Why Your Relationship Will Fail According to Your Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Virgo & Libra


Every Zodiac sign has its strengths and weaknesses.

This blog explores the potential reasons as to why your relationship may fail according to the dark side of the Zodiac signs Cancer, Virgo and Libra.

Dark Side Virgo

The number one reason why a Virgo’s relationship will fail is because Virgo’s over analyze the smallest decisions, commitments and arguments. A virgo who is undecided can linger in that indecision for an unreasonable amount of time. The indecision is viewed by their partner as a lack of care, love and commitment. It’s also a turn-off and is perceived as a sign of insecurity and low confidence.

People like people who can make solid decisions in a timely manner. Virgo’s will also fail at relationships because they tend to be overly critical of their partner and everything and everyone else in general. They’ll complain at the restaurant about the smallest details no one else notices. They will complain at work about everything! They will complain to their partner about every little thing they do, wear, say or don’t say!

Virgo will unconsciously make their partner feel inferior and not good enough even if the Virgo loves their partner dearly. Virgo’s can also be too consistent, dry and boring. They may want to do the same things over and over again without exploring new ways to do old things. This allows the relationship to become stale.

Virgo’s can also put their job and ambitious pursuits before their spouse, children and friends which can ruin relationships just because the Virgo’s long hours in the office. Virgo’s who have a career they love will work more than the average person just because it’s what they do. It’s important for Virgo to have a partner who understands that and allows them the time and space to pursue their goals and dreams without feeling neglected.

Dark Side Cancer

Stop trying to play mommy or daddy and just play your part as an equal partner in your relationships.

Your role is not to be a parental figure. Don’t play wife to a boyfriend or devoted girlfriend to a booty call, playboy. Stop baking pies and doing laundry for people who see you sometimes and texts you sometimes.

Basically Cancer, your relationships won’t last because your always doing to much! Pump the breaks, take a deep breathe and hold off on all your nurturing instincts until that level of commitment is reached in your relationships. It’s easy to feel like you’re often used and taken for granted but the truth is no one told you to sacrifice your soul after only being in a relationship for 6 months. No one feels sorry for you. Make better decisions and ration out what your willing to give to your partner over time. Ask yourself are you self-sacrificing to make yourself feel that you are the giver in the relationship only to turn around and complain that you’re being taken advantage of? Are you a masochist? Do you enjoy being used?

Too emotional and changeable. 

I know your ruled by the moon and it controls your water element like the tides in the ocean but you’ve gotta get a hold of yourself and stop being so deep too fast. You’ll scare people off and your relationships won’t last very long. Be careful what you do and say when you’re drunk with emotion because you can hurt people to the core. You have a psychic ability to look into people’s soul effortlessly and calling your loved ones out in hurtful ways can destroy your relationships. When your partner asks for space to be alone instead of activating your silent treatment to retaliate, use that time alone to calm yourself down by mixing emotions with logic to ground yourself.

Bad Temper

Cancer’s are overly emotional by nature. When they are triggered, they can go from zero to 100 real quick! Cancer’s are the most booked criminals for passion crimes according to the FBI’s crime statistics. They may say and do things that are so sadistic out of anger that they chase people away forever. They think they’ll always be forgiven, and when they aren’t forgiven they become victims seeking pity.

Dear Cancer, you need a partner who understands that you need space to workout your moodiness and emotions and they need to respect that. If they smoother you and block you from retreating into your crab shell, there will be hell to be paid. Let your need for time and space for your sanity be known to your partner otherwise your relationship will fail.

Dark Side Libra

Stop looking for a partner to balance your libra scales. Here’s a better idea, balance out your own scales with self-love and self-fulfillment before you get into a relationship demanding your partner to “balance” you out.

Libra is seriously looking for their other half. They can’t be whole alone. The symbol of their zodiac sign is “relationships” They need relationships like normal people need water. This is why they stand for relationships and they are ruled by Venus. It’s all about their addiction to love. It’s not that they have a profound knowledge of love and relationships that other zodiac signs lack. In fact, that’s far from the truth.

