Aquarius Have a Misconception of Intimacy.


I am known to criticize the downfalls of every sign in the Zodiac and you’d be surprised by how much hate mail I receive from various people who claim I am attacking their sign.

I also receive emails and comments from people who are in complete agreeance with my character analysis of each sign. Regardless, I haven’t clearly pointed out the flaws in my own Zodiac sign.

What the hell is wrong with Aquarius?

Aquarius is fixed and detached. This means we are stubborn and we do not easily conform to anyone or anything. This may appear as a strength but it could breed disloyalty and an inability to commit.

Speaking of commitment, Aquarius feel that if they commit to someone or something completely, they sacrifice their freedom. As an Aquarius, we always think we have to trade in our freedom to be in a relationship.

Aquarius are deliberately ambiguous in our intent because we have no idea what we want most of the time. We just want the freedom to want what we want when we want it without giving an explanation.

Did that confuse you? Well, that’s what Aquarius tend to do…. confuse people.

The lesson all Aquarius must learn is that there is a unique freedom within love itself. Love is freedom. Intimate love is not restrictive, it’s the opposite. It gives us wings.

I talk a good game, and I am aware of my dark, shadow characteristics. However, it is nearly impossible to take my own advice. I can’t comprehend my aversion to closeness, my fear of falling so deeply in love I think I will lose myself.

Aquarius are low-key obsessed with themselves. Our deepest fear is being so entrenched in love, our work, humanitarian efforts, goals, friendships and various projects will fail to be accomplished.

Aquarius doesn’t want to be lost in anything but themselves. That is slightly narcissistic.

Aquarius always remain friendly, yet objective. Open minded, but critical, adventurous but cautious.

We don’t rush to fall in love but we rush into everything else! We hate slowness. We think fast, talk fast, walk fast…


We are the yin and the yang and there are some Zodiac signs that find that characteristic annoying, indecisive and contradicting.

We remain in the middle, unattached, refusing to take any side. Except when it comes to human rights and equality. Our passion for life and protecting other’s is always made crystal clear.

However, when it comes to love, we harbor a misconception of intimacy. I must admit, love makes me claustrophobic. I dread the responsibility of “Making someone else happy,” and I’d much rather be in a less restrictive relationship where we love each other deeply but there is more of an element of freedom. Not the freedom to cheat, but the freedom to continue to explore our true nature.

Friendship is how Aquarius love. We express our love as a friend and we recognize love only through friendship. When friendship, respect and that air freedom we need is missing, we run away from love.

Aquarius want closeness but they also want freedom. Aquarius want commitment, but they also want ample free time to continue to check off items on their lifelong bucket list.

Unlike any other Zodiac sign, we are not afraid to be alone. The problem is, we get attached to our aloneness and have a difficult time coming out of it.

Aquarius who are single for a long time will have a very hard time adjusting to a relationship.

Aquarius is fixed. We are controlling. Not overtly, but in a manipulative and secretive way. 

Aquarius make awesome sales reps and con artist. We have a mind that can read other’s almost instantly and use that knowledge for good or evil.

Aquarius are very attracted to intelligence. Good looks are great but a lack of intelligence, passion and drive is a COMPLETE turn off to Aquarius.

Aquarius hate strict schedules and routine. This makes it hard for us to stick to long term goals. We can be seen as less serious and unfocused. This is not true in most cases, we just do things our own way and in our own time. To maintain our obsession with freedom.

Other’s see us as weird. We do odd things because we truly are different. The problem is different is not always good.

As soon as we feel smothered, we retreat into ourselves. We get busy doing other things. We need breaks from boring routine often.

Aquarius astrological age is the 2nd childhood. We are close to Pisces, which is the oldest sign in the Zodiac. So, we are like the fun-loving grandparents who spoil their grandchildren rotten. We want to explore, play, nap, eat, and travel.

We are at that pre-elderly stage where we want to do all the things we couldn’t do because we were tied down raising our kids and working. It’s like we are in a mental retirement. This is what makes us artistic, genius and highly imaginative.

On the flipside, we can be cruel, judgment, condescending and overly critical like most people in their mid to late fifties. 

aqua facts

Aquarius are inconsistent by nature and obsessed with constantly switching things up to keep things interesting. This is why we suck in relationships.

We want to be in love, but not so much in love that we are joined by the hip. We are cowards who run away from closeness with others. If it get’s too deep, we swim to the shore where it’s safe.

We use humor to soothe our pain. Hey, it’s better than using drugs! Sometimes we over do it with joking and don’t know when to stop. Joking when we should be serious. We like to “Appear,” as though we are not hurt, upset with the direction of our lives, or lonely. We enjoy Playing when we should be focused. Daydreaming when we should be working.

We crave change but we are fixed and stubborn. Therefore we are too comfortable in our ways at times and this stunts our spiritual growth as the war inside of continues to rage between fear and courage.

We say things we don’t mean when were angry. We have random, built up, outburst and follow that up with the silent treatment for days or weeks on in.

We repeat ourselves and talk in circles often. Many find this annoying. Especially Scorpios and Virgos. They always point that out to me.

We try to appear too aloof because we’re afraid of rejection. Aquarius will always appear overly nonchalant and casual as a shield to protect themselves from being dependent on other’s approval or affection. It’s really sad.

Please like, share and comment if this resonates with you or an Aquarius you know.

By Janell Hihi






Astrology Update June 5, to July 20, 2017: Mighty Mars is Entering Cautious Cancer


The Energy of Mars in Cancer summed up into one sentence…

“If it doesn’t feel right, I can’t do it.”

