The Poison of Privilege

I did some investigating and I found out that Privilege is the killer of empathy… she murdered that bitch… we’ve made empathy into a weakness instead of utilizing its inherent strength

It’s weak to feel

Appears as if we’ve become reducers… extracting the value out of everything sacred and true and assigning it to a group… liberal, conservative, female, white, black, rich, poor…

Narcissism is now strength and we are weak and codependent worshipping cruelty while we pledge allegiance to ignorance 

Privilege severs empathy like feeling for others is a poisonous gangrene in a limb that must be amputated.

we are cutting away pieces of ourselves to avoid feeling, to avoid relating, to avoid giving into or our humanness. 

Oh look at us! Celebrating our separateness like a happily broken family

Privilege is a toxin, the tumor in the body of humanity that wants to mutate a natural habitat in exchanged for egoic power. It is the stunt in the growth of our evolution and the death of a world that had a choice but chose domination.

Why is it we fear surrendering power for equality?

Where is the fear of equality born from?

Is it the things? We live for the accumulation of them & we’ve exchanged them for our own salvation…

Things have taken over, not the robots, not the faith in God we proclaim we have…

Only the things have power over us. All the gadgets, the cars, the designer labels, the shoes, the TV – THE THINGS.

I look forward to the day we can walk each other out of our egos.

In that day we will succumb to the drum of our hearts and dance to it’s beating.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017