There is No Such Thing as Fear – There is Only the Known and Unknown

Fear is a fragment of the imagination. It’s fictitious and resides in the imaginary binary synapses of the creative, right side of the brain.

Fear doesn’t exist, there is only the known and the unknown. The unknown is frightening because we label it as such – how we label a perceived experience is how we will experience it.

We are our own worst enemies based on how we perceive the unknown. It can either limit us or propel us to be limitless. Ultimately you decide!

Of course, there are societal programmed fears we must part with to evolve. The first step is to sort through which fears are manufactured within from the media, history and it lies, culture, religion and society versus the fears you create out of laziness to prevent yourself from growing…

Make a list of your fears with two columns. 

First column should be labeled “Societal Programmed Fears” list all cultural, religious and media based fears you harbor. The second column should be labeled “Fears I’ve Created” List all the fears you created out of your imagination that you use as excuses not to evolve.

Underneath both columns… leave some space to address how you choose to overcome those fears by re-labeling them (transcending them) into opportunities to grow.

Remember, fear comes from the same part of the brain that humans create and tell themselves lies! It’s a cop-out to prevent the mind from expanding. Fear is a timid child afraid to venture out into the unknown because what’s familiar is safe and comforting.

Why are people so afraid of being uncomfortable? Why is it prevented at all cost? Our we afraid of mental expansion.

David Goggins spent his life challenging himself to live outside his comfort zone every moment of everyday.

His best selling book, “Can’t Hurt Me” is the epitome of the point I am trying to drive home in this article – don’t be afraid to suffer, don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and most importantly, stop labeling the unknown as scary.

“It’s so easy to be great nowadays, because everyone else is weak. If you have ANY mental toughness, if you have any fraction of self-discipline; The ability to not want to do it, but still do it; If you can get through to doing things that you hate to do: on the other side is GREATNESS ” – David Goggins Quotes

Unfortunately, the fear of evolving is real!

Whether you’re trying to expand your career, start a new business, end addiction, lose weight or leave a toxic relationship… being honest with yourself about the situation and your own false perceptions that are keeping you stuck is the first step to freedom…

Lying to yourself about your negative labeling and thought processes as well as seeing people and situations as they are is the bolt on the lock that keeps you locked in a mental prison.


“Denial is the ultimate comfort zone.” 
― David Goggins, Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

Okay, last David Goggins quote to conclude this blog!

“You are giving up instead of getting hard! Tell the truth about the real reasons for your limitations and you will turn that negativity, which is real, into jet fuel. Those odds stacked against you will become a damn runway!”
― David Goggins

By J. Hihi @Copyright2019