Wholeness is Accomplished When Self-Division is Healed


What divides you against yourself? Is it out-dated beliefs you picked up along your way throughout your journey in life from people who mis-read you?

Is it the naysayers who don’t see you the way you see you?

Is it those echoes of harsh critics who didn’t accept you, or the gifts you came here in this life to share?

Whatever it is that divides you within, and prevents you from being whole needs to be surrendered and released once in for all.

Believing in yourself is the only belief that counts. Believing you are worthy, capable, lovable, and deserving is the lose end that must be tied to create the wholesome oneness that we all wish to accomplish one day.

To begin your journey in wholeness. Get out a sheet of paper and write honestly and openly how you feel about yourself, and your capabilities in each category below.

When you are finished, write which beliefs were influenced by outside people, events or circumstances.

The objective is to identify what beliefs about yourself are formulated from you and those which were influenced by others. What beliefs are worth holding onto and which beliefs should you let go of?

  1. Love, relationships and intimacy:
  2. Money
  3. Career
  4. Self-worth
  5. Family
  6. Physical appearance
  7. Behaviors/attitudes

This exercise has helped myself and many of my clients take inventory of our beliefs and release what no longer serves us.

Nama-Slay – Everyday!

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

Chronic Depression


Chronic depression is visiting the darkness without being able to come out of it. The tight grasp of depression becomes a consistent form of consolement to those who never met the freeing light of optimism, hope, and faith.

The darkness is very much a part of our existence as the lightness. We will vacillate between the two polarities continuously. We must understand that we should not allow ourselves to be captive to either side.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


Losing The Freedom of Naivety

She pondered 

How could she be an equal participant instead of a slave

She wasn’t good at games

And with little desire to learn them

She was often left

Raw with the rub from those strangers

Who scathed her with their hot and shivered her with their cold


She wears her naivety like a maid secretly wears the queen’s dress

And her innocence is what provokes the rumbling within the stomach of wolves

Light and airy, unlike us… she refused to carry the wrinkles of pessimism 

Every day she was born anew, oblivious, optimistic, heart open as wide as her welcoming arms

She is

The light we wish we never lost.


By Janell Hihi


Boring Ambition Lacking the Spark of Connectivity

“There are connections available everywhere according to my wifi advising me to connect to a network. Nothing real though, just surface, superficial, physical, flesh, boring, insincere, small talk, DM’s, social media notifications, wondering if he is evening listening to me or wondering what color are my panties, nails scraping a chalkboard to my fragile ears.” 

Please spare me of the awful plight of your fight in trying to achieve, that journey into becoming who you really are, but the truth is who you really are is buried. You can’t be present with me because all you do is strive to be this ideal of completion but you are already made into something not to be ashamed of. I want to meet you where you are now, not in the futuristic place where you want to be.


I lived several different lives. The ambitious and overly extracurricular, activist, studious student, the career-oriented single black women determined to stake her claim in the game, a young woman in love, who married young and even took up being a housewife for a year. Every role I accepted graciously like an actress desperate to build her resume’.

Each new life birthed after each death, simultaneously weaving me into who I am now. I’m content but taking the weights off of what’s been repressed through shrewd academia and routine, my imagination, my writing, as natural as my breath inhaling and exhaling.

I’m not excited to try anything anymore unless it’s trying to submit a novel or a screenplay to a major publisher. All else is uncontrollable rubbish that will come and go like the wind and any effort that I put in is irrelevant.

I am at that place in life where I realize, I have no control. I am not freaking out, though, I am at peace and more myself than I have ever been. I often find myself tipping my head up and laughing like a sorcerer or a witch who stopped creating spells to manipulate life’s inevitable ends… Now I just let shit end.

I am no longer going with the flow, I am the flow.