Mars is always on a mission. Mars in astrology represents our action house. How and when we choose to get things done is influenced by the energy of Mars in our personal chart and how Mars transits through the Zodiac signs throughout the year.

How and when we choose to get things done is influenced by the energy of Mars in our personal chart and how Mars transits through the Zodiac signs throughout the year.

My Mars is in Pisces so I am motived to act through emotions, creativity, and free will. By free will I mean Pisces operates on their own time and their own rhythm and this is why it is so hard for me to stick to routines and schedules because they interrupt the spontaneous flow of artistry and creativity.

Cancer is the ultimate sign of mood swings. Cancer is not ruled by a planet, it is ruled by the moon. The moon changes daily and so does Cancers. Be prepared for unexpected mood swings from yourself and others.

Mars doesn’t like to be in Cancer because Mars is all about business and Cancer influences Mars to slow down and think about it before taking action. Mars wants to get her done and Cancer wants to see how it feels first before acting on it.

Whatever bold plans you had coming into June will come to a screeching halt as Cancer energy demands that you think again before acting.


Old fears my manifest once again and paranoia may influence you to be reluctant in following through on promises you made.

This is an excellent time to examine impulse spending and how emotions play a part in our finances. Are you buying things you don’t need out of a feeling of emptiness, sadness, boredom or validation? How are your emotions negatively impacting your finances?

All of a sudden, things seem a little scarier. The commitment you were going to make in your relationships needs rethinking, the house you want to buy is put on hold to explore other options so you can feel secure in the decision you make.

You may feel overprotective of your children and worry more about their security and safety from June 4th-July 20, 2017 as Mars is stationed in Cancer.

Expect your boyfriend/girlfriend or Fiance’ to suddenly have cold feet. Don’t be alarmed, Cancer energy addresses emotions, encourage your partner to open up to you and share your feelings as well. Don’t try to create a solution just yet, just sit with your feelings and your fears until it passes after July 20th.

Cancer forces us to feel, so whatever emotions you are suppressing will come to the surface and demand to be reconciled.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

It’s Gemini Season: Embrace The Polarity of Your Personality


The sun is shining brightly in the youthful and creative Zodiac sign of Gemini. It’s time to accept your polarities and celebrate them.

Each of us has a yin and yang, a dark side and light side, neither part of us can exist without the other. Gemini energy reminds us that we must totally accept and embrace everything we are.

It’s time to laugh at your hypocrisy and appreciate that no matter how much you try to deny it, we are all walking, talking, deliberate contradictions.

We are not just one thing. We are a process unfolding, breathing, evolving, falling down but getting right back up again.

It’s time to flaunt your alter ego, your innocent side and your sinister side. If you are a Gemini celebrating a birthday, throw an alter ego birthday bash where everyone comes dressed as their alter ego.

Celebrate your polarity, stop hiding all of what you are. We where many hats and have several faces. As multi-dimensional beings, Gemini influences us be all of those things unapologetically.

Mercury ruled Gemini also wants us to speak our truth and say it loud and proud. Be outspoken, get heard and be less self-conscious of who will judge you for it.

Pour out a little liquor for the deceased Gemini Tupac Shakur who made a hit song titled, “Only God Can Judge Me,” You’ll always see Geminis laughing and smiling through adversity… It’s comforting to see someone who still has joy in the midst of pain.


Wear a purple bikini or swimming trunks to the beach in honor of the legendary singer Prince whose individuality and creativity set the standard for Gemini ingenuity and beautiful madness.


Dust off your old Lauren Hill iTune tracks and listen to the song she sang that put her on the map. Another genius Gemini who embraced her polarity and twin like nature by singing, “When it hurt so bad, why does it feel so good?” A question no one can answer til this day…

The child-like genius that Gemini, I don’t know if they are coming or going, leaving or staying but it is hypnotizing to watch them switch sides like a light switch, on and off, never dull, always ALIVE.

Let your inner child live and enjoy life in the moment with hotter days, mesmerizing sunsets, the aroma of bbq and the tranquility of sitting by the still lake waters and hanging out by a bonfire with friends to awaken your careless, child-like spirit.

Innocence re-emerges with the fertility of summer, a lilac fragrance, juicy watermelons, school is out and a peaceful inner freedom blooms like wildflowers in bright green lush fields inside of you.

Bathe in the light of the sun and sulk in the beauty that lightness brings – which is darkness. It’s a win-win, we get to play in the sun and then show off our tans! Now you see, polarity goes hand and hand.

Gemini demands that you -LIVE!

By Janell Hihi



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The Zodiac Signs That Commit the most Crimes according to the FBI


Every day thousands of criminals are booked and arrested for petty crimes and serious crimes in the United States.

Below is a breakdown quoted from findings from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Which sign is really about that life?

Let’s find out…

It’s been established that zodiac signs and crimes go hand in hand. What does this mean?

It means the zodiac sign a person is born under may directly connect them to the kind of crime they’re liable to commit. Basically, the sign itself can determine what crime a person is most likely going to commit.

Keep in mind that the zodiac is separated into four categories:

Air – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

Water – Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio

Fire – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Earth – Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Of the three fire signs, Sagittarius is seen as having more of the criminal element and is harder to arrest.

Aries are typically armed for a cause and Leos are extremely dangerous.

When it comes to the three air signs, Libras tend to have more of the criminal element in them. They’re general armed and can be considered dangerous.

Gemini folk are often linked to cases of fraud while Aquarius tends to commit revenge-like crimes.

In the earth sign category, Taurus is seen as the temperamental and risky sign.

