Full Moon in Virgo – March 12, 2017

I am so excited to dive into the earthy Virgo energy that will set off this weekend. It will tie dreams and work together and if you set your intentions clearly, this is the time we can start the process of dreams really coming into fruition!

The Eclipse in Pisces in late February gave off an energy that made us pump the breaks in several situations within our lives. Projects we were passionate about came to a halt and the Pisces energy inspired us to go over what we have done so far and reflect on it in a spiritual way.


The energy of the prior few weeks was restful yet stagnant. We may have felt frustrated that things suddenly were not moving as fast as we would hope they would. The Pisces eclipse made us take a back seat and reflect, but the Full Moon in Virgo is about to shake us into action propelled by spiritual passion and connection.

Mmmmm… it’s a great combination for love, work, career, projects, and mind blowing sex that goes beyond the physical. Yes, I said it! Languish in this energy and surrender to its pull.

This full moon in Virgo will demand that you look at every situation realistically, not just spiritually. Which is the complete opposite energy of the Eclipse in Pisces a few weeks ago. Suddenly, we come back down to earth and take an analytical-Virgo like approach to our life. With all full moons, there are beginnings and endings. Embrace them both!

Thankfully, it will be easy to just let shit go that no longer serves you AND create a plan that will allow you to meet the people and create the situations that will further your life purpose and vision!


Be careful in being too analytical and fact driven that you mistakenly overlook the people in your life that make you feel special but can’t contribute to your dreams. They still have a place in your heart, they are just taking a backseat to your vision, work ethic and situations that demand to be in the forefront of your life at this time.

There is a time for everything… and now is the time to build your NETWORK and your NETWORTH in true, serious, Virgo – No Nonsense fashion. It will be easy to create a realistic plan to accomplish short term and long term goals with energy and purpose and concise action behind it.

Expect a surge of energy Saturday, March 12th. Use it to your advantage, do some spring cleaning, organize your office and your home, go to the gym! Just get it in!

The sign of Virgo is a feminine sign and it is time we embrace and balance the energies of the feminine and masculine within us all. The feminine has an emphasis with this full moon and she will demand to be heard. But not like a nagging bitch, more like a mature, warrior goddess who makes her demands quietly and authoritatively considering others in all her decisions! It will become very clear to you what you want and don’t want.

This full moon will demand you to ask yourself the following questions:

How does my career ambition correlate with my heart’s ambitions?

How can I be a conscious capitalist?

How will my everyday actions benefit children, men, women, my community, the environment, earth, humanity?

This energy will remind you that it ain’t all about you boo! It’s about the collective and how our individual choices impact everything and everyone around us.

Time to be responsible! The Virgo is the “Adult” of the Zodiac and we will feel a sense of self-discipline and courage to be independent. Use it to build and not to isolate. Besides, interdependence is what Virgo’s elder Libra teaches us and it is from there, we realize the power of connection and how we are blessed to be one!

Harsh realities will be met face to face, finally!

That Pisces eclipse had us running from the truth… but on March 12th, we face it. There is a sense of finality and instead of trying to run away from the truth, we accept it and transmute it into a gain and not a loss.

Virgo teaches us that we Never Lose! We either Win or Learn.

The Virgo adult energy allows us to gracefully let go without being bitter. Saying farewell and thanking a special person who was once a dear friend on our journey as we decide to part ways for the benefit of everyone involved. This is what bosses do. Boss up!

Virgos tend to overthink – This Full Moon Will Challenge You to Control your thoughts!


The dark side of Virgo is that they over think and over analyze. If you find yourself overthinking and riddled with anxiety try to calm your mind as best you can. Meditate, do yoga, listen to some music… Just get out of your head or else, this may be a sleepless weekend for you if you are up tossing and turning in bed every night.

Virgos awaken the inner warrior inside you. Healing will be Easy.

If there is an ending for you this weekend, this Full Moon in Virgo will invite healing. It’s time to lick your own wounds and grow up, and this full moon will propel your journey into healing. Don’t be sad. This is great news for the broken hearted.

Irritations will be Heightened


You might just snap on someone whose been working your nerves. You may finally confront that micro-managing, flashlight cop boss who continuously rides your tail. Whatever has been irritating you will be confronted for better or worse. Don’t worry, instead just release the fury… in a responsible way!

Intuition on FLEEK

The feminine energy of this Virgo full moon will have you coming into a place of knowing very easily. Suddenly, things that you couldn’t figure out will easily be revealed to you. You might have more than a few “AHA” moments this weekend. Whether the revelations are good or bad doesn’t really matter. It’s about the truth coming out by all means necessary and you having the ability to recognize bullshit as soon as it approaches you!

I am reeling in this energy and I hope you do too!