Stop Praising Billionaires without Researching Their Agendas


“I might just be the next Bill Gates in the making.” Beyonce’ – Formation lyric.

It sounds cute in a song. Praising Bill Gates because he is a billionaire. Praising his success without knowing the cost of it to society.

Praising success despite how it is obtained appears to be a fad in our overly materialized, capitalistic society.

We are praising narcissism yet trying to defeat it at the same time.

What the hell is going in the world? Narcissistic business practice is the epitome of appearing as a business to help progress society but behind the veil it only seeks to control, manipulate and destroy our freedom and good will.

It’s all about the Benjamins baby, as P. Diddy would say!

But is that really what our lives are all about? The pursuit of happiness or the pursuit of money? It’s been proven time and time again, money can give you peace of mind but it cannot bring you happiness.

They’re millionaires and billionaires across the globe on anti-depressants, suicide watch and many other’s are supervised by highly skilled psychiatrist and controlled by mentally stabilizing pharmaceuticals.

Yet, we still praise individuals based on their ability to make money by any means necessary. Failing to research how the money is made and where it is going creates a fan base for billionaires that is undeserved.

It also creates a false hope that anyone can be like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Donald Trump. These people accumulated wealth with a certain mind frame, family support, connections and inheritance accompanied by the perfect timing that positioned them for success.

Warren Buffet also gets a consisted free pass from media scrutiny. Warren wears a halo that falsely depicts him as a person who started from the bottom and made it big.

In reality, Warren came from a high income family. His father was also a stock broker making well over $200k a year. How is that starting from the bottom?

Warren Buffet also accepts government hand outs, as do most muti-billion dollar corporations but they despise the average citizen who needs public assistance to get by?

Here’s an excerpt from a great Article titled “Saint Warren’s Dark Side.” By Charles Gaspirino.

“Much less has been said about Buffett’s unsaintly investment record. I won’t bore you with every gory detail of his questionable associations, which include no-lose investments in Goldman Sachs and General Electric just before the companies received massive federal aid during the financial crisis.”

But we don’t hear that part of their story when we’re being sold the dream that we too, can reach unparalleled levels of success.

Let’s take Bill Gates for example. He’s often praised and admired but he is affiliated with one of the most disgusting and corrupt organizations in the world, Monsanto.

Wikileaks exposes Bill Gates for the Greedy, sneaky, snide, Scorpion he is. (I had to add his Zodiac sign).

“Gates tried to keep his ties to genetically modified seeds on the down-low, but the issue got major attention last year when Monsanto tried to inject its hybrid seeds into Haiti after a massive earthquake devastated the island. Fortunately, the Haitian farmers were too smart to fall for this devious scheme. Farmer groups criticized the Gates Foundation’s involvement, committed to burning the GM seed, and called for a march to protest Monsanto’s presence in Haiti.”

The Bill Gates Foundation poses as a “Charitable” relief that will benefit Haiti. However, the opposite it true. They exploited Haiti when they were most vulnerable after the devastation of an earthquake! Along with the Clinton’s, but that’s another blog.

In the second quarter of 2010, the Gates Foundation purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock with an estimated worth of $23.1 million.

Bill Gates, the narcissist behind the smiling face who believes he’s some kind of Genius for creating Microsoft. I’m sure there are better inventions out there from people less driven by greed and world domination who just don’t have a father who is a Patent attorney who can help them create their dream and fund it.

Sorry Beyonce’, I don’t want to be the next Bill Gates in the making. I don’t support genetically modified food, deceptive business practices disguised by a charity or greedy monopolizing pricks who wish to control the world’s food supply!

Be careful what lyrics you recite. Avoid praising an individual without thoroughly researching their investments and hidden agendas. Just because someone is a billionaire shouldn’t automatically grant them your admiration.

By Janell Hihi @copyright 2017