New Moon in Leo July 23, 2017: See Through False Hope & Face Reality Courageously.


New Moon in Leo July 23, 2017

The exterior of a Leo’s personality is charming, youthful, energetic, proud, friendly, and ambitious.

This New Moon will give you a surge of energy coupled with the audacity to follow your hearts desire.

Suddenly, being true to yourself will take precedence over your current circumstances, and you may find yourself mapping out an outline to take solid steps to accomplish these goals.

But don’t move along full steam just yet! Examine the interior of your plan not just the exterior of it.

Leo energy has a charming yet deceiving exterior overlay that can get you overly excited and sweep you off your feet.

Stay grounded. Look deeper within. Do not be fooled by promises, charm or false excitement.

Stay grounded, in the middle, and objective. This is the only way to be free. The only way to maintain safety when this energy can make us prey to deliberate predators.

Be honest and true to yourself. Do not be nice. Do not hold back to maintain the status quo. The partial eclipse in Leo/Aqaurius which are opposite signs, demands that you shake things up.

Leo gives the timid and idealistic Aquarius the courage to charge ahead and implement the first steps to shake up the norm and season it with change.

Your challenge is to stop being afraid.

Aquarius are incredibly intuitive, Leo is ambitious and proud. The two energies together, air and fire, can be used as your catalyst to charge ahead looking in the interior of your life’s circumstances and not being fooled by the exterior.




By Janell Hihi @Copyright@2017