Aries Men

Like Aries Woman, this fiery, creative male Ram needs a creative outlet otherwise, he will take all his frustration out on the lady in his life. Aries men cannot compartmentalize. That is his biggest hurdle in the way of achieving lasting love. If things aren’t going well at work, he sulks, has an attitude and becomes cold and distant. He is not as verbally assertive as the female ram. He is more passive aggressive and will give his lady the silent treatment for issues that have nothing to do with the relationship.

The Aries man will shut down! This hinders communication in relationships. His partner will have to play guessing games to try to figure out why he’s mad now! It’s childish but his silence is his way of processing his feelings and he expects his woman to just know that about him and give him his space.

Her feelings about it will have to wait. Aries men are selfish like that. It is mostly about him and how he feels. Aries astrological age is the infant. They are the first born sign of the zodiac and the Aries man exudes infancy. He doesn’t communicate very well until you push the last button and he explodes with mind boggling anger. Like an infant crying uncontrollably, you better watch out! Be there like a concerned mother ready to console him and him close. His anger means he needs love and affection more than ever. He just doesn’t know how to effectively communicate it.

Aries men will ruin their relationships by lack of communication. They are very much in their heads until one of their senses are triggered, hungry, horny, playtime or envy and jealous! He may not speak much, but when he does it is precise, prophetic, eloquent and borderline genius. This man is brilliant! He may be an undercover writer, lyricist, rapper, singer, poet, or strikingly talented painter or artist. Get to know his artistic side and praise him for it, he will love you tenfold in return.

If Aries man doesn’t learn effective verbal communication skills, and a healthy outlet for anger besides being passive aggressive, he won’t find lasting love. Just short lived passionate flings.

Taurus Woman:

She’s a contradiction. At first this is exciting to men, but then it becomes tiresome and annoying down the road. She is a leader, never afraid to be the only female in a male dominated occupation. She is often in management or a teaching field where she has free reign to run the show. This seeps into her relationship and she becomes a total control freak. Dominant, possessive and overprotective!

Taurus woman leave no box unchecked as they eagerly dive in and do the work. They do the work the man is supposed to do and justify it by claiming they are so loyal. Well, slaves are loyal to their masters when they do not know they are in bondage. Taurus, loyalty is not everything when you neglect being loyal to yourself! Taurus woman want a commitment relationship but will settle for a friends with benefits or side chick situation just to remain attached to the man she fancies in some way, shape or form.

Taurus woman will overlook their man’s shortcomings, forgive too much and allow themselves to be somewhat of a punching bag just to prove how strong their capacity is to love and “stick it out” like a big girl.

I love my Taurus female friends but they rant about how their man continuously hurts them without doing anything about it. Ever. When the Taurus woman see’s the red flag, she charges forward like the bull she is with full speed, never stopping to think about what the hell she is doing. She will stay in a dead end relationship well past it’s expiration date. Know when to leave Taurus woman!

Her biggest hurdle is falling first without getting the facts. She is a slave to her senses being that she is the toddler of the zodiac sign. Tasting, feeling, touching, seeing, etc. If a man can figure out she can’t see past the physical senses, he will dominate her and make her his pet Bull. Literally!

Taurus Man:

Unfortunately, I find Taurus men irresistibly attractive. He is the epitome of masculinity yet tinder and warm on the inside once you win his trust and affection. He is emotionally strong, well disciplined, and he works very hard to maintain his toys. Work hard play hard, well even at the expense of his health and his relationship with you. Get accustomed to coming second. It’s always business first baby! If your not a super confident woman, you will find it hard to not allow his other priorities he puts over you to chip away at your self-esteem.

However, when it comes to him, you better make him a priority or you will lose him, fast! He demands your loyalty and your attention without beating around the bush. Taurus men will tell you what it is, without ever stuttering or going back on his word if he is serious about you. If he’s just fucking around with you, he’ll treat you like one of his toys, using you and then throwing you back in the toy box.

Taurus men treat relationships like a business. They just don’t know how to draw the line and turn off their CEO swag when taking a long romantic walk with their lady on the beach. If you are helplessly feminine like myself, you crave his alpha male mentality and strength until he has an angry, jealous tantrum and shocks you to the core.

How could a man so sweet, so giving and so real be so prone to anger. A Taurus man will punch a wall or throw a lamp, similar to a toddler at a grocery store whose mother put the bag of skittles back on the shelf after he was fixated on trying to open the bag and devour them.