Virgos are typically armed while Capricorns are habitually versatile criminals.

For the water signs, Cancer has the most criminals (of all zodiac signs) and can be extremely violent. Both Pisces and Scorpio have out of control tempers.

Based on the information from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (, Cancer are the most arrested criminals, which shows they are one of the more dangerous signs in the zodiac circle.

After Cancer, Taurus is the ones that commit the most crimes.

Sagittarius is listed as number three. The remaining nine of the zodiac fall in the following order for arrests:

4 – Aries
5 – Capricorn

6 – Virgo

7 – Libra

8 – Pisces

9 – Scorpio

10 – Leo

11 – Aquarius

12 – Gemini

Cancers are notorious for being passion killers. They tend to kill many times and leave some type of markings on the bodies of their victims that distinguish them from other killers.

These killers are generally seen as mentally unstable. Taurus are usually involved with money laundering, as they’re often seen as clever and can enjoy their crime without the interference of others.
By Janell Hihi copyright @2017

Top 5 Most Petty Zodiac Signs

crazy libra

Pettiness is becoming an epidemic, but for some Zodiac signs, pettiness is a natural, everyday part of life!

After over a decade of extensive studying and research of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, I believe that I am now qualified to share with you the top 5 most petty zodiac signs.

First, let’s define pettiness: 

  1. the undue concern with trivial matters, especially of a small-minded or spiteful nature.

Petty people have a strong desire to get revenge from the smallest slight to their over inflated ego. Let’s be honest, we have all engaged in petty behavior but most of us don’t indulge in it consistently.

Consistently petty people are habitually petty and often to their own demise. It’s so childish it is almost comical to witness but to people who are naturally petty, they often justify their pettiness as an intolerance to bullshit. Petty people must always react! They see letting things go as a weakness. If your Sun or Moon is in any of the Zodiac signs below, BITCH! You’re petty!

Are you a petty human being? Did your Zodiac sign make the list? 

5th Most Petty Zodiac sign TAURUS


The Taurus astrological age is the toddler. Do you have a baby between 8 months to 2 years old? Or have you every babysit a child that age? If so, you know first hand that toddlers are the most selfish little people in the world.

When babies want to be held they cry. When they want to eat they will snatch your food off your plate or scream bloody murder! If they do not get their way in the grocery store they throw a Migraine inducing tantrum, certain to embarrass you.

Here’s a short list of the tantrum throwing tyrants that make up the Petty sign of Taurus:

Karl Marx
Nikolai Lenin
Adolf Hitler
Ho Chi Minh (triple Taurus)
Pol Pot
Saddam Hussein


Adolf Hitler was a Taurus, need I say more? Taurus will smack the shit out of you for mispronouncing their name. They can be violently petty. Female Taurus often see beating a bitches ass, as the only logical solution to a disagreement.

Reality TV star Chrissy Lampkin, who is married to Rapper Jim Jones is a classic case of a pyscho female Taurus who uses violence and aggression for the most petty transgressions. Anything that is even slightly insulting to a Taurus can set off their violent temper. Below is Chrissy’s mug shot after she was booked on Assualt charges for beating up Kimbella on an episode of Love & Hip Hop New York. The Taurus always has something to prove. It’s downright over the top and ridiculously annoying.


I had a Taurus boyfriend who threw things and flung my suitcase down a flight of stairs when he was angry. Needless to say, Taurus can be DANGEROUSLY PETTY. Check out my article, “Taurus is one of the most popular sign among American Serial Killers!”

Taurus wants what they want when they want it. Regardless if it’s a turkey sandwich instead of a ham sandwich, they will give you the evil eye if you mess up their order. They are NOT shy about complaining about any and every little thing. The Taurus can be quite exhausting to be around as they expect perfection from themselves and everyone around them.

Taurus are a slave to loyalty when it comes to relationships. They are that ride or die chick who just can’t leave their man despite how often he cheats on her, beats her and disrespects her. The Taurus will allow bad treatment without consequences when they are in love until one day they just snap and end up murdering their significant other. Taurus would rather kill you then break up with you. Leaving someone they love is hard, murdering them is less difficult. Taurus are notorious for passion crimes and I’m willing to bet most episodes of the show Snapped, featured a Taurus on the run for killing their spouse.


They are EXTREMELY superficial and materialistic and they won’t like you unless you own something luxurious. Taurus will talk about your shoes being off brand and your watch not being a real Rolex.

Taurus are that petty! They say it innocently like, “Nice watch, is that a Rolex?” or “Your hair is cute, are those extensions?”


Taurus are so petty they will even go as far as suing you for petty and trivial things. For example, a man just sued his date for texting while she was in the movie theater with him, he is suing for a total of $17.31 in damages. I would bet $100 the guy who filed the lawsuit is a TAURUS. They are batshit petty!

Taurus invented tit for tat. Evening the score is something they are very good at no matter how trivial the issue is. They notice EVERY thing and they are quick to point out flaws. For example, if you have bad grammar they will keep correcting you if you forgot to wipe the boogers from your left eye this morning they will point that out. They point out that your shirt doesn’t match your pants and you only have the iPhone 6 and not the iPhone 7.

They just do too much in general. Toddlers are parasites that suck the life out of their parents and if you hang around a Taurus long enough, they will suck the life out of you. Every time you hang out with them, you will feel exhausted afterward just like a tired mother with Post Pardum Depression.

