Full Moon in Libra April 10th: The Quietest Revolution

Brace yourselves… This full moon will be happening during Mercury Retrograde which starts April 9th.

Everything imbalanced in your life will come into bloom. Spring is approaching, the flowers are blooming and so is your intuitive knowing that your life needs more balance in certain areas.


Libra energy demands us to balance the scales. This is frustrating and takes work but if you are willing to do the work it is very rewarding.

If I could define the Libra energy in a song lyric it would be Lauren Hill’s – 

“You might win some, but you really lost one.”

What are you losing at the expense of imbalance within your life? Are you working too hard and not taking care of your body? Are you giving so much you do not allow yourself to sit back and receive?

It’s time to do an honest exercise I call energy inventory. How are you spending your energy? And in what areas are you lacking? This is a breakdown of how you are spending your days and weeks hour by hour. Download the worksheet Below:

Energy Inventory Worksheet

It’s time to confront what is unfair within your own life.

Libra demands equality and justice. It’s time to take responsibility and evaluate what you are allowing in your life that is unfair. This full moon will make it intolerable to accept being treated unfairly in relationships, in the workplace and in life in general.

Mercury retrograde will make us reflect on the past to ensure we are considering all the details before demanding fairness.


If you are the one being unfair to others, you will suddenly feel the karmic wheels change as you will notice this full moon will inspire others to stop taking your shit. People will not allow you to continue to use them and take advantage of them, so be prepared for backlash at the dawn of this powerful full moon.

Someone may realize enough is enough. 

Once the quiet revolution starts within yourself and you begin to balance out the scales of imbalance and injustice in your own life, you will be able to protest the imbalance and injustice that is happening in the world.

The quietest revolution is the revolution that starts within our own lives first. When we start demanding more from ourselves and others, we start demanding more from the world.

Of course, it’s true that Libra will always opt for a peaceful and zen approach, but it takes ACTION when it needs to. Libra is a cardinal sign, after all, and these are the signs that get things done.

Therefore, you may not be aggressive in your approach to change as the Libra Full moon energy illuminates the sky, but you will start the quiet analysis of what needs to be balanced in the silence of meditation or prayer. It will rise from you quietly, gently and decisively,  in true Libra fashion.

libra full moon

Thankfully, the beauty and grace of Libra energy will allow you to let go of people and situations in your life that no longer serve to balance your being in a positive light with the ease of releasing a butterfly. Balance the scales in your life with the beauty of the feminine divine within. Balance the scales lovingly.

By Janell Hihi

Copyright@2017 All Rights Reserved.