He’s sweet and sour. Hot and cold. An addicting contradiction. His biggest hurdle in accomplishing ever lasting love is controlling his tantrums, calming his jealous tendencies and not being so blatantly honest and overly critical of his woman. He has very little tact and doesn’t know when to stop being condescending and verbally disrespectful. He can make his woman feel cherished in one instant and like complete garbage the next. Taurus men, stop switching to extremes! Stabilize your energy.

Gemini Woman:

Gemini ladies, your relationship will fail because you’re naive’ to a fault. Gemini’s are the children of the zodiac. They are easily deceived by candy, toys and false promises. Predators prey on the Gemini female because of her innocent and gullible aura.

Men are very attracted to the docile femininity of the unfiltered, say whatever I wanna say, fun loving Gemini female. She has the ability to bring men back to the playful side of their childhood they’ve long forgotten.

However, it also makes her susceptible to deception. She focuses on the bright side of everything and overlooks glaringly bright, flashing red flags! Gemini never really saw the signs, she is blindsided with happiness and joy most of the time.

When she is hurt she is really shocked and the man who hurts her is devastated because of her innocence. The Gemini woman needs to activate her intuition and look at the reality of a situation instead of just sunshine and rainbows.

Realism is what will save the Gemini female from being so naive and getting hurt repeatedly by lovers. What makes her scared of commitment and unattached to the point where she’d rather fuck around and be promiscuous is the inability to truly forgive and not hold a subconscious grudge against men in general for her own naivety.

Gemini woman are bitter for the wrong reasons and it’s always someone else’s fault when they get hurt. Her inability to take some responsibility in the dysfunctional relationships she has participated in, stunts her growth and she keeps meeting the same type of men, over and over again.  She is likely to cheat or use a man financially if she knows a relationship won’t manifest between the two of them. It’s never something for nothing with a Gemini woman, you are paying for something!

Gemini Men:

Gemini and Aquarius men are most likely to be single their entire lives and be happy living a life commitment free life!

He can’t spell commitment let alone comprehend the meaning. He is too afraid of losing freedom. Gemini men are like flies hoovering around your bed at night while your trying to go to sleep. Just buzzing in your ears and landing on different parts of your face to annoy you. They don’t really want anything serious with you, they just want to buzz around you and feed upon you until they are full and ready to move on to their next target.

Being faithful is not slavery dear Gemini man. You’re biggest downfall is that you don’t know how to stop being unruly. You can’t settle down and stick to one woman. It’s boring to you. Relationships are boring right?

No, you’re boring! You are too passive and you don’t want to put in the work. Being that you are the child of the Zodiac you want to play all damn day and only be concerned with what thrills you!

The grass is always greener on the other side. Most Gemini men have ADD and can’t focus on you or anything else. If they see a girl they deem more attractive than their wife or girlfriend they will cheat if given the opportunity. Their motto is: “You only live once!” Why should

Woman don’t take you seriously because you don’t take them seriously. You are not an alpha male like most air signs and you often confuse friendship with love. You fall for your friends and friend zone romantic interest. It’s a twisted game that is very amusing to you. Gemini men are passive and he will lie incessantly because he doesn’t have the balls to tell the truth!

The hurdle you must overcome is childishness, inconsistency and confusing friendship with love. Why should the Gemini man hold back on his indulgences just to stay faithful to you? 

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

New Moon in Aries: Level Up or Stay Stuck

You can’t nurture what you don’t acknowledge.


New Moon in Aries March, 27th – 2017

Aries is the alpha that exudes leadership, initiative, and bravery but deep within the Aries Fiery ambition is a deep need for nurturing, comfort, love, and validation. Every leader has a strong spouse, family or support group that cheers them on. Aries needs this more than any other sign.

Unfortunately, if the need is not controlled, Aries will stay in toxic relationships just to hold on to any companionship they can to satisfy their deep need for nurturing. There’s a paradox with being a badass, fearless leader… those who do the most, need the most!

Revisiting the Past.

Therefore, with this New Moon in Aries, you will revisit the past for comfort and validation instead of getting out of your comfort zone, letting go of the past and evolving into a higher conscious because of it.