Libra’s can be too focused on shallow, surface beauty that they choose a trophy wife or a playboy as a husband/wife instead of a partner that they are truly compatible with. If a Libra’s partner gains weight or looks begins to fade they will criticize and mock them. Libra’s like everything to stay beautiful and it’s an unrealistic expectation. A libra man will pay for his wife to get bigger boobs and a face lift without hesitation.

Libra, your relationship will fail because you think your partner has the responsibility to constantly make you happy and when they don’t you feel justified in acting like a child by enacting the silent treatment and holding petty grudges. in the heat of the moment, revenge is not beneath you either. Nor is lashing out a verbal masacre ripping your partner to shred with your unstoppable charisma, undefeated wit and malignant sarcasm.

The inability to forgive is a huge relationship hurdle many libra’s fail to get over. They can’t let go of the past and better yet it serves as an excuse for them to get away with bad behavior.

Insane Jealousy.

Libra’s must learn how to be happy for their partner and their friends instead of being envious of them when they get ahead in life. If the Libra would only stop comparing their worth to others they’d be a lot happy and healthier in their relationships. Not everything is a competition. Not everything needs to be discussed and verbally dissected either. Libra you need to learn when to be quiet, back down and let go.  Otherwise your relationship is doomed. Don’t be threatened by your partner’s success or ambition, be focused on your own.


Libra’s escape facing themselves through dodging responsibility, reckless relationships, liquor, drugs and SHOPPING. They are blessed with an incredible fashion sense and the debt that comes along with their shopping addiction is the curse. This can ruin relationships. Dear Libra friends living in their darkside please face yourself and avoid using escape routes and your life and your relationships will improve drastically.

By Janell Hihi Copyright @2018

Astrology Update June 5, to July 20, 2017: Mighty Mars is Entering Cautious Cancer


The Energy of Mars in Cancer summed up into one sentence…

“If it doesn’t feel right, I can’t do it.”

Mars is always on a mission. Mars in astrology represents our action house. How and when we choose to get things done is influenced by the energy of Mars in our personal chart and how Mars transits through the Zodiac signs throughout the year.

How and when we choose to get things done is influenced by the energy of Mars in our personal chart and how Mars transits through the Zodiac signs throughout the year.

My Mars is in Pisces so I am motived to act through emotions, creativity, and free will. By free will I mean Pisces operates on their own time and their own rhythm and this is why it is so hard for me to stick to routines and schedules because they interrupt the spontaneous flow of artistry and creativity.

Cancer is the ultimate sign of mood swings. Cancer is not ruled by a planet, it is ruled by the moon. The moon changes daily and so does Cancers. Be prepared for unexpected mood swings from yourself and others.

Mars doesn’t like to be in Cancer because Mars is all about business and Cancer influences Mars to slow down and think about it before taking action. Mars wants to get her done and Cancer wants to see how it feels first before acting on it.

Whatever bold plans you had coming into June will come to a screeching halt as Cancer energy demands that you think again before acting.


Old fears my manifest once again and paranoia may influence you to be reluctant in following through on promises you made.

This is an excellent time to examine impulse spending and how emotions play a part in our finances. Are you buying things you don’t need out of a feeling of emptiness, sadness, boredom or validation? How are your emotions negatively impacting your finances?

All of a sudden, things seem a little scarier. The commitment you were going to make in your relationships needs rethinking, the house you want to buy is put on hold to explore other options so you can feel secure in the decision you make.

You may feel overprotective of your children and worry more about their security and safety from June 4th-July 20, 2017 as Mars is stationed in Cancer.

Expect your boyfriend/girlfriend or Fiance’ to suddenly have cold feet. Don’t be alarmed, Cancer energy addresses emotions, encourage your partner to open up to you and share your feelings as well. Don’t try to create a solution just yet, just sit with your feelings and your fears until it passes after July 20th.

Cancer forces us to feel, so whatever emotions you are suppressing will come to the surface and demand to be reconciled.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

Sudden Impact: The Audacity of Grief

If I had to describe the feeling of grief… It’s as if I am standing on a train track and I see a train coming in the distance, but my leg is stuck underneath the track and I cannot move. I keep trying to yank my foot out from underneath the track but it won’t give. I hear the train in the distance, it’s engine roar slowly increasing in volume as it approaches me.