4th Most Petty Zodiac Sign SCORPIO


Scorpio’s invented the phrase “Eye for an eye,” because they are hell bent on getting revenge by any means necessary. However, unlike the Taurus, the Scorpio strikes insidiously. The Scorpion will let you have your cake and eat it too, and wait until your comfortable again to strike back.

The Scorpio will cheat on you behind your back because last Wednesday you denied them sex because you said you had a headache. Scorpions are passionate and if you deny them love-making, they may roll over and just say, “Okay honey, get some rest.” But in their scandalous minds, they are plotting on which side chick to meet up with during their lunch break tomorrow who can give them some booty in the back seat of your family van.

The Scorpio gets revenge quietly. They will never admit all the petty shit they do to get back at you because they don’t think you deserve to know. In your eyes, they appear as the most understanding and easy going partner. However, when you uncover all their dirt, you will realize they are the most spiteful and petty person on earth!

They are sneaky with their pettiness. If you are upset with them and don’t give them attention, they go online and meet new people on Tinder who will give them undivided attention. If you use their car and don’t refill the gas, they will steal $20 from your wallet when your not looking and when you ask them about the money they will say:

Your missing $20 really? Wow, let me help you look for it, did you drop it outside?”

So, what happens when you thought your Scorpio was loving, and forgiving but you find out they’ve been scheming behind your back the entire time? Have you watched the latest season finale, Part 3 of The Real House Wives of Atlanta? Kandi Buress a Taurus, finds out the dirty scheme her so-called Scorpio friend was plotting behind her back all along in this emotional reunion show.


It was so bad Scorpion Phaedra was fired from the show from spreading a rumor that Kandi tried to drug their mutual friend on the show with date rape drugs to have sex with her! See how petty Scorpios can be? All while smiling in your face and quoting scriptures from the bible and organizing church revivals.

 3rd Most Petty Zodiac Sign Capricorn


Congratulations Capricorn, you made the top 3! If you didn’t have an ego the size of your ruling planet Saturn, maybe you wouldn’t take everything anyone says or does as an insult to you.

Capricorns have a love/hate relationship with drama. One minute they are passive and avoid drama at all cost. The next minute they are aggressive and starting fights at every opportunity. They are known for giving the cold shoulder and the silent treatment when they feel slighted for very long periods of time until they explode in rage and anger.

If you hurt a Capricorn, regardless of how trivial the matter, the Capricorn will go for days, weeks or even months without talking to you. They will talk about you behind your back on every occasion that presents itself but ignoring you is how they teach you a lesson. Capricorn’s feel obligated to teach people lessons. They are annoying motherly and fatherly people who act more like your parent than your spouse.

You will know you did something wrong, but they won’t tell you what it is unless you literally corner them. They like to keep you guessing. A Capricorn will become detached and indifferent towards you and you will keep asking them, “What’s wrong?” and “Did I do something to upset you?” The Capricorn will say something sarcastic or not respond at all. In their sadistic minds, they think you know what you did and you’re just acting as if you don’t!

It’s frustrating dealing with this level of utter pettiness. How can you resolve the conflict if they won’t tell you what it is? When they finally open up to you, it’s explosive. They bring up a laundry list of petty shit you did that bothered them and then they have the audacity to tell you how to fix it so it doesn’t happen again. Oh and it better not happen again!

If you are benefiting the Capricorn in any way, they may never tell you how you bothered them. They want to hold it in so you can keep paying half their bills, or so they can keep using your car to go to work.

cardi again

Capricorns express their pettiness by using people. Example, a Capricorn girl finds out her boyfriend cheated on her, she won’t confront him right away. First, she will ask him to buy a designer purse she has been eyeing for the last month. If he agrees to buy it, she will stay silent. Her logic is, “Yeah, he can continue to cheat, but I will milk him like a cow!”

If he says no, she will bring up the cheating, berate him to no end and demand that he buy the purse with his lying, cheating ass or else she is leaving! She will use his betrayal to finance all the things she wants him to buy. Watch out for this petty, spiteful, gold-digging drama queen.

2nd Most Petty Zodiac Sign LIBRA


Libra’s hold grudges like they are holding on to dear life! Join the pity party Libra because you are spiritually constipated and don’t know how to just let shit go!

Libra’s are spiteful and very JEALOUS. Don’t let their smile fool you, they secretly despise everything about you. Like Taurus, they are very materialistic but more naturally stylish so their beauty comes off as effortless until someone else enters the room and the Libra feels threatened.

They always feel threatened and their insecurity is what fuels their pettiness.

It’s as if they believe everything is a silent competition and they must win. To balance out the scales of justice they carry, cutting you out of their life with no proper warning or explanation is how they show their pettiness.

If you have a Libra friend who is jealous of you, they will stop calling and texting you as much. They will stop asking you to hang out, and when they do hang out with you, they will criticize you about your flaws.

Libra’s love to say things like, “You think you’re all that!” or “Your cute but your not a 10.”

They often compliment you but follow the compliment up immediately with criticism. It’s how they balance the scales.

Kim Kardashian is the epitome of a Libra, a highly fashionable, shallow side of the pool dwelling BITCH!


Libra’s are dangerously jealous, I know a Libra guy who cut off his girlfriend’s ponytail because he caught her hanging out with another guy. A normal person would have just left her, but a Libra is determined to get your ass back by invoking revenge.

They want you to hurt inside like they do. They feel it is their responsibility to punish you because you look better than them, make more money than them, you have a kid and they don’t or you got the promotion and they didn’t.

Libra’s are gifted with a strong attention to detail so they will point out things about you that no one else has before. They can do this to charm you by pointing out good things or they can use it to hurt you by pointing out bad things about you.