There is unfinished business with a past lover. There is unfinished business with a business partner, friend, colleague, work situation or family member. Whichever applies to you… PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The astrological infant who shows the initiative to grow and learn but cannot do it without the help of their caregiver.

New Moon Challenge: Discover who and what you are dependent on and why!

Are you dependent on others for love, validation, comfort and familiarity because you believe you can’t grow without them?

It’s time to take the titty out your mouth and use the initiative of Aries to create the life you’ve always wanted without hesitation.

To do this, you must surrender dependencies and realize when a thing is OVER, it is OVER. All of this rekindling is not because of love, but because of FEAR. 

Fear of abandonment

Fear of being alone

Fear that you are not adequate


The fear of being yourself – even if it is at the expense of losing others.

The ENERGY of AUTHENTICITY is in the air! 

“Aries teaches us that we do not need permission to embrace an authentic self-expression with enthusiasm. Aries is naturally itself, and cannot be any other way than it IS.” – Robert Wilkinson

But you have free will. You can use this powerful New Moon in Aries to finally come out and be who you are unapologetically. You can use it to break the chains of dependency and self-doubt. You can use it to love yourself with a new enthusiasm and vigor!


You can revert back to infancy and stay afraid. You can latch on to that titty and stay on the same level. You can refuse to love yourself and stay dependent on the love from others even if that love is short of your expectations and doesn’t provoke the fiery passion within you.

You can stay stuck, dependent and fearful or Evolve into who you really are and finally be FREE!

Remember staying stuck will destroy any opportunities Venus Retrograde gave you to love yourself – Anyone you met during this period will have the heightened intuition to see that you are NOT ready to let go of the past – And may sever all ties with you.

Impulsive decisions:

The Energy of Mars

Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries, symbolizing energy, impulse, action, will, wanting, desire, sex, anger, courage, assertion, aggression, violence, conflict, war, and weapons.


You will have to make a choice. This can be career, family or choosing between to potential love interest. The choice you make now will plant a seed. Choose wisely. Mercury retrograde starts April 9th and it will make you second guess the decision you made the week of March 27th – April 2nd.

Problem is – it will be too late. Mercury retrograde will have you going over the decision you made in your head second guessing – The opportunity is closed and the other person you didn’t choose moved on.

The bill you could have paid – has now doubled in interest. The car you should have fixed – will cost twice the amount to repair. Basically, you will realize you fucked up if during the week of March 27-April 2nd you made the wrong decision.

Delays – Delays – Delays!

Venus and Mercury will be in Retrograde at the SAME TIME April 9th – 15th – Depending on your birth chart this could lead to MAJOR setbacks. But hey! These are good setbacks and it’s the Universe way of saying slow downstop & think Reflect THEN release.

To grow we must let go and a lot of yall ain’t Letting go!

Learn from it because it ain’t coming back.

Any CREATIVE ideas, projects, and opportunities can fall to the waist side if you do not empower yourself to pursue them with the ambition and initiative of the Aries. To pursue your dreams you need to BELIEVE in yourself. Unattach yourself from the cosmic titty and go off on your own!

Don’t put your foot in your mouth!

If this Aries energy has you feeling bold and uninhibited that is great -to a certain degree! You might say things that are disrespectful and hurtful to others with no remorse. That is until April 9th pops up and Mercury spins into Retrograde while venus is still in retrograde – and you think back realizing the person you spoke to disrespectfully is no longer checking for you!

You may find yourself apologizing to many people mid-April.

Your Intuition will be CONFIRMED

Remember in the beginning of March you got a feeling about someone or something?? Well, this Aries New Moon will remind you that you must trust your gut instincts. The person or situation is NOT for you. Now you must take initiative and remove them from your life or you will find out that they will be leaving voluntarily – Bye-Bye OR you aint’t getting your money back from that shady business deal you KNEW you should of refrained from investing in.

A great time to START

Mars is the powerhouse of action that rules Aries. Start that new business, start that new diet, start that new Exercise routine – Start giving ZERO fucks! Just start… whatever your heart desires.

It’s your choice – Level up or Stay Stuck!

It all begins with a seed of impulse: a spark of something new, a motion to pursue a different direction, a desire to grow a new…well, just what do you want?

This is the primary Aries question. Choose your seed wisely: whatever evolves over the month following the New Moon in Aries will be rooted in the seeds that are planted now.

By Janell Hihi

Copy Right@2017 All Rights Reserved.