People I meet are boring. They have no fire. They are just ambitious and overly consumed with self. How many people I’ve recently had coffee with or dined with who don’t even see that I am there. They just have a spot they’ve designated for me to fit into their shameless story. Like I have no say in it, oh little do they know. I have no agenda. I am just present with them as they go on and on about where they want to go with their boring ass careers.“Boring damned people. All over the earth. Propagating more boring damned people. What a horror show. The earth swarmed with them.”
Charles Bukowski

The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.” Charles Burkowski

But they don’t see me. I am just there for them to use as some kind of accessory to their narcissism. Like that Rolex my friend just copped.

Not sure where this will go, I am just happy doing it. I am at peace living it. Turning thoughts into little worlds where some may find shelter from the gripping boredom of our lives, made of routine and stupid expectations.

Reality is overrated.

Yeah, you might be driven but you ain’t doing nothing new. Just what society tells you to, just like I was when I was stuck outside myself trying to define myself by my college degree, my presidency in community organizations, my prestigious honor of being a mother, alone and unafraid, but not lonely.




Behind the charade of getting money schemes, fancy titles, talking bout you making a difference but your still a puppet on a string. I crave the presence of trailblazers and innovators… starving for the nectar of realness just so I can be sustained in my determination to just be who I am –

I wither away every time their superficiality scathes my skin – passion zapped out of me and deathly boredom sets in.

No one here is really free.


By Janell Hihi



The Law of Attraction is Complete Bullshit

The law of attraction is complete bullshit. Do poor and innocent children “attract” abusive parents or experiences? Does a woman running outside on a Sunday afternoon “attract” the guy who grabs her into the woods and rapes her?

Attraction, whether it’s negative or positive, is inevitable.  Acceptance of that particular attraction is a choice.

Repeat that as an affirmation daily! 

I attract people to me from all walks of life, cultures, religions, criminal backgrounds with good and bad intentions, does it mean that I accept or deny that attraction?  That depends on whether or not I love myself. If something or someone is attracted to me that will obviously do me harm, my level of self-love will deter it from me almost automatically.

The law of attraction may attract certain people to you by way of vibration, however, the degree of self-love you have will determine whether or not you allow them into your life.

Attracting people to you with ill intent doesn’t necessary mean you have ill intent.

The question is whether or not you have the self-esteem to determine when someone is not good for you and act on that by not allowing them in your life intimately.

It does not mean you have the right to demean or judge them. (Like how I used to do!) You may just need to give a few words of advice, suggest resources or refer them to your ex-psychologist, mentor or pastor.

Perhaps you can be their friend and offer good advice from a distance.

Meeting people who are of a different vibration than you is not so bad. They may be sent to you to learn something and you may be sent to them to give back and humble yourself by lifting others when they are down.

Values are more powerful than attraction.

Attraction is only surface deep. I’m attracted to Red velvet cupcakes with decadent and rich cream cheese frosting, however, my diet and lifestyle will not allow me to eat those cupcakes.

I’m attracted to beautiful handbags at fine retailers, however, I am not foolish enough to put money into designers and corporations who do not support my community.

I may be attracted to a man, but it doesn’t mean I think he is “Husband Material.” Attraction is petty, so the law of attraction is petty. It’s simply a tale of spiritual con-artistry at it’s finest.

Don’ drink the cosmic, 4th-dimensional kool aid.  Love yourself first and no matter what comes your way you will be able to triumph and prosper.

Need some tips and techniques on HOW to love yourself? Download my FREE ebook by clicking here!

The Law of Deciding… Coming soon!

By Janell Hihi



7 Ways Empaths Read & Absorb Other People’s Energy.

#1 Empaths have access to 4th-dimensional information. However, many of them don’t know that they do. The akashic records left a door open for empaths to rummage through records unconsciously.

As a result, we get an overall sense of a person’s energy based on the totality of their energy field. It’s a lot of information to absorb, especially when we sense energy from a person who is not aware of the energy they are emitting.

The number one challenge for most empaths is that that they often question whether or not they should reveal the truth or keep it in hiding to remain in safety.

