The Zodiac Signs That Commit the most Crimes according to the FBI


Every day thousands of criminals are booked and arrested for petty crimes and serious crimes in the United States.

Below is a breakdown quoted from findings from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Which sign is really about that life?

Let’s find out…

It’s been established that zodiac signs and crimes go hand in hand. What does this mean?

It means the zodiac sign a person is born under may directly connect them to the kind of crime they’re liable to commit. Basically, the sign itself can determine what crime a person is most likely going to commit.

Keep in mind that the zodiac is separated into four categories:

Air – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

Water – Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio

Fire – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Earth – Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Of the three fire signs, Sagittarius is seen as having more of the criminal element and is harder to arrest.

Aries are typically armed for a cause and Leos are extremely dangerous.

When it comes to the three air signs, Libras tend to have more of the criminal element in them. They’re general armed and can be considered dangerous.

Gemini folk are often linked to cases of fraud while Aquarius tends to commit revenge-like crimes.

In the earth sign category, Taurus is seen as the temperamental and risky sign.

Virgos are typically armed while Capricorns are habitually versatile criminals.

For the water signs, Cancer has the most criminals (of all zodiac signs) and can be extremely violent. Both Pisces and Scorpio have out of control tempers.

Based on the information from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (, Cancer are the most arrested criminals, which shows they are one of the more dangerous signs in the zodiac circle.

After Cancer, Taurus is the ones that commit the most crimes.

Sagittarius is listed as number three. The remaining nine of the zodiac fall in the following order for arrests:

4 – Aries
5 – Capricorn

6 – Virgo

7 – Libra

8 – Pisces

9 – Scorpio

10 – Leo

11 – Aquarius

12 – Gemini

Cancers are notorious for being passion killers. They tend to kill many times and leave some type of markings on the bodies of their victims that distinguish them from other killers.

These killers are generally seen as mentally unstable. Taurus are usually involved with money laundering, as they’re often seen as clever and can enjoy their crime without the interference of others.
By Janell Hihi copyright @2017