It’s getting so loud, I can’t sleep. I once considered myself a go-getter but now something is about to get me.

Tell me how can one ever really brace for impact. I often questioned the validity of the word “Ready” no one is ever ready. 

Ready is a lie, a fallacy, a Cinderella-like fairy tale that promotes false expectations that humans can always prepare for things. But it’s all bullshit. We can’t!

The train is still on course – chugging towards me…

train 1

Closer it cinches near me…  The anxiety of knowing that it’s coming but the powerlessness in also knowing, there is absolutely nothing I can do.

So I sit within the mercilessness of limbo and it claws at my heart.

I see a faint light glimmer in the distance and a ray of smoke from the train’s engine creates a mythic like figure in the stiff air.

It’s coming but in slow motion. It’s coming and I can’t move. It’s coming and so is the humility of surrender.

When it hits, I won’t mutter the lie that I was ready, only the truth of my resistance and how I fought, tooth and nail, grasping hope like it was a tangible life raft I could hold onto as a buffer between me and the oncoming train.

Something about trying, even in the face of fierce odds that surround me like famished wolves, feeds my illusion that I can save her. I find a way until there is not a way, and won’t waste another day grieving until she is actually gone.

But that’s another lie I console myself with because, in random places, memories of her emerge and stun my soul, tears well up and I lose control. Remembering that time she bust out with the Robot dance at a party. Remembering when she helped me buy my first car.

Most of all, remembering the silent oath of sisterhood and how we never, ever give up on each other… So here I am stuck on the train tracks with her, inevitably what hits her also hits me and although she tried to shield us all from her prognosis, we willing sacrifice our peace to stand alongside her to suffer the impact.

train 3

Like a proud soldier, I enroll myself unto battle unapologetically. And the questions still beckon me like ghosts…

What if I lose her?

What if I don’t?

Here I am in the in between, vacillating between both extremes and the toll is soulfully exhausting.

By Janell Hihi


Oprah Stars in Henrietta Lacks Movie – The African American Woman Who Unknowingly Contributed to Vital Medical Research

I read Henrietta Lacks book and was astounded by this amazing story. It’s a story inextricably connected to the dark history of medical experimentation on African Americans. It shed light on my challenging views on the medical industry in America and played a huge role in my decision not to attend medical school.


Oprah Winfrey will star in an upcoming film, I am very excited to see, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. This film depicts the life of Henrietta, an African American women with cancer whose cancerous cells were used without her permission.

Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor black tobacco farmer whose cells were taken without her knowledge. In 1951 she became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization, and more.

Henrietta’s cells have been bought and sold by the billions, yet she remains virtually unknown, and her family can’t afford health insurance.

Lacks’ story has previously been the subject of an award-winning documentary, The Way of All Flesh, directed by Adam Curtis.

Duplicating cells is a form of immortality and a serious medical ethics violation. Who knows how many untold stories similar to Henrietta’s still remain. Perhaps your cells are being used, unknowingly to create clones, manufactured organs and God only knows what else they can do without our knowing.

Interestingly enough, companies like Ancestry.com have made a lucrative business out of getting consumers to send their DNA by way of cheek swabs to their lab for ethnic analysis. However, one must consider other ways their DNA can be used after reading phenomenal books like The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and the Medical Apartheid by author Harriet Washington.


Just think about it for a second. Most people who are interested in learning their ethnic background and where their ancestors come from are African American, for the simple fact that we were brought here as slaves and lost connections to our ancestors and the specific countries in Africa they were stolen from.

I can tell you from personal experience, I’ve experienced inequality in the doctor’s office. For what reasons you might ask? My multi-racial ethnic make-up and my low-income economic status as a child.

Intuitively, I’ve always felt that there is a catch-22 with anything in America that is labeled free. My mother had medical assistance as a child and the downside to that is those with low-income are at the mercy of doctors or should I say the interns who flood clinics in Urban and low-income areas.