It is important that all empaths understand that the gift of seeing comes with a responsibility to speak the truth and give light where there is darkness. We must not be afraid anymore! We must stop judging and start healing.


#2 Empaths unknowingly tap into the subconscious minds of others. It’s a scary path to walk along and it is very difficult to explain on a conscious level. When I was not aware I was an empath, I would meet people and after seconds, make an excuse to leave their presence to collect myself.

Their energy communicated to me awful things. Sometimes it was pedophilia other times, just a mean, dark and cold energy. I often saw the lifelessness in their eyes. Someone used to live there but that person died, instead, a monster resides.

As a child, I prevented more than a few possible kidnappings among me and my friends. I just knew, in an instant, when something or someone was not operating on the frequency of love.

#3 Empaths can see the personal demons that affect others. I can see the demons that are hunting most people because they glare at me with glassy eyes, hiss and flicker their tongue out at me like a whip.

Most of the time, I’m alone because I don’t want to deal with it. Other times, I ignore the energy only to regret it later when something is said or done that confirms my intuition.

People always say, “Why do you focus on the bad?” I don’t focus on the bad in people, the bad in people focuses on me by immediately revealing itself in my psyche.

I know that most people are of good nature. I know beneath what their energy communicates to me that there is a god or goddess laying doormat.

I know this because I am still trying to remove the sleet from my eyes. I ‘m still half blind, and other empaths can see that when they are with me.

#4 People often feel the need to open up to empaths about personal matters. This is because, on a subconscious level, the wounded person feels that the empath they are about to confide in, knows them already. On a subconscious level, the empath does. The soul of the person in pain is seeking comfort and the soul knows a resting spot when it see’s it.

The people who open up to empaths about their problems somehow perceive subconsciously that it is safe to confide in an empath. Unfortunately, fearful empaths who do not understand their healing power may be overly critical, judgemental or even dismissive to the person in need.

These people want to lessen the load they carry and give some of it to the empath. Not to drain the empath of life force energy, but to get comfort and guidance from the empath. Make a decision to be the light or further perpetuate darkness.

Empaths that are not aware of their healing energy believe these people are energy vampires. This is not the case. They just need a little of your light. Give it to them!

#5 Empaths can absorb energy through physical touch. Shaking hands with others, and giving warm, heartfelt hugs automatically gives empaths the ability to read energy. Most empaths are afraid to read energy because they are not aware that they are energy alchemist. As a result, they try to avoid touching people.

As an empath, it is important to remember that your gift of seeing energy gives you the responsibility to change it by directing positive and healing thoughts to that person.If you shake a hand and instantly receive bad vibes, send good vibes to that person immediately through positive thoughts. As an empath you can emit healing and positive focused energy through thought and channel it to another’s psyche.

This can be done silently through energy alchemy or through powerful words or writing that burst from you and break through the bullshit. What’s said has to be said, regardless of how it comes off to those who can’t see whats under the veil, or simply choose not to.

Universal balance needs to be achieved and the passion of projection can make the empath come off as aggressive or even one-sided. This is because the empath always responds to the energy behind what is said or projected unto them, not so much the content.

#6 Empaths read emotions through the energy emotions emit. The Empath picks up on someone who has an issue or a problem, through the emotional energy they are expressing, even if they are not saying anything because they are a highly tuned receiver of this type of energy. This is a form of absorption on the Empath’s part and projection on the other person’s part.


#7 Empaths balance out energetic imbalances in the universe by offering solutions to those in need. The Empath begins to identify with this issue as though it was their own, based on their own experiences that closely relate to the other person’s issue or problem, and help to find a resolution to the problem.

And as they share this resolution, even if it is only calming words of comfort, emotional energy transmutation occurs, because the energy that was absorbed by the Empath is being transmuted into something much lighter, loving, and caring, which leaves the other person, if not with a resolution, then feeling like they are not alone and their feelings have been validated.

Be the light instead of being afraid to absorb darkness.

By Janell Hihi