They are also petty like Taurus and will point out things about your clothing, grammar and even how you chew your food just to be petty and annoy you.

libra meme

Cardi B, another famed Libra who capitalizes off her hilarious pettiness. You think she’s acting, nah that bitch is really PETTY.  Libra’s hold grudges like no other and what she is saying in the above meme is all facts!

No matter what you do or say, the Libra will never forgive you for hurting them. EVER! They will remind you in the most childish, pettiest ways that you still must repent from the sins you committed against them.

Libra’s are controlling because they don’t want you to get one over on them. They need to know what you’re doing, where you’re at and why you didn’t call. To be an air sign, they are really domineering, which is weird. They are like mutants.

In one breath the Libra wants space to zone out and be alone, in the other breath the Libra wants to smother you and follow you around like a stalker.

They alternate between two extremes never balancing out those damn symbolic scales they carry around.

Never say to a Libra, “Let’s let bygones by bygones,” because they don’t know what that means. They don’t live by that logic, they live by petty, resentful, unforgiving and envious logic.

#1 Most Petty Zodiac Sign PISCES


Congratulations Pisces, you petty little fish with a broken fin. You’re number one!

Pisces, shit! Where do I start? The most two-faced sign beside the Gemini, this swamp fish will filet you in several different ways as they practice pettiness as a religion.

Pisces the most creatively genius sign in the Zodiac is also the pettiest. What a wonderful combination! Albert Einstein was a Pisces who was adored for his genius but I am sure those closest to him, felt the full wrath of his pettiness on a regular basis!

Pisces is the most contradicting sign of the Zodiac. This is why their Zodiac symbol is two fishes swimming in opposite directions because they are trying to go into two different directions at the same damn time. Pisces likes to confuse people because they are confused!

Pisces love sulking and planning pity parties after they executive master plans of manipulation and betrayal against their closest friends and allies. And they wonder why everybody hates them…

Two-faced is an understatement when describing the petty Pisces.

Pisces is the Pope in the Catholic church who preaches his holiness then molest kids in his private corridors.

Pisces blame everyone for everything because they spend too much time thinking and not enough time “doing,” Pisces invented codependency and need someone or something around them all the time to feel validated. They get addicted to people or addicted to drugs.

Pisces wants to be the Martyr, they want to be persecuted and will take an L and go down just to say they saved someone else and so other people can feel sorry for them.

Spiteful, jealous, revengeful, passive and aggressive, the Pisces is every bit of genius and insanity all rolled into one human being. Between Rihanna FedEx’ing a package of rice (and chopsticks?) To Karrueche and Tamar trying to Sabotage Monica, y’all are some really petty folks.

Pisces put the P in Passive aggressive. They act unbothered when things actually bother them only to explode into an emotional nut case when they let it fester and build up over time. You might think everything is going well with your Piscean until they do something or say something very hurtful or rude to you out of the blue.



They love to embarrass people as a way to express their inherent pettiness. They will literally wait until you’re in front of a bunch of people to insult you just to catch you off guard. It’s a powerful tactic that highly skilled, manipulative and petty people are great at!

Pisces self-mutilate. They torture themselves and others. Pisces remind me of bees. They are so petty they would sting you just to hurt you even though they will die after their stinger falls off. Their death is worth it as long as they were able to bother you. #Petty

Pisces invented religion, and religion is the most contradictory ideology ever invented by men. Need I say more?

Try to confront the Pisces about their rude behavior at your own risk. They may strike out against you in a psychotic argument or act as if your imagining things. Pisces are good at gaslighting and deflecting. They like to use reverse psychology as a way to get back at you.

Like their fellow water sign Scorpio, if you hurt their ego, sleeping with your boyfriend is not beneath them. They will start an all out affair with your man and sustain it for months or even years behind your back all because that guy Mike the two of you were crushing on chose to date you instead of them.


They play favoritism daily and will choose certain kids, siblings, co-workers and friends to give special treatment too. They do it openly and blatantly to create drama and unrest because something in them is bored and needs to always pop off and provoke drama.

The Pisces will burn all your clothes if you text another woman or sleep with your boss to try to convince them to give you that promotion. Pisces always go too far! They are insane because they are a walking, talking, drama filled, Lifetime Network movie. They really do believe that their constant pettiness is essential in expressing their love for you.


Pisces gives their all when they are in love to the point where it destroys them. The’d steal for love, even kill for love! They lose themselves in their partner and then become resentful because they sacrificed way too much. No one can reciprocate what the Pisces gives in relationships because no one else is crazy enough to sacrifice their life to prove their love. Pisces put their lovers before their kids, extended family, and friends just like the love blind Aries.

Pisces pettiness is unmatched because they express pettiness outwardly, secretly, passively, aggressively and sexually. Hands down the pettiest mutha fuckers you’ll ever meet!


By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


Full Moon in Scorpio: Jump in The Water & Discover Your True Depth

Full moon in Scorpio. Weds. May 10, 2017


Full moons uncover what is hidden. Whether that is secrets, desires, emotions, personal revelations or hidden motives. Things become untangled within our lives when the sun illuminates the moon and ever crack, scrape, hole and ditch is exposed with the light.

What we uncover either completely surprises us, or it is simply a confirmation of what your intuition has been trying to tell you for weeks, months or years.

What you do with what you find out this Full Moon will determine your direction moving forward for the remainder of 2017.

The moon is sextile Scorpio whose ruler is Pluto and this energy encourages us to get rid of old habits that are keeping us stuck by challenging ourselves to change! Whether it’s eating better, sleeping more, taking up yoga, or learning how to say “No” to others, this full moon will challenge you to be more of who you are unapologetically.

