Stringing Together Chaos


I’m not real. I am just an unfolding, fantastical, outlandish and absurd┬áline of short stories that try to convert themselves into a novel cut up into a series, a motion picture but the film ends up flopping.

Ratings continuously dropping like the rain from the gray clouds I drew on the page to ruin my own day, not a ray of sunlight around, with heaviness abound I lay flat on the ground trying to lift this heavy crane off my heart.

And since I hate the consistent, like a raging rebel hates rules, I start again each day anew trying to stick to a plan, digging my own grave because I never can.

The six inch whole is finished and I jump into the abyss, not giving one, single, shit! Until one day I am driven to crawl out of this unmotivated pit where inbetweeners dwell, and procrastinators┬áplay with indecision like it’s their favorite game, she was the queen of the disorderly, and organizing chaos was her only claim to fame.

By Janell Hihi @Copyright 2017