The Law of Attraction is Complete Bullshit

The law of attraction is complete bullshit. Do poor and innocent children “attract” abusive parents or experiences? Does a woman running outside on a Sunday afternoon “attract” the guy who grabs her into the woods and rapes her?

Attraction, whether it’s negative or positive, is inevitable.  Acceptance of that particular attraction is a choice.

Repeat that as an affirmation daily! 

I attract people to me from all walks of life, cultures, religions, criminal backgrounds with good and bad intentions, does it mean that I accept or deny that attraction?  That depends on whether or not I love myself. If something or someone is attracted to me that will obviously do me harm, my level of self-love will deter it from me almost automatically.

The law of attraction may attract certain people to you by way of vibration, however, the degree of self-love you have will determine whether or not you allow them into your life.

Attracting people to you with ill intent doesn’t necessary mean you have ill intent.

The question is whether or not you have the self-esteem to determine when someone is not good for you and act on that by not allowing them in your life intimately.

It does not mean you have the right to demean or judge them. (Like how I used to do!) You may just need to give a few words of advice, suggest resources or refer them to your ex-psychologist, mentor or pastor.

Perhaps you can be their friend and offer good advice from a distance.

Meeting people who are of a different vibration than you is not so bad. They may be sent to you to learn something and you may be sent to them to give back and humble yourself by lifting others when they are down.

Values are more powerful than attraction.

Attraction is only surface deep. I’m attracted to Red velvet cupcakes with decadent and rich cream cheese frosting, however, my diet and lifestyle will not allow me to eat those cupcakes.

I’m attracted to beautiful handbags at fine retailers, however, I am not foolish enough to put money into designers and corporations who do not support my community.

I may be attracted to a man, but it doesn’t mean I think he is “Husband Material.” Attraction is petty, so the law of attraction is petty. It’s simply a tale of spiritual con-artistry at it’s finest.

Don’ drink the cosmic, 4th-dimensional kool aid.  Love yourself first and no matter what comes your way you will be able to triumph and prosper.

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The Law of Deciding… Coming soon!

By Janell Hihi