However, devious Neptune is lurking and it is affecting our overall energy levels and motivation. We may feel unsure about goals we want to accomplish or insecure about our abilities at work or in our personal relationships.

It is essential that we examine why we are lacking motivation and look deep within by harnessing the energy of the full moon in Scorpio for the underlying issues that are creating feelings of low self-worth and doubt.

It’s time to face what you’ve been eluding. Do not be afraid. Your salvation and freedom awaits you on the other side. If you have to get counseling, speak to a spiritual advisor, forgive someone or sue someone in court to get justice, it’s time to start the process now.

Scorpio ignites the fiery feminine within. The feminine heals, creates, rebirths and nourishes us so that we can be healed by our own inner strength and resilience without looking outward for others to do the job.

Mercury and Uranus are traveling together to inspire great ideas, genius solutions to problems and cleverness. Harness this highly intellectual energy and couple it with the psychic and intuitive energies of this full moon in Scorpio and your life can change miraculously!

Scorpio is a water sign that is highly intuitive. This means when the full moon is in this sign, your intuition will be extremely heightened.

The universe is calling you to mute your societal conditioning and turn up the volume of the little voice inside you that is trying to guide you. Are you brave enough to listen to your own heart?

You May notice with Uranus just passing a conjunction with Mercury that you may get spontaneous revelations that change the way you see things! A change in perspective is needed sometimes as long as it is focused on positivity and your personal evolution.

If you are working on creative projects, now that Mercury is Direct, it’s time to revisit it and finish it once and for all! You won’t be disappointed in the final draft, go for it!


This full moon will increase your desire and inner yearnings to feel love and connection with others. Be careful not to sacrifice yourself and who you are as a person to gain the affection of others.

If you have to hold back, repress or get rid of any part of who you are to be in a relationship, the relationship is NOT for you. Carry on…

Instead of trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, focus on your inner vision, dreams and goals. The right person will enter into your life when you are in pursuit of true life purpose. The sooner you find out what you are here to teach us, the sooner you will find a life partner who vibes well with you.

I like to call it discovering your “Soul Purpose” I explain how to do this in my free eBook.

Check out my book “The 7 Principles of Self-Love” on Amazon or subscribe to my mailing list and I will email you the ebook Free.

Below is an excerpt Mystic Mama on the challenges and opportunities of this Full Moon in Scorpio: 

“Consider what it would take to commit to your own vision, to wrestle back control, to stand up for what you truly believe in.

“Look to where you may need to change (Pluto) the contract (Juno) with yourself and/or others in order to be able to live your truth.

It’s time to trust yourself and live your truth.


Janell Hihi


Saturn Is In Retrograde: Buckle up For The Karmic Roller Coaster Ride

Saturn Retrograde 2017 starts on April 6 at 27° Sagittarius and stations direct on August 25 at 21° Sagittarius.

Saturn is in retrograde along with Mercury and Venus? WTF is going on in the sky? Why are all the planets moving backward?

The universe is communicating to humanity that moving backward is moving forward & moving forward means we must look back to reflect on who we are and where it is we want to go in the future.

Saturn is the lord of Karma and the Ambassador of hard work, structure, stability and discipline. Retrograde motion is the time when Karma is sorted out. You dished it a few months ago, but can you take it? Well, you are about to find out! The books are about to be balanced and if you were naughty Papa Saturn is going to discipline you.


No worries, Saturn’s discipline is out of love. Saturn wants you to grow and flourish and to become a productive member of society. If Saturn could speak he would say,

“Get your shit together!”

Whatever is stunting your productiveness is what Saturn retrograde focuses on. This could well have been an ongoing problem hindering success over many incarnations. Events or relationships will keep reinforcing the problem area this life, especially during Saturn retrograde phases, until you master it.

Saturn in Retrograde is the Cocoon Phase

By the time Saturn stations direct, you should have come to terms with the relevant issues and be prepared for the next phase of your life. Sometimes growing is painful but it is worth it in the end. Pain is how we evolve and Saturn is going to make you feel it!

Rewards won’t come easy. Be prepared to work very hard to see results!

Finally, don’t be surprised if rewards don’t come easily during this Saturn retrograde. Along with its hardline approach to justice, Saturn demands dedication and work from all of us. Lessons learned during this period will be hard-won



Saturn is giving us all a reality check. You will feel compelled to shatter illusions in your life and be driven to let go of anything or anyone hindering your ability to manifest.

Saturn is all about physical manifestation coupled with Jupiter, it can bring about easy changes that bring enthusiasm and positive changes!

Saturn entered the retrograde zone on 30 December 2016 at 21°10′ Sagittarius. This first shadow phase lasts until Saturn retrograde on April 6. In these months you start to learn what areas of your life are holding you back and need some hard work to fix.

Saturn stations retrograde on 6 April 2017 at 27°47′ Sagittarius. From now until Saturn direct on August 25 is the phase where you learn your lessons. These are going to be very hard lessons because Venus square Saturn is one of the most challenging of all aspects in astrology. Saturn obviously retrograde makes this hard aspect even harder. Venus also retrogrades points to seriously heavy karma being sorted out during Saturn retrograde 2017.

Saturn Squaring a fixed star means TROUBLE – Evil Lurking but Destruction births Recreation – Welcome to the era of the bittersweet!

