Astrology Update June 5, to July 20, 2017: Mighty Mars is Entering Cautious Cancer


The Energy of Mars in Cancer summed up into one sentence…

“If it doesn’t feel right, I can’t do it.”

Mars is always on a mission. Mars in astrology represents our action house. How and when we choose to get things done is influenced by the energy of Mars in our personal chart and how Mars transits through the Zodiac signs throughout the year.

How and when we choose to get things done is influenced by the energy of Mars in our personal chart and how Mars transits through the Zodiac signs throughout the year.

My Mars is in Pisces so I am motived to act through emotions, creativity, and free will. By free will I mean Pisces operates on their own time and their own rhythm and this is why it is so hard for me to stick to routines and schedules because they interrupt the spontaneous flow of artistry and creativity.

Cancer is the ultimate sign of mood swings. Cancer is not ruled by a planet, it is ruled by the moon. The moon changes daily and so does Cancers. Be prepared for unexpected mood swings from yourself and others.

Mars doesn’t like to be in Cancer because Mars is all about business and Cancer influences Mars to slow down and think about it before taking action. Mars wants to get her done and Cancer wants to see how it feels first before acting on it.

Whatever bold plans you had coming into June will come to a screeching halt as Cancer energy demands that you think again before acting.


Old fears my manifest once again and paranoia may influence you to be reluctant in following through on promises you made.

This is an excellent time to examine impulse spending and how emotions play a part in our finances. Are you buying things you don’t need out of a feeling of emptiness, sadness, boredom or validation? How are your emotions negatively impacting your finances?

All of a sudden, things seem a little scarier. The commitment you were going to make in your relationships needs rethinking, the house you want to buy is put on hold to explore other options so you can feel secure in the decision you make.

You may feel overprotective of your children and worry more about their security and safety from June 4th-July 20, 2017 as Mars is stationed in Cancer.

Expect your boyfriend/girlfriend or Fiance’ to suddenly have cold feet. Don’t be alarmed, Cancer energy addresses emotions, encourage your partner to open up to you and share your feelings as well. Don’t try to create a solution just yet, just sit with your feelings and your fears until it passes after July 20th.

Cancer forces us to feel, so whatever emotions you are suppressing will come to the surface and demand to be reconciled.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


New Moon in Aries: Level Up or Stay Stuck

You can’t nurture what you don’t acknowledge.


New Moon in Aries March, 27th – 2017

Aries is the alpha that exudes leadership, initiative, and bravery but deep within the Aries Fiery ambition is a deep need for nurturing, comfort, love, and validation. Every leader has a strong spouse, family or support group that cheers them on. Aries needs this more than any other sign.

Unfortunately, if the need is not controlled, Aries will stay in toxic relationships just to hold on to any companionship they can to satisfy their deep need for nurturing. There’s a paradox with being a badass, fearless leader… those who do the most, need the most!

Revisiting the Past.

Therefore, with this New Moon in Aries, you will revisit the past for comfort and validation instead of getting out of your comfort zone, letting go of the past and evolving into a higher conscious because of it.

There is unfinished business with a past lover. There is unfinished business with a business partner, friend, colleague, work situation or family member. Whichever applies to you… PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The astrological infant who shows the initiative to grow and learn but cannot do it without the help of their caregiver.

New Moon Challenge: Discover who and what you are dependent on and why!

Are you dependent on others for love, validation, comfort and familiarity because you believe you can’t grow without them?

It’s time to take the titty out your mouth and use the initiative of Aries to create the life you’ve always wanted without hesitation.

To do this, you must surrender dependencies and realize when a thing is OVER, it is OVER. All of this rekindling is not because of love, but because of FEAR. 

Fear of abandonment

Fear of being alone

Fear that you are not adequate


The fear of being yourself – even if it is at the expense of losing others.

The ENERGY of AUTHENTICITY is in the air! 

“Aries teaches us that we do not need permission to embrace an authentic self-expression with enthusiasm. Aries is naturally itself, and cannot be any other way than it IS.” – Robert Wilkinson

But you have free will. You can use this powerful New Moon in Aries to finally come out and be who you are unapologetically. You can use it to break the chains of dependency and self-doubt. You can use it to love yourself with a new enthusiasm and vigor!


You can revert back to infancy and stay afraid. You can latch on to that titty and stay on the same level. You can refuse to love yourself and stay dependent on the love from others even if that love is short of your expectations and doesn’t provoke the fiery passion within you.

You can stay stuck, dependent and fearful or Evolve into who you really are and finally be FREE!

Remember staying stuck will destroy any opportunities Venus Retrograde gave you to love yourself – Anyone you met during this period will have the heightened intuition to see that you are NOT ready to let go of the past – And may sever all ties with you.

Impulsive decisions:

The Energy of Mars

Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries, symbolizing energy, impulse, action, will, wanting, desire, sex, anger, courage, assertion, aggression, violence, conflict, war, and weapons.


You will have to make a choice. This can be career, family or choosing between to potential love interest. The choice you make now will plant a seed. Choose wisely. Mercury retrograde starts April 9th and it will make you second guess the decision you made the week of March 27th – April 2nd.

Problem is – it will be too late. Mercury retrograde will have you going over the decision you made in your head second guessing – The opportunity is closed and the other person you didn’t choose moved on.

The bill you could have paid – has now doubled in interest. The car you should have fixed – will cost twice the amount to repair. Basically, you will realize you fucked up if during the week of March 27-April 2nd you made the wrong decision.

Delays – Delays – Delays!

Venus and Mercury will be in Retrograde at the SAME TIME April 9th – 15th – Depending on your birth chart this could lead to MAJOR setbacks. But hey! These are good setbacks and it’s the Universe way of saying slow downstop & think Reflect THEN release.

To grow we must let go and a lot of yall ain’t Letting go!

Learn from it because it ain’t coming back.

Any CREATIVE ideas, projects, and opportunities can fall to the waist side if you do not empower yourself to pursue them with the ambition and initiative of the Aries. To pursue your dreams you need to BELIEVE in yourself. Unattach yourself from the cosmic titty and go off on your own!

Don’t put your foot in your mouth!

If this Aries energy has you feeling bold and uninhibited that is great -to a certain degree! You might say things that are disrespectful and hurtful to others with no remorse. That is until April 9th pops up and Mercury spins into Retrograde while venus is still in retrograde – and you think back realizing the person you spoke to disrespectfully is no longer checking for you!

You may find yourself apologizing to many people mid-April.

Your Intuition will be CONFIRMED

Remember in the beginning of March you got a feeling about someone or something?? Well, this Aries New Moon will remind you that you must trust your gut instincts. The person or situation is NOT for you. Now you must take initiative and remove them from your life or you will find out that they will be leaving voluntarily – Bye-Bye OR you aint’t getting your money back from that shady business deal you KNEW you should of refrained from investing in.

A great time to START

Mars is the powerhouse of action that rules Aries. Start that new business, start that new diet, start that new Exercise routine – Start giving ZERO fucks! Just start… whatever your heart desires.

It’s your choice – Level up or Stay Stuck!

It all begins with a seed of impulse: a spark of something new, a motion to pursue a different direction, a desire to grow a new…well, just what do you want?

This is the primary Aries question. Choose your seed wisely: whatever evolves over the month following the New Moon in Aries will be rooted in the seeds that are planted now.

By Janell Hihi

Copy Right@2017 All Rights Reserved.