Medical research is constantly underway. The medical apartheid still remains a fresh aspect of history that has me constantly on red alert every time I enter a medical facility. Now that I have a child, that fear is amplified.

Below is an excellent video from the author of Medical Apartheid Harriet Washington. She gives you an overview of the history and current context of medical inequality and experimentation against African Americans.

What happened to Henrietta Lacks is not just a story to reflect in a historical context, it is a reminder that we have to be smart and critical regarding the medical care we are offered today, for ourselves, our communities and our children. Raising awareness is key and asking doctors and medical professionals the right questions along with conducting our own research is imperative to receiving the best medical care.

In addition, what is our rights if we find out we were unknowingly violated in a medical facility? 

Intuitive healing is a technique that I have used throughout my life to help me navigate through the scandalous terrain of the medical industry. In my upcoming book, When My Body Turned Against Me: How I beat Graves Disease. I go into great detail regarding how my instincts strongly facilitated my healing.

Intuition can tell you what questions to ask your doctor. It can lead you to research in great depth what you are being diagnosed before accepting treatment and medication.

Doctor with patient

A few tips and tricks to ensure you’re not being discriminated against in the doctor’s office:

1. Learn your family history before going to the doctor for a visit. Knowledge is power. Ask your mother and father questions regarding their health history. Ask them any symptoms they’ve had and past diagnosis. Also, ask them what treatment they received and how their body responded to that treatment. Write all this down in a journal to pass along to your kids and keep records. This is critical. Do the same with your

Write all this down in a journal to pass along to your kids and keep records. This is critical. Do the same with your siblings, it is very important you understand the genetic component of disease, diet, and lifestyle within your own family.

**Ask your doctor for their credentials. What is their official title? Are they an actual doctor, a physician assistant? An intern? A nurse?’** You want a doctor, not anything less. Reschedule if you have to with a real doctor.**

**Ask your doctor how long they have been practicing. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor questions, they are a paid service, you have the right!**

2. Get a second opinionAny major disease that you are being diagnosed with needs a second opinion. Make sure the second opinion you receive is from a doctor in a different city and different healthcare facility.

Every time a doctor takes blood or collects fluids for test ask them what the purpose of the test is for and if you can get a copy of the results. File the results in a folder for your own records. This also ensures the doctor is not taking cells or fluids from you for reasons you are not aware of.

**Until you get the second opinion, do not move forward on a plan for treatment. 

3. Research what the doctor diagnosed you with. Is it a new disease? An old disease? Are the symptoms consistent with the disease and what you’re actually experiencing? Has all the testing been done or ordered to determine the diagnosis is accurate?

If symptoms are inconsistent, Google on credible websites like Mayoclinic.com the symptoms that you are experiencing and write down the diseases or conditions most consistent with those symptoms. Compare that list to your journal that has your medical history of your family members and look for consistencies.

Next, bring the conditions you researched along with family medical history to your doctor and demand that test be done to rule out those diseases.


4. After all, the test is completed by your doctor, a proper diagnosis should be made. The next step is determining which treatment option is best for you. Do your research on treatment options.

5. Look on the Mayo Clinics website regarding the disease you’ve been diagnosed with and look at all treatment options. Write down those treatment options and Google them. Are they effective? What are the alternatives? Most importantly, what are the risks and side effects?

6. Make an intuitive and informed decision on what treatment option you feel will work best for your and proceed with that. Pray about it, meditate on, connect with your higher power for validation.

7. If after taking medication you feel the side effects are too much for your to handle, schedule an appointment right away and chose a different treatment plan.

8. If your doctor is giving you bad vibes, switch doctors immediately!

I hope you read the book or check out the upcoming movie airing on HBO soon! Knowledge is power and intuitive and well-researched decisions can decrease your chances of medical discrimination and ethical abuse.

If you have a story you would like to share regarding recent medical discrimination, unauthorized experimentation or inequality in medical care, please send your story below. I will be publishing a book in the near future to share these stories. You can choose to remain anonymous and your name and doctors name will not be cited. Thank you!

By Janell Hihi