Saturn retrograde 2017 may expose some of the worst sides of human nature. Having your heart broken is one thing but being kicked when you are down is a whole other story. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

According to the Kemetic law of Polarity, when we witness the worst side of humanity we also witness the best. When chaos strikes, when war is started and dictators are on narcissistic ego trips, people are compelled to stand together and fight for the light of love and humanity. The yin always meets the yang. Stay strong and hold tight to your faith.

Saturn in retrograde in Sagittarius: Jupiter sextile Saturn is a time of cautious expansion. You can rely on sound judgment skills to chose only those opportunities that are right for you. Follow your heart and make the right decisions regarding which areas you would like to expand in your life. Jupiter is all about expansion!

Enjoy your ride on the karmic roller coaster and be prepared to get served what you deserve as the Universe balances the karmic scales. Remember to expand where you can, love with an open heart and remember the light at the end of the tunnel awaits you!

Happy Retrograde Season!

By Janell Hihi

Copyright@2017 All Rights Reserved.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus April 9 -May 3, 2017: A Time of Reflection

The April-May 2017 Mercury retrograde is nothing to fear, it is simply a time of reflection and a time to pull up the weeds that are blocking you from seeing and communicating your truth. -Intuitive Astrology

Venus is in Retrograde until April 15th, and now Mercury is in retrograde April 9- May 3, 2017.

Interestingly enough, Mercury Retrograde is in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. In addition, a full moon in Libra on April 10th will emerge and Libra is also ruled by Venus.


Venus is in full retrograde! This means humanity suffers from a lack of love. The lack emerges from a lack of love for ourselves and a lack of love and compassion towards others.

Mercury rules communication and Venus rules love and relationships. Therefore, communication in love and relationships will get complicated.

When Venus goes retrograde with Mercury, the universe is telling us that the way we COMMUNICATE our love must be re-evaluated.

Are you telling the truth of who you are and what you want from your heart? Or are you too logical, too analytical and too cerebral to communicate your heart’s desires when it comes to love, career, extended family and friends.

Mercury Retrograde is known to confuse, scramble and complicate communication in other areas too. It causes electronic disruption, equipment failure and accidents.

Some of the fun things you can look forward to during Mercury Retrograde include misunderstandings, mistakes, and disruptions related to listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, buying, travel, shipping, and anything related to computers and phones.


Mercury Retrograde in Taurus means that it is best you strictly adhere to your budget and refrain from shopping sprees and major purchases. Taurus rules money and the 5 senses so you may be tempted to indulge but do not give in. If you do give in, you will amass debt or buy into a scam that could rip you off several hundred dollars…

For your best chance of having a smooth Mercury Retrograde, don’t make any important moves, sign any contracts, or launch a new endeavor. Miller also writes that it’s not a good time to have any type of elective surgery because doctors are affected by the retrograde too.

Unfinished business emerges – Ex-boyfriends and girlfriends will contact you, old debts re-emerge and any issue that was not resolved will reach a full karmic circle demanding your full attention.

Mercury Retrograde forces us to tie up loose ends and gain closure so that we can move on to better things when it goes direct again. I like to refer to it as Spring cleaning! In with old, out with the new.

Nothing is quite what it seems…


If you accept a new job, the position will not match the original job description. If you meet a new person while Mercury is in Retrograde they are not who they appear to be. If you buy a house, you may get surprised with hidden loan terms when you go to the closing to sign the title.

This is a time of reflection so do not make any major moves. Instead, look within and develop a plan so that when Mercury goes direct you can execute it with confidence.

Full Moon in Libra April 10th: The Quietest Revolution

Brace yourselves… This full moon will be happening during Mercury Retrograde which starts April 9th.

Everything imbalanced in your life will come into bloom. Spring is approaching, the flowers are blooming and so is your intuitive knowing that your life needs more balance in certain areas.


Libra energy demands us to balance the scales. This is frustrating and takes work but if you are willing to do the work it is very rewarding.

If I could define the Libra energy in a song lyric it would be Lauren Hill’s – 

“You might win some, but you really lost one.”

What are you losing at the expense of imbalance within your life? Are you working too hard and not taking care of your body? Are you giving so much you do not allow yourself to sit back and receive?

It’s time to do an honest exercise I call energy inventory. How are you spending your energy? And in what areas are you lacking? This is a breakdown of how you are spending your days and weeks hour by hour. Download the worksheet Below:

Energy Inventory Worksheet

It’s time to confront what is unfair within your own life.

Libra demands equality and justice. It’s time to take responsibility and evaluate what you are allowing in your life that is unfair. This full moon will make it intolerable to accept being treated unfairly in relationships, in the workplace and in life in general.

Mercury retrograde will make us reflect on the past to ensure we are considering all the details before demanding fairness.


If you are the one being unfair to others, you will suddenly feel the karmic wheels change as you will notice this full moon will inspire others to stop taking your shit. People will not allow you to continue to use them and take advantage of them, so be prepared for backlash at the dawn of this powerful full moon.

Someone may realize enough is enough. 

Once the quiet revolution starts within yourself and you begin to balance out the scales of imbalance and injustice in your own life, you will be able to protest the imbalance and injustice that is happening in the world.

The quietest revolution is the revolution that starts within our own lives first. When we start demanding more from ourselves and others, we start demanding more from the world.

Of course, it’s true that Libra will always opt for a peaceful and zen approach, but it takes ACTION when it needs to. Libra is a cardinal sign, after all, and these are the signs that get things done.

