It’s Gemini Season: Embrace The Polarity of Your Personality


The sun is shining brightly in the youthful and creative Zodiac sign of Gemini. It’s time to accept your polarities and celebrate them.

Each of us has a yin and yang, a dark side and light side, neither part of us can exist without the other. Gemini energy reminds us that we must totally accept and embrace everything we are.

It’s time to laugh at your hypocrisy and appreciate that no matter how much you try to deny it, we are all walking, talking, deliberate contradictions.

We are not just one thing. We are a process unfolding, breathing, evolving, falling down but getting right back up again.

It’s time to flaunt your alter ego, your innocent side and your sinister side. If you are a Gemini celebrating a birthday, throw an alter ego birthday bash where everyone comes dressed as their alter ego.

Celebrate your polarity, stop hiding all of what you are. We where many hats and have several faces. As multi-dimensional beings, Gemini influences us be all of those things unapologetically.

Mercury ruled Gemini also wants us to speak our truth and say it loud and proud. Be outspoken, get heard and be less self-conscious of who will judge you for it.

Pour out a little liquor for the deceased Gemini Tupac Shakur who made a hit song titled, “Only God Can Judge Me,” You’ll always see Geminis laughing and smiling through adversity… It’s comforting to see someone who still has joy in the midst of pain.


Wear a purple bikini or swimming trunks to the beach in honor of the legendary singer Prince whose individuality and creativity set the standard for Gemini ingenuity and beautiful madness.


Dust off your old Lauren Hill iTune tracks and listen to the song she sang that put her on the map. Another genius Gemini who embraced her polarity and twin like nature by singing, “When it hurt so bad, why does it feel so good?” A question no one can answer til this day…

The child-like genius that Gemini, I don’t know if they are coming or going, leaving or staying but it is hypnotizing to watch them switch sides like a light switch, on and off, never dull, always ALIVE.

Let your inner child live and enjoy life in the moment with hotter days, mesmerizing sunsets, the aroma of bbq and the tranquility of sitting by the still lake waters and hanging out by a bonfire with friends to awaken your careless, child-like spirit.

Innocence re-emerges with the fertility of summer, a lilac fragrance, juicy watermelons, school is out and a peaceful inner freedom blooms like wildflowers in bright green lush fields inside of you.

Bathe in the light of the sun and sulk in the beauty that lightness brings – which is darkness. It’s a win-win, we get to play in the sun and then show off our tans! Now you see, polarity goes hand and hand.

Gemini demands that you -LIVE!

By Janell Hihi



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