Therefore, you may not be aggressive in your approach to change as the Libra Full moon energy illuminates the sky, but you will start the quiet analysis of what needs to be balanced in the silence of meditation or prayer. It will rise from you quietly, gently and decisively,  in true Libra fashion.

libra full moon

Thankfully, the beauty and grace of Libra energy will allow you to let go of people and situations in your life that no longer serve to balance your being in a positive light with the ease of releasing a butterfly. Balance the scales in your life with the beauty of the feminine divine within. Balance the scales lovingly.

By Janell Hihi

Copyright@2017 All Rights Reserved.



New Moon in Aries: Level Up or Stay Stuck

You can’t nurture what you don’t acknowledge.


New Moon in Aries March, 27th – 2017

Aries is the alpha that exudes leadership, initiative, and bravery but deep within the Aries Fiery ambition is a deep need for nurturing, comfort, love, and validation. Every leader has a strong spouse, family or support group that cheers them on. Aries needs this more than any other sign.

Unfortunately, if the need is not controlled, Aries will stay in toxic relationships just to hold on to any companionship they can to satisfy their deep need for nurturing. There’s a paradox with being a badass, fearless leader… those who do the most, need the most!

Revisiting the Past.

Therefore, with this New Moon in Aries, you will revisit the past for comfort and validation instead of getting out of your comfort zone, letting go of the past and evolving into a higher conscious because of it.

There is unfinished business with a past lover. There is unfinished business with a business partner, friend, colleague, work situation or family member. Whichever applies to you… PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The astrological infant who shows the initiative to grow and learn but cannot do it without the help of their caregiver.

New Moon Challenge: Discover who and what you are dependent on and why!

Are you dependent on others for love, validation, comfort and familiarity because you believe you can’t grow without them?

It’s time to take the titty out your mouth and use the initiative of Aries to create the life you’ve always wanted without hesitation.

To do this, you must surrender dependencies and realize when a thing is OVER, it is OVER. All of this rekindling is not because of love, but because of FEAR. 

Fear of abandonment

Fear of being alone

Fear that you are not adequate


The fear of being yourself – even if it is at the expense of losing others.

The ENERGY of AUTHENTICITY is in the air! 

“Aries teaches us that we do not need permission to embrace an authentic self-expression with enthusiasm. Aries is naturally itself, and cannot be any other way than it IS.” – Robert Wilkinson

But you have free will. You can use this powerful New Moon in Aries to finally come out and be who you are unapologetically. You can use it to break the chains of dependency and self-doubt. You can use it to love yourself with a new enthusiasm and vigor!


You can revert back to infancy and stay afraid. You can latch on to that titty and stay on the same level. You can refuse to love yourself and stay dependent on the love from others even if that love is short of your expectations and doesn’t provoke the fiery passion within you.

You can stay stuck, dependent and fearful or Evolve into who you really are and finally be FREE!

Remember staying stuck will destroy any opportunities Venus Retrograde gave you to love yourself – Anyone you met during this period will have the heightened intuition to see that you are NOT ready to let go of the past – And may sever all ties with you.

Impulsive decisions:

The Energy of Mars

Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries, symbolizing energy, impulse, action, will, wanting, desire, sex, anger, courage, assertion, aggression, violence, conflict, war, and weapons.


You will have to make a choice. This can be career, family or choosing between to potential love interest. The choice you make now will plant a seed. Choose wisely. Mercury retrograde starts April 9th and it will make you second guess the decision you made the week of March 27th – April 2nd.

Problem is – it will be too late. Mercury retrograde will have you going over the decision you made in your head second guessing – The opportunity is closed and the other person you didn’t choose moved on.

The bill you could have paid – has now doubled in interest. The car you should have fixed – will cost twice the amount to repair. Basically, you will realize you fucked up if during the week of March 27-April 2nd you made the wrong decision.

Delays – Delays – Delays!

Venus and Mercury will be in Retrograde at the SAME TIME April 9th – 15th – Depending on your birth chart this could lead to MAJOR setbacks. But hey! These are good setbacks and it’s the Universe way of saying slow downstop & think Reflect THEN release.

To grow we must let go and a lot of yall ain’t Letting go!

Learn from it because it ain’t coming back.

Any CREATIVE ideas, projects, and opportunities can fall to the waist side if you do not empower yourself to pursue them with the ambition and initiative of the Aries. To pursue your dreams you need to BELIEVE in yourself. Unattach yourself from the cosmic titty and go off on your own!

Don’t put your foot in your mouth!

If this Aries energy has you feeling bold and uninhibited that is great -to a certain degree! You might say things that are disrespectful and hurtful to others with no remorse. That is until April 9th pops up and Mercury spins into Retrograde while venus is still in retrograde – and you think back realizing the person you spoke to disrespectfully is no longer checking for you!

You may find yourself apologizing to many people mid-April.

Your Intuition will be CONFIRMED

Remember in the beginning of March you got a feeling about someone or something?? Well, this Aries New Moon will remind you that you must trust your gut instincts. The person or situation is NOT for you. Now you must take initiative and remove them from your life or you will find out that they will be leaving voluntarily – Bye-Bye OR you aint’t getting your money back from that shady business deal you KNEW you should of refrained from investing in.

A great time to START

Mars is the powerhouse of action that rules Aries. Start that new business, start that new diet, start that new Exercise routine – Start giving ZERO fucks! Just start… whatever your heart desires.

It’s your choice – Level up or Stay Stuck!

It all begins with a seed of impulse: a spark of something new, a motion to pursue a different direction, a desire to grow a new…well, just what do you want?

This is the primary Aries question. Choose your seed wisely: whatever evolves over the month following the New Moon in Aries will be rooted in the seeds that are planted now.

By Janell Hihi

Copy Right@2017 All